How To Steal The Off Shoulder Dress Style For The Season From Celebrities?

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This year fashion world was taken by storm with the new key silhouette, Off Shoulder Dress Style. Dresses, tunics and t-shirts, you name anything, we saw the trend catching up fast from big celebrities to small town girls. With so many ways to wear off the shoulder look this season, many girls are still caught in a dilemma on how to steal the off shoulder dress style for the season from celebrities? We have been seeing celebrities adorning the style in abundance on the red carpet, runways as well as on their casual style. As they say, fashion repeats itself, the off shoulder dress style was one of the centre stage trends in the 1950s and this year, they finally made the comeback.

The trend is easy and chic because like abs, you do not need to worry about exercising and making your shoulder look good. There are various wondrous ways to introduce this style in your wardrobe on regular basis due to its versatility. Adding little accessories with an off shoulder dress style can get you perfect evening glam look as well as cool and casual look. But it is important that if you really want to pull off the off shoulder trend, you need to first know the different ways to pull off the off shoulder dress style. Here we present you trending off shoulder dress styles for this season.

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Off shoulder dress style

Trending Off Shoulder Dress Style

1. Light and Breezy Feel

If you have been attending events, gigs or festivals, one of the common and comfortable outfits is light, loose and little see through off shoulder pieces. The light and comfy off shoulder dress style or tunic top is a wonderful idea if you are planning a day out in sun. However, for the fall season, look for longer sleeves and strong tone colours and thicker cloth.

2. Puffed and Ruffled Season

When we talk about off-shoulder tops, puffed look and the addition of ruffles are the most trending kind of tops for the season. The ruffled look of this style gives an instant hippie, bohemian and gypsy vibes. For those girls who are not busty, wearing a top with ruffles around your bust area will highlight the cleavage part, so this style works great for those girls. However, when you go for this sort of puffed look, match it with symmetrically structured accessoriesto balance out the entire look. Although this style is great for summer time but with add on sleeves and thick material, you can bring the style to fall as well. Look for the off-shoulder tops with long sleeves and add a muffler to battle with cool winds.

3. Famous Midriff Style

Playful Combo of Fit and Loose Off- shoulder top due to its versatility can be worn with just anything from a low waisted jeans to high-waisted pants. This trend is also a perfect way to give a little glimpse of your midriff skin. Just be careful of the place of your choice you are visiting else, it gives you perfect sexy appeal. You can keep your look casual by pairing an off shoulder crop top with denim or you can pair up with a long maxi skirt for an ultra feminine and cute look.

Fashion means experiments, definitely not the one in the labs but out in the open for everyone to decide if it works or not. So you can be little playful and inventive through the contrasting combinations. You can match the puffed off shoulder crop top with a pair of simple skinny jeans. It is an easy way to create both casual and feminine look. On contrast, you can pair tailored top with puffy bottoms such as full skirt or joggers. It is a great style for a chic and elegant look.

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4. Keep It Minimal

If you are not into hippie or boho style, the modern minimal frocks are the one for you. Try out the plain, body con or well fitted off-shoulder dresses in one colour. All the major brands, stores and boutiques are filled with these minimal and awesome pieces. You can experiment with accessories and shoes and be surprised with the glamorous and chic look of these plain yet classy dresses. Minimal look is an alternate, offbeat feeling which not everyone can carry off well.

5. Experiment With Heavy and Light Fabrics

Off the shoulder dresses and tops usually come with light fabrics. If you love to wear those light off shoulder tunics or tops, pair it with heavier fabrics such as leather and denim. It is a smart play and gives you little stronger look. If you want to create a little tough but also femme look, the key is to add contrasting effects with the choice of different fabrics. 

6. Colours and Patterns

When you play with colour schemes and patterns of your outfits, you end up creating imaginary flowing lines that give effect of taller and longer legs. For petite girls, using one specific pattern from top to lower bottom will help in creating an illusion of taller silhouette. Pair your off shoulder top with a cool pair of a long skirt or jeans with same pattern or colour to give get imaginary lines.

With the easy go styling and everyday look, you can use your off shoulder dress style any which way you like. Whether you plan to take tips from the catwalks or red carpet outfits of your favourite celebrities, there are plenty of choices to pick from. So, here’s how to steal the off shoulder dress style for the season from celebrities?We have listed a small lookbook with different styles that your favourite celebrities have been donning this year. Enjoy the taste.

Lookbook With Different Styles

1. Keep It Cool and Casual

A white off shoulder top is an easily accessible item and you can purely go with the casual vibe with this white top. The easy way is to team up this white top with distressed denim and white sneakers. For a casual dinner date, pairing a billowy pant with flared sleeve off shoulder top and the slider is a perfect sit back chic look for an easy evening outing with your friends.

2. Be The Glam Girl

Off shoulder dress style are not just for the casual look. When you plan a night out with your girls or any big gathering or event, you are free to dress both sexy and flirty. We recommend faux leather long skirts with off shoulder tunic or blouse. Finish your look with gladiator heels and hoops earrings alongside the statement clutch or purse. Flowy off shoulder dress style with pumps are the way to go. You can choose any bright or strong colour for your dress or can tuck an off shoulder top with an asymmetrical skirt to look glamours and more appealing. When you want to replicate the similar look, make sure you focus on makeup and hair as well.

3. Riviera Chic/70s

The most common patterns for the late 70s look are cluttoes paired with striped and light off shoulder tops. For culottes, you can go for colours like beige and white. Add a colourful scarf to complete the look and pair up with block heels or wedges in earthy colours of olive and tan. To channelise that bohemian and carefree vibe of the late 70s, add white framed sunglasses. When we think of the 70s flared pants, wooden platform heels and dark florals come into our mind. To complete the look, a fringed leather satchel is a final piece to nail the look.

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4. Girl Next Door Look

The best way to style the look of the season is another girly apparel: a flirty skirt. You can carry the off shoulder dress style with anything from midi to maxi skirts you please. Some of the famous styling options include a pleated midi skirt with stripped off the shoulder top. Another girl next door look is by working on nude tones and little frills on the top. The girl next door look can be easily achieved with colourful patterns.

5. Floral and Playful Look

For this year, the summers are already gone and if you want to be prepared to dress for the next season, the simplest way is by keeping playful and girly. Some cheery floral dresses with embellished pumps are the perfect options for summer time and keeping these dresses off shoulder will not only add casual look but will also keep you in the trend. Summer dresses are fresh, light and playful and you cannot go wrong with them.

6. Twisted Style

Apart from casual and sexy off shoulder looks, you can steal those runway looks to add a twist to your personal style. Try out long culottes with off shoulder blouse and add your own personalised accessories to complete the unique look. The idea is to create a combination of modern and classic fashion and create a unique style that showcases and highlights your personality.

No matter what’s hanging in your closet, we are sure that you will have at least 2-3 off shoulder things for this and coming season but to have wider understanding of how many ways you actually can wear this style, follow the list.

How Many Ways You Actually Can Wear Off Shoulder Dress Style?

Off Shoulder Dress : Simple embroidery on a cotton dress makes a perfect Sunday or beach outfit.

1. One Shoulder Jumpsuit

If you already own a jumpsuit and already bored with it, getting rid of one shoulder is a new way to say Hello Ladies!

2. Off The Shoulder Body Suit

Find a black and a white off-shoulder body suit. A must for those days when you want to show your perfectly fit body.

3. Shoulder Cut Out Dress

If you are not comfortable with the complete off the shoulder, you can simply opt for a shoulder cut out dresses for the similar yet different look.

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4. Off Shoulder Knit Sweater

If you are worried about the winter season, you can buy a wrap knitted sweater for the perfect off shoulder winter look.

5. Off The Shoulder Romper

Walking alongside the beach in an off shoulder romper is the scene out of a movie. Sexy and classy at the same time.

6. Off Shoulder Tunic

There are different types of off shoulder tunics in the market from oversized ones to fitted ones. Get a couple of those and you are good with the trending train.

7. Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

You can always wear an off-shoulder midi dress with some leggings for winters or just the dress alone and add a floppy hat will complete the good girl look.

8. Off Shoulder Boyfriend T-Shirt

Why put efforts when you can wake up in your over-sized boyfriend t-shirt and look hand down sexy.

9. Off Shoulder Lace Top

Lace is flirty and super sexy and getting one lace top to go for evening dates would be great. If you have not tried one yet, you need to get your hands on this beauty asap.

10. Off The Shoulder Tees

T-shirts are both cool and comfy. If bored with old ones, get your scissors to work on getting little off shoulder look of else you can always buy some from the stores with cool graphics. You can wear these t-shirts both off the shoulder or one shoulder.

11. Strapless Off Shoulder Dress

Looking for a perfect cocktail dress? find yourself a lovely strapless dress in peach or cream colour and you are all ready for a party, date or weddings.

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We tried covering everything from assembling the Off Shoulder Dress Style to celebrity lookbook and what all can you think of about this trending off shoulders. Finally, just know that all it takes to look good and carry anything that you are wearing is Confidence. If you have loads of confidence, you can wear anything in the world as per your taste, personality and likings. Trends may keep coming and going but how you look different than others is totally through your personality than your clothes. So, be confident and get more of these off shoulder dress style and feel like a star on your own and share with your friend your ideas on how to steal the off shoulder dress style for the season from celebrities?

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