Fall Fashion : How to Wear Summer Dresses In The Fall Season?

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Did we hear you ask your friend about how to wear summer dresses in the fall season? and just like you, she is clueless about the answer of fall fashion? Ah! Fall. It comes with cold temperature, fall leaves, pumpkin lattes, warm clothes and the onset of the holiday season.

So how can you not love the fall fashion? If you are running on a tight budget, change in season may seem to a worry. You were all good with dresses and flip-flops and now you are expected to cover it up. Don’t fret because there are chances that you already have something lying in your wardrobe that can be a great foundation for autumn and winter season. By adding key pieces and trying different styles can easily mitigate the frugal budget.

Well, welcome to the world of fall fashion where what you think is impossible can become possible anytime. Who would think about wearing summer dresses during winters? I am sure not about everyone. But then every girl like the feminine feel of dresses and find them super attractive. So, don’t pack those dresses away and hold on. Just because of the drop in temperature, you cannot call off your summer wardrobe. You can easily transition your summer favourites with some layering techniques. These fall fashion techniques are quite basic and easy to follow. So, let us get real and follow some street style ideas for how to wear summer dresses in the fall season.

Fall Fashion

Summer Dress Style Refresh

Sun may be setting early but don’t forget it’s still shining in the daytime. You can keep wearing your favourite dresses at least for the sake for the sun. Refresh your boring winter style with the dress.

How to Wear It?

  • Since the days are going to get shorter, keep yourself warm with leather a jacket for the feminine but tough look.
  • Keep all your summer dress in continuous rotation. Pair with different tights and tan boots to walk into fall.
  • If it’s still little warm for your arms add cargo vest for the touch of autumn. You will also have plenty of pockets for the beauty bites.
  • Adding a trench coat to your clothes will instantly change the entire appearance and make you step ahead to fall in a minute. Moving on to different ways of wearing your dresses as follows.

1. Dress Under Your Sweater

One of the quickest methods to convert a summer dress into fall fashion essential is wearing a sweater above it. There are different ways to pull this look like you can wear a large sweater to allow the only little section of dress to peek out from the bottom. You can wear cropped sweater that falls over your waist. This works well with the fuller skirts. But warm tights or leggings underneath to complete the look.

Personal Tip –

We advise you to wear a fuller skirt and fitted sweater to create a sharp look.

2. Dress Over Your Sweater

Wearing something opposite is also viable. This trend is successful with turtle necks and especially the fitted ones. If you have a sleeveless dress and you do not know what to do with it, wear on top of a fitted thin sweater. Make sure you don’t wear it over the bulky sweaters.

Personal Tip –

For this look, always chose thin sweater and a slip on dress.

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3. Dress With Tall Boots and Big Scarf

This fall, use your accessories to add comfort and warmth. Wear your lightweight fabric dresses with sleeves with big scarf and long knee length boots and warm socks to the perfect chic style. If you are brave enough, go for knee length tall boots else your high ridings are sufficient.

Personal Tip –

Avoid ballet pumps and sandals. While low block and flat shoes will give you ladylike flourish do not forget to keep warm with socks.

4. Get Tights, Tights and More Tights

For those crippling chilly days break into your tights and choose your type boots. The boots and tights instantly make your dress into an appropriate choice for the winters. Mix and match with colours but if you don’t want to overdo stick to solid colours like black, grey and brown.

Personal Tip –

You can wear tights with just everything. It not only gives you warmth but also make you look sharp.

5. Let’s Talk About Blue Jeans

You might find blue jeans over summer dress like an unconventional layering option but surprisingly it works. Start with waist dress to draw everything inside. Wearing those slit dress is another way of keeping legs visible because it gives a billowing cool effect while walking.

Personal Tips –

We suggest a professional clutch go with the look.

6. Leave Your Jackets On

When you are working you are quite busy to realize if you are cold. Therefore, keep yourself warm with a jacket. The jacket is an essential wardrobe choice for the winters. Wear it above your dress for a comfortable and stylish looking outfit. If it’s sunny and if it’s not much cold, you can just hang it over your shoulder. You can go for denim jackets or leather jackets as per the weather or your choice.

Personal Tip –

We advise you to wear your maxi dresses with a short jacket. This will give your figure a taller look. Adding a fringe bag will give more definition to your outfit.

7. Blazer on The Dress

It’s an easier option to throw denim or leather jackets on dresses but blazer gives a more refined look. This is an ideal option for company meetings, a formal get together when you want to carry the sharp look. You can also wear t-shirts under the dresses for a layered look to create an interesting outfit.

Personal Tips –

We would style the look with some loafers. Since, they are in trend for quite sometime, they will be perfect for that professionally toned look.

8. Shirt Dress For The Work

If you feel knitwear and woollen clothing is little stuffy for office, simply swap the sweater with a shirt. Wear button up shirts under your pinafore dress. Plain pinafore dress allows jazzy style under it. You can pair wear your block heels and tights for that chic and classic look.

Personal Tip –

For the shirt look, pinafore dresses are perfect as they look minimal and edgy and also very easy to be in.

9. Ponchos and Dresses

Fall comes with varied styles of sweaters and ponchos and we just cannot get enough of them. Perfect layers and cover your long sleeves and sweaters, leggings and jeans. Wear ponchos over dress and style with different accessories such as belts, necklace and felted hat for the winters. You can pick such accessories from thrift stores and make your overall outfit more sustainable. You can use your old smart blanket for a no-sew dress topper.

Personal Tip –

Ponchos are must for winters and complete your look. We suggest you wear the solid tones with knee length boots and warm sock above the dress of your choice.

While we discussed the different styles that one can choose during the fall time, let us talk about fall fashion trends to follow. Here are some of the inspirations for the fall fashion.

Inspirations for The Fall Fashion

1. Vintage Vibe

Give your flowy and prim summer dresses a makeover with fabulous vintage accessories such as hat and jewellery and a luxury cashmere cardigan. Add the vintage touch with colours like mustard, brown, teal and maroon to complete the look. This is perfect for those who love vintage fashion and want to wear dresses in winters.

2. Equestrian Chic

It’s not always necessary to wear something classy for polo match only. Equestrian style is always in. Mix the patterned dress with riding boots and unexpected coat for the classy look. Don’t forget the accessories as they always end up boosting your personal style one step ahead.

3. Bohemian Girl

If you consider yourself as a “boot lite” you have many different ways to wear your maxi dresses. No, don’t pack them because they are perfect for a wintery bohemian look. Add a cropped moto leather jacket along with wedge booties. Find yourself a jewel-toned scarf and also the oversized bag. For your hippie love, add the headband for those bold points.

4. Graphic Chic

Graphic designs are staple to both the genders  but girls have an edge when it comes to wearing the design in different ways. Pair a floaty dresses with graphic cardigan. Add belted cardigan and neutral accessories to bring down the summer tones and add a little edge to the overall style.

5. Western Kick

When the temperature is going down let your flirty floral take it all up once again. Cardigan will add bulge so try classic denim jacket on the top. Bring in the tights and ankle boots for a classy west look. This is perfect for college or evening walk with friends.

Fashion is all about two things, comfort and personality. Your personality can change the way you wear clothes and others perception about you and during all this you must not forget that comfort should come first.

One line tips for transitioning summer dresses in cool weather.

  • Swap your open sandals for socks and comfy boots for warmth
  • Wear a light trench coat above your dress
  • Tie a sweater over the shoulder or around the waist
  • Wear bomber jacket with oversized shirt dress
  • Wrap an oversized, lightweight blanket scarf over the dress
  • Layer your shirtdress with a miniskirt and tights
  • Accessories turn your summer dress into winter dress instantly
  • Plaid and Stripe prints work nicely for short girls
  • Tights with dresses make the dresses look seasonally appropriate

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While we still have few days of fall to turn into complete winter season there’s a right and a wrong way to introduce the summer dresses into your wardrobe for fall fashion. Here’s the inside scoop on how to do that:

DO: Chose The Fabric and Cut Wisely

Fabrics like linen, cotton and chiffon are good for the hot season but they won’t save you from the cold and chilly winters. Opt for some rich cashmere, woolen, satin and velvet stuff. Long sleeves and less hemline manage the effect of breeze.

DON’T: Give Mixed Signals

If it’s too cold to wear a jacket, scarf and closed shoes, do not think of rocking your dress with bare legs. This is completely not acceptable because you should not compromise with the comfort. If it’s cold be covered properly. You will have many events and many seasons to let those legs do the talking.

DO: Layer Up

Layering is a key to take summer dresses into winter. Wear not more than three layers of fine pieces of clothing to create a well fitted look. Avoid looking awkward and bulky.

DON’T: Just go all Black

We all know that black is classy and elegant but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid other colours. Add winter colours such as emerald green, blue, charcoal grey and burgundy. You can always mix different things to create interesting outfits to add a little pop of colours with accessories.

Let’s see how to choose clothing color and figuring out what color looks good on you…


  • Create your own look- book with all the amazing combinations of dresses and fall clothing. We have given you all the style tips to create that comfortable and classy look for the season.
  • Adding dark colours, rich textures and added warmth, your summer dresses are ready for another season.
  • Don’t be subjected to what everyone around you is wearing. Be an individual and reflect your personality with new styles of the summer dresses. Be an inspiration for other to follow the lead.
  • If you are still not confident enough to wear dresses, watch few videos of famous bloggers to see how they carry themselves.
  • Transition of summer dresses into winter outfits can be made easy with choice of colours as explained before, fabric and layering style

Now you don’t need to feel sad about losing those summer dresses to the bag-pack. You can still keep your flirty, lightweight and feminine dresses for this part of the year and let everyone wonder about how to wear summer dresses for fall fashion.

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