Best Indian Wear for Women For This Winter Season!

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There is definitely no denying that we all Indian girls love to wear our amazing kurtis and lehengas. Nothing makes us look most beautiful than Indian ethnic wear. The world famous fabrics and breathtaking designs are ideal Indian Wear for Women for summer, but how to style your Indian wear this winter is a question that many have asked. We all love winters, isn’t it? We cannot think of an explicable reason for not loving winters.

While we are creating perfect winter looks with fuzzy mittens, boots, cool jackets, scarves and trendy hats we cannot ignore the requirements of the days when we need to wear Indian outfits. It has been often seen that many people freeze to death when they wear Indian clothes during the winter season as they fear that they can end up looking completely weird with all the winter essentials. But this is totally incorrect. If worn correctly, you can pull off ethnic wear with right ammunitions for winter. Let us know about some common trends on Indian Wear for Women for winter clothing.

Indian Wear for Women

Indian Wear for Women

1. Right Fabric Choice

When it comes to ethnic wear, fabric plays an important role in Indian Wear for Women and we are quite lucky that we live in India that is known for some of best raw materials for clothing. First of all, before choosing Indian Wear for Women in design or style always go for warm fabrics such as cashmere or velvet. You can stay warm in your beautiful embellished shawl and still look elegant. Shawls, shrugs and ponchos go with every sort of traditional wear, so wear them on and beat the winter chill.

2. Cropped Sweaters

Have you ever thought of wearing a sweater instead of blouse above with your lehengas? Sound crazy? But it doesn’t look that crazy. Replace the blouse with some cropped sweater to keep yourself warm and look gorgeous. Wear leggings under your lehengas and pair it with a single tone sweater. This is one of the classy solutions to all the winter woes.

3. Fusion with Leather Jackets

If you like to add some spice to your personality sweaters and shawls may seem to be a bland choice. Say Hi to your old jacket and let’s make sure it’s your favourite leather jacket. Add a little twist to your traditional style and wear the jacket with ethnic saree or an ethnic Indian skirt.

4. With Love: Traditional Jackets

The amazing designs of Phulkari and Brocade jackets are among the best designs for some traditional jackets. Invest in one of the colourful and gorgeous jacket. Pair them with jeans or any other traditional attire, they look trendy and seal the warmth inside. Choices like peplum jacket with lehengas with the addition of belt bring the outfit together. The colourful look also breaks the boring solid colour monotony. You can wear these jackets for festivals or weddings.

5. Short Blazer or Nehru Jackets

A formal blazer with detailing works well with Indian suits. You can also wear Nehru jacket and pin a beautiful broach to add the splash of trendy looking Indian wear. This way you can stay in your comfort zone without looking boring.

6. Bandh-Gala Jacket and Jeans

Let’s come out of the wedding and festivals and think about going traditional on a regular day but with a touch of today’s taste. Replace the palazzos and pants with jeans and add a silk bandh gala jacket above a sweater. Accessorize with the heels and necklace for a complete fusion look. Be careful, you are going to turn some heads your way.

7. Floor Length Jacket

If you are known for your unusual and daring style, try wearing your saree with floor length jacket. You can wear this jacket with any of the Indian wear and if it’s done well, you will ace the look. It instantly changes the boring look into a red carpet trend. Always go some detailing on the jacket and keep the lehengas or saree minimal. This way you make the jacket as your statement piece else with everything detailed, it can end up looking overboard. Also, make sure that fabric is warm with optional fleece padding.

8. Shawl With Anarkali

The fall season is also the wedding season in India and going through the current trend Anarkali is a must ethnic wear for such occasions. You can nail the perfect traditional look without compromising with the cold and wrap around an embroidered shawl with a minimalist Anarkali suit. By choosing a minimalistic suit, you can flaunt the intricate designs on the shawl and snug at the same time.

9. Don’t Forget Those Pants/Leggings

One very simple tip for wearing a saree is to put warm leggings underneath and you are ready to beat the chill. Above all no one would get to know what you are wearing underneath. However, there is another way of wearing your ethnic wear. Drape your saree in Grecian style and wear fitted pants. Pair the outfit with pumps to cover your foot. You can also wear Anarkali or other Indian Wear for Women are kurtis with knitted leggings or tights instead of wearing the churidar. Your legs would feel warm and will thank you for taking care of them.

10. Dupatta Like a Scarf

If you want to keep your neck warm and you did not get your woolen scarf because you thought it would not go with the outfit, do not worry. You can simply drape the dupattaof your suit or pally of your saree around the neck and bring it in the front. You can also exchange the dupatta with velvet or thick silk scarf. This way you do not need to add any neckpiece, big earrings and bangles to look perfect for the winters. For making it formal, add a blazer or a jacket and you are ready to step into the office with a style.

If you want to find out what color clothes will look good on you? Read on…

11. Add The Belt

When you drape saree in an unconventional way and add a broad belt, the final result may look spectacular. Though you can also use thin belts but thicker one will keep your midriff warm and also accentuate the sexy waistline. Thick corset looking belts give Indian wear bit of Roman touch screaming fusion from very angle. It is a great alternative for lifting that old look of saree. Be very careful because you can easily end up getting it wrong if not done properly.

12. Trench coat

Do you love trench coat? but then solid tones may bring down the colourful effect of your Indian clothes. Why not add more bright hues with fabrics likesheavy silk, rich brocades and glamorous velvet woolen with detailed embroidery. Such trench coat can make simple Anarkali suit look snazzy. The belt above the waiting area will add the western taste and if you can carry it off well, you are surely walking the ramp as the show stopper.

13. Boots

You heart boots with Indian wear and you are already finding it bizarre. But it needs a heart of a brave girl to put the ankle length boots with suit or lehengas skirt and walk like she owns the place. Yes, this style can pump up the entire look many notches. When you wear this kind of style do not wear dupatta because it would take away the attention from the key piece. Instead, wear a sweater over your lehenga skirt and there is the moment of fashion nirvana.

14. Dress As Per The Occasion

It is important to wear right clothes for the right event because not every day is a holiday or a business day. If you plan to spend your day out and it gets warm, ensure that you find dress material like silk to keep away the sweat.

15. Layer Up

One thing that works the best while dressing up during winters is layering. In our country, the temperature during winters can be anywhere between -25 degrees to normal 30degrees. If you go for layers you can comfortably keep the cold away and if it gets warmer during the daytime, take off the outer most layer. KangnaRanautpopularised sweater over the salwar in the movie queen and we thought to ourselves that’s what is needed for the winters.

We hope you liked all these winter styles for Indian outfits. Now you can venture out amidst of the cold weather without giving a damn. There is nothing right or wrong in the world of fashion. What looks absurd for others can look trendy to someone else. So if you can carry your outfits with utmost confidence and align them well, there is definitely no stopping you.

So far we have discussed Indian Wear for Women this winters. However, in addition to picking up these trends, you should also be able to style them correctly and for that thing like accessories, hair, makeup etc are taken into consideration. So, here are some styling tricks with Indian Wear for Women for you to follow. Take a good look.

Styling Tricks

1. Apt Accessory

Now that you know how to dress up for the wintery night to some function or chilly mornings to the office, do not forget to wear right accessories to maintain the look. Bracelet watches and sleek bangles will bring down the heavy look of your winter outfit. You can avoid neckpieces if you are draping the dupatta around the neck and instead can go for statement earrings.

2. Right Hairstyle

For more defined look, avoid tying up your hair and leave them open. This will make your face look little slim and also add youthfulness to the complete look.

3. Dark Colours

Dark colours such as maroon, navy blue, sea green etc are the colours of the winter season. The dark coloured clothes look elegant and also hide the problem areas. If you wear light clothes, they tend to highlight flab so it is any day better to wear solid coloured clothes.

4. Right Footwear

Another important thing that helps you keep warm and stylish is the right type of footwear. Never go for open shoes as they would be very uncomfortable. The smartest option to pair something with Indian wear is to wear a nice pair of pumps. Flats and open toe shoes will not only freeze your feet but they will also make it very difficult for you to walk.

Dos and Don’t of Indian Wear for Women in Winter

  • Don’t wear sleeveless blouse: If you follow fashion you would know it well that a sleeveless blouse is not an ideal option for winters. If you go for backless or sleeveless blouse it would be very difficult to cope up with the winter chill.
  • Do carry an optional shawl or scarf for the emergency just in case the cold gets unbearable
  • Don’t fall into the category of wearing all black. Add colours to traditional outfits and few winter accessories to got with it.
  • Do invest in some “Wow” statement pieces to carry your distinct look in a function. It could be an embellished shawl or jacket or clutch.
  • Don’t go for cotton wear because the fabric tends to warm up quickly and also lose the heat quickly. This can make you feel quite cold.
  • Do wear thermals and leggings inside your suit or lehengas skirt to keep yourself warm in the cold weather.


Whether you live in Kashmir, or you are currently in the coastal region where cold has started to catch up, it’s definitely time to open your locked cupboards and take out sweaters and other winter clothes. This season is about weddings, holidays and festivity. So, it is quite obvious that with all the events around the corner, you need to take out your Anarkali suits and favourite sarees. Except this time you know all the answers to Indian Wear for Women and how to style your Indian wear this winters.

Stepping out of the house in right kind of clothes is very important to keep yourself protected against the cold weather. While doing so you need not give up your sense of style. Make sure you stock your closet with essential winter items such as right jackets, cardigans, shrugs, suits, scarves and shawls and confidently create an outfit of your choice. So, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to try those Indian winter looks on.

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