How to Get Fabulous Haircuts for All Types of Face Shapes!

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You might not believe that even though girls spend hundreds of hours looking into the mirror throughout their lives, most of them have no idea what is their real face shape or haircuts for face shapes or the type of hairstyles that would go well with it. Isn’t it crazy?

Due to this tiny reason, most of the girls are walking around carrying styles that are not as flattering as they should be. Thankfully, in this article, we will talk about fabulous haircuts for face shapes so that you understand what would be the best haircut for you. Also, it is very important to realize that choosing these haircuts will not help you get a suitable style as per your face but will also give you an idea for other suitable haircuts that you can try.

How to Determine The Shape of Your Face?

Haircuts For Face Shapes

There are many stylists and salons where you can get the correct tip for determining the shape of your face with the right type of tools by figuring out the finest details of your face. In addition to that, there is few face recognition software that can also that can help you find out the correct shape of the face. The simple method would seek help from professional stylist else you can try few online software to determine the right shape. Once you are done measuring your face, you would get to know that there are total five major face shapes in the world.

1. Round Shape

For round face, the length and the width of your face are same with the rounded corners at chin and forehead area. Girls with round face have chubbier cheeks as compared to others.

2. Heart Shape

Your heart-shaped face is wide at the cheekbones and forehead with the narrower chin.

3. Oval Shape

In oval shaped face, the jaw and forehead are of the same width with the longer face. One of the best face shape to carry any type of hairstyle.

4. Square Shape

Square face shape is characterized by a broad and strong jaw and forehead.

5. Diamond Shape

For diamond shaped faces your chin and forehead are narrow and the cheekbones are wide and high.

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Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

For the best look, pick haircuts for face shapes that goes with the recommended length of your hair. Create texture and volume to the specific area of the face to highlight your best feature and style accordingly. The most important part is to balance out your features so that your face does not look odd.

1. Haircuts for Round Shape Faces

  • If you have a round-shaped face, the idea is to avoid making the whole face look wider.
  • The aim is to let your face look narrower and longer.
  • The haircut with the layers on the crown area will really work well as it would help you create an illusion of a slim face.

To Avoid-

Try to keep away from short hair-dos, straight fingers and also the blunt cut. If you like to experiment with short hair then pixie hair cut with many spiky layers will suit your face shape. Do not pull your hair into a sleek ponytail. But instead, allow few strands to fall loosely to the front side of your face.

2. Haircuts for Heart Shape Faces

  • For all the girls with the heart shaped faces, the goal is to balance the chin and the width of the forehead. Therefore, a haircut that can balance out and slim the lower and upper face will suit the most.
  • Go with the haircut that flicks outwards and let your hair look fuller at the bottom for a proportionate look. For example, you can opt for layered bob cut.
  • For heart shaped faces, the cheekbones are great assets and therefore, highlight and emphasize on your cheekbone area. Whatever you go with, try to maintain the fullness of your head near the neck region.
  • Bangs will good as long as they are not blunt looking.
  • For the up-dos, tie loose buns and loose ponytails will look way better than the tight and sleek ones. Y ou can go with parting from the side with bands that can fall at the corner of your eyes.

To Avoid-

Do not opt for center parting because that will draw attention to a wider forehead and will also an emphasis on a thin chin. Avoid working on the layers because they will add additional edges and will end up drawing attention to the wrong portion of the face.

3. Haircuts for Oval Shape Faces

  • First of all, if you have an oval shape, consider yourself the lucky one and congratulations because you can carry any haircut in this world that universally accepted oval shape. You have the perfect balanced proportions and symmetry and almost all the haircuts will look perfect on you. It’s neither too long and nor too wide. You can easily highlight your eyes with a middle parting or perfect bangs.
  • Don’t let strands fall on your face and instead flaunt your perfect facial features. Your face is designed in proportion and that’s why there is no need for you to cover up with fringes, loose strands etc.
  • Well polished pony, short pixie and also the poker straight hair pulled behind the head will work perfectly for your face

To Avoid-

Ha ha! Just nothing because you are lucky to get that face to experiment with your hair as per your wish.

4. Haircuts for Diamond Shape Faces

  • If you are blessed with a diamond shaped face that the aim is to balance the length and the width of your face to make it look more oval. The hairstyles that can create fullness on the sides will work perfectly for you.
  • The best way to experiment is to do the fringes and the side parting in order to create an illusion of wider sides.
  • Bobs, shoulder length hair cut will help you broaden your face and will take the attention away from the area that makes your face look disproportionate.
  • You can consider medium to short length hair because the longer hair will weight your face down.

To Avoid-

Try and avoid too much layering and also the short haircuts because they will focus on the fullness of the cheeks than balancing the overall features.

5. Haircuts for Square Shape Faces

  • For all the square shaped face girls, the goal would be to allow your face to look narrower and longer than its real shape.
  • Experiment with the fullness and also the length of a crown of the head. The haircuts below your chin area will also look good.
  • For longer hair, try to keep wavy side parting that will give you curves to your rectangular looking face.
  • For girls who love short hair, classic bob is a thumb up. Whether you like to keep your hair short or long, the goal is to soften your facial features.

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To conclude, finding the best haircuts for face shapes will be a lot easier than experimenting randomly with every haircut you decide to take and look nothing like you desire. You can also match your face shape with your few favourite celebrities and can choose a suitable hairstyle of your choice. The focus should be on the facial features and how you can highlight them more. We brought you the major face shapes and also shared the tips on the suitable haircuts for face shapes. We hope that this article helps you find the right haircut for yourself.

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