15 Days Beautiful Hair Challenge Which Will Transform Your Life!

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If you think this is just another guide about different ingredients which you can use for hair care and hair growth, we must correct you as this, is one of the experiences of hair challenge which have transformed the hair of many women and now is here to surprise you!

Hair is the most attractive feature which can attract people and can also give your face a refreshing look. If you can manage to make your hair beautiful, you can simply conquer any heart! Try this 15 days beautiful hair challenge and you would love the results!

Here’s what you will go through this 15 days hair challenge:

  • Why is this hair challenge important?
  • What are the benefits of this hair challenge?
  • What actually is this 15 days hair challenge?
  • How can you make this challenge work?
  • What can you expect at the end of this challenge?

15 Days Beautiful Hair Challenge

Why Is This Hair Challenge Important?

  • This challenge is simply for all those women who dream for gorgeous, voluminous and stunning hair but end up with hair fall while using different products!
  • This challenge is helpful in fighting split ends, rough hair, frizz and such issues and this is what makes it so much important
  • This challenge would not promise your salon straight hair or hair which you always find the celebrities carrying but, would leave your hair undamaged and strong
  • Also while following this challenge constantly without a cheat day would nourish your scalp which is one of the most important aspects to consider if you want flourishing hair!
  • Along with fighting damage, it would keep your hair hydrated which can result into gorgeous and thick hair naturally!
  • We intend to make your hair look surprisingly awesome and shiny in just 15 days! Thus, go through this awesome hair challenge and keep your hair healthy!

What Are The Benefits Of This Hair Challenge?

  • Nothing is worthy without some awesome benefits, isn’t it? So well, this hair challenge has awesome benefits which would make you try it!
  • This challenge takes you through the journey of spa, hair washes, oil massages, nourishment and all the regular stuff, but in a different way!
  • Your hair damage issues, hair protection issues, hair fall issues and such conditions would get banished with this challenge!
  • This amazing challenge not only helps you in improving your hair texture, but also it helps in re – growth, hair smoothening and in giving a new definition to hair care!
  • Thus, stay tuned for this upcoming revolutionary hair challenge!

What Actually Is This 15 Days Hair Challenge?

This awesome hair challenge takes you through these amazing steps which are related to the health of your hair which are:

  • Haircut
  • Hair oiling
  • Hair wash
  • Hair conditioning
  • Hair brushing

This amazing challenge would make you perform all this but rather in a different way than what you have always been doing! So, get ready for this awesome hair challenge and to transform your hair beautifully!

1. Haircut

Why You Need A Haircut?

  • The haircut is the basics to get flawless hair. If you have waited an year long to increase the length of your hair, get ready to trim some of them as, the volume will only reflect if you trim your hair
  • Have a look at your hair and analyze them carefully. If you find the ends split in two parts, your hair are damaged.
  • Also if your braid gets extremely thin from the ends, your hair are damaged and you thus, need a haircut. Also for giving a different look to your hair, you must get them beautifully trimmed!

Now that you know that your hair needs to be trimmed, we know your heart would break! Cutting the beautiful long hair is heart breaking enough and thus, as a solution we have a cool technique here which you can use!

Instead Of Cutting The Hair, We Are Using The Method Called Dusting!

What Is Dusting?

  • The first question which arises in our mind is what is dusting? Well, dusting is the method to trim down just the damaged hair for the sake of growth and to prevent them from getting more dull and frizzy!
  • The dusting formula says, trim your hair about less than an inch, every 6 weeks. This method is called dusting due to a reason!
  • While you trim a little section or just some hair from the ends, it would end in resulting with some dust like elements and thus is called dusting!
  • We, however, can also consider dusting as a cleaning process but, for your hair!
  • Well, this technique is the best option for those women who can’t watch their hair getting trimmed as if you cut 1-2 inches hair every 4-5 weeks, it would probably remove all the hair growth you had in those days!
  • Thus, don’t run away as, less than an inch of your hair would get trimmed in this session and also the damage would get reduced from your hair!

How Can You Perform Dusting At Home?

This 15 days hair challenge is all about self-care where you won’t need to spend bucks and bucks in a salon. You can, however, go shopping with the saved money! So here is the way, you perform dusting at home!

Props You Would Need-

A pair of sharp edged scissor, hair clips, wide toothed comb and narrow toothed combs and a regular hair serum.

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry during this process. You can also perform this just after your hair dries post hair wash! Dry hair shows the damage and split ends better!
  • Partition your hair into 6 sessions if your hair are manageable and it you have curly or frizzy hair, go for 8 sections. Tie them with hair clips
  • Sectioning is extremely important as, if you have layered hair ad you perform sectioning in a wrong way, you won’t imagine what shape your hair would get! Thus, if you have layers, section it as per the layers!
  • Take a section, use a wide toothed comb to detangle the hair and then use the narrow toothed comb to line up the ends
  • Comb your hair section and hold it from the ends. Trim your ends less than even half inch. Cover the split ends completely while you trim
  • Chop off the little hairs form the end and watch the shape! Repeat this for all the sections and open all your hair
  • Apply the hair serum in the ends and nourish your hair! And now, you would feel your hair getting smooth and a bit softer!

Note: if you have extreme hair damage and have not trimmed your hair since years, you may need a trimming session where 1-2 inch of your hair section is trimmed!

Also, if you want a total transformation, you can go for layer cuts, bangs and such different hairstyles!

In the beginning of your 15 day challenge, this is the first step you would take. Also in this 15 day challenge, you would need this dusting, trimming or hair cut session just for once!

2. Hair Oiling

If you think that we would suggest you to oil your hair at night sleep with it and wash your hair next morning, you probably are wrong!

In this session we are going to make you aware with one of the finest hair oiling techniques which would repair your hair magically!

From hair loss to dandruff, this hair oiling method would fight it all! The method we suggest you to try is Shirodhara!

What Is Shirodhara And Why Is It Beneficial?

  • The word Shirodhara is a Sanskrit word rooted in our ayurveda! The word shiro means head while dhara means flow.
  • In this technique, hair oils and various ingredients are filled into the scalp from the forehead.
  • Shirodhara is a treatment used to fight hair damage and mainly hair fall issues. For those women who cannot stand hair oil regularly due to allergies, skin reactions and various issues. This is a onetime treatment which you can try!
  • Shirodhara is not only a hair repair formula but also it is a meditational practice which can help you relax and distress. Women opt for this amazing treatment for various benefits!

How To Perform Shirodhara At Home?

This is generally considered as one of the effective treatments and various salons, spa places promote this treatment for hair issues and for mind peacefulness. Here is the proper technique to perform Shirodhara at home!

Tools You Would Need-

Copper bowl, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, cool milk


  • You need a copper bowl with a little hole from which, oil can fall down drop by drop hang this bowl exactly above the center of your forehead
  • Fill the bowl with 2 cups sesame oil, 2 cups coconut oil, 1 cup milk and half cup olive oil. The temperature of oils must be between 95-100f
  • Lie down on a table. You can place a cloth to prevent your table from getting stained
  • Let the drops constantly fall on the centre of your forehead and spread everywhere in your scalp and hair
  • Lie down and relax while this process proceeds. This is a soothing process and feel the peace while you sleep there
  • When the bowl gets empty, wash your hair with a shampoo.
  • You can also dip a cloth in these oils and place it on your forehead if you do not want to use a copper bowl!

This amazing process would not only help you de stress but would also make your hair stronger, shinier and gorgeous. This technique is also performed once in this 15 days challenge.

3. Hair Wash

This is one of the key aspects of the hair challenge. In this challenge, you are not using your shampoo and instead you would wash your hair with the given shampoo recipe! You can wash your hair twice a week, once a week or as you shampoo in on the regular basis!

  • Hair was is extremely important for cleaning the scalp and hair. Whenever you step out of your home, dust particles, germs, sweating etc affects your skin and gets jammed on your scalp
  • The shampoo does not only help in cleaning these particles but also prevents the scalp to get extremely dry or greasy!
  • Using the natural ingredients would keep your scalp nourished and hydrated.
  • If you want stunning hair, use this awesome hair wash recipe whenever you wash your hair in these 15 days and see the magic!


Amla (Indian gooseberries), reetha (soap nut), bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata), shikakai (hair fruit), neem (azadirachta indica), aloe vera, basil, henna, Coconut oil

Shampoo Recipe-

  • In a pan, add half 1 cup water, 5 spoons dried amla powder, 5 spoons reetha powder, 3 spoons bhringraj powder, 3 spoons shikakai powder, few crushed neem leaves of neem powder, 2 3 leaves of basil, 2 spoons henna and let it boil.
  • Make a thick paste and shampoo like texture. Add ingredients as per the consistency.
  • Add some luke warm coconut oil in this mixture.
  • When the mixture boils for few minutes, let it settle overnight.
  • Next morning, take 2 spoons of this shampoo and add fresh aloe vera gel in this shampoo.
  • Use this awesome and herbal shampoo every time you wash your hair in this 15 days beautiful hair challenge!

Why Is This Shampoo So Beneficial?

  • This shampoo consists of all the elements specially extracted form the lap of Mother Nature. Ayurveda has a rich gifts of plants and herbs which can nourish your hair and make them beautiful.
  • All these ingredients are filled with excellent properties for hair and would transform them as never before.
  • Along with cleaning your scalp, this shampoo would fight hair loss, graying of hair, thinning of hair and various such hair damaging issues!
  • This shampoo would make your hair glossy, thick, voluminous, strong and smooth!

4. Hair Conditioning

Hair conditioning is immensely important to maintain the smoothness and shine of your hair. Conditioning would fight dryness, frizz, rough hair and such scalp issues too.

We understand the need of perfectly healthy and fine conditioners which can make the hair look flattering gorgeous and thus, we have selected some of the finest ingredients for this conditioner!


Coconut oil, hibiscus flowers, fenugreek seeds


  • Crush 7-8 hibiscus flowers and 5 hibiscus leaves.
  • Add it into2 cups water and soak it overnight.
  • Next morning, add it into a pan and boil this mixture.
  • Strain the mixture and pour into a mug.
  • Take a pan and heat the coconut oil.
  • Add hot coconut water in this mixture and mix thoroughly.
  • Apply this conditioner to your hair every week and your hair would become beautifully gorgeous!

Why This Conditioner Works?

  • This conditioner would get you surprising results due to the secret ingredient, hibiscus.
  • The ingredients used in this conditioner are all hair care ingredients which can transform your hair
  • It is a herbal product with rich leaves and flower. Also fenugreek seeds are awesome for smoothness and shine of your hair
  • Coconut oil works as a natural conditioning oil which can hydrate your scalp and make it nourished
  • Use this conditioner every week and fight hair damage. Your hair would get a fine polish and nourishment with this cool hair conditioner!

5. Hair Brushing

  • Hair brushing is one of the most important things to do to make your hair look flawless.
  • If you want smooth, sleek and detangles hair, you must use different hair brushes.
  • There are different types of hair brushes which are used to comb the hair, to add shine, to make the hair smooth and prevent damage. You can choose the hair brush for your hair type.
  • This would reduce split ends and such hair issues while making your hair look super voluminous every time you brush!
  • Everyday, 2-3 times brush your hair thoroughly to keep them detangles and smooth.
  • You can also use the hair serum every morning to keep the nourished. This step would help you to fight hair damage quickly!
  • Also the brushes are used for hair styling but, in these 15 days; keep away from styling your hair. This is a natural damage repair process through which, you can repair your hair and prevent them from getting damaged!
  • Thus, avoid using flat irons, blow driers and such heating tools. Instead, you can try some home styling techniques for curling and straightening your hair!
  • Even with this hair challenge, your hair would become manageable and smooth enough that you will not need your styling products as much as before!

How Can You Make This Challenge Work?

  • Along with these techniques, there are other things and precautions which you need to follow daily. Until 15 days, follow this hair care routine along with the above given steps and get gorgeous hair!
  • Here is a brief about all the steps you need to consider and remember during these 15 days!
  • Before the first day, prepare this shampoo and conditioner. Also, collect the oils for shirodhara treatment.
  • On the first day, go for the trimming or dusting session. Trim your little split ends and say bye to hair damage!
  • Brush your hair twice or thrice a day. Firstly, detangle with a wide toothed comb and then brush with a boar bristle or paddled brush
  • Eat the fruits, cereals, vegetables and a lot of water to internally nourish your scalp.
  • Also, go for some workouts to allow blood circulation and boots hair growth!
  • Next day, try the shirodhara treatment and wash your hair with the suggested shampoo. Also you can apply the conditioner and make your hair super smooth! By this time, your hair would look adorably shiny and flawless!
  • Before sleeping, brush your hair and do not forget to use a silk scarf to tie your hair while you sleep. Place the silk cushion pillows to keep the shine and smoothness of your hair as it is!
  • Whenever you step out, tie your hair and also apply the hair sunscreen or protection serum to protect your hair from extreme dust and sun rays!
  • Shampoo your hair while keeping in mind your scalp issues and hair type. If you already have frizzy and rough hair and wash them daily, it would become frizzier
  • Also, if your hairs are too frizzy and rough, apply a high quality hair serum and especially on the ends to keep your hair fluffy, damage free and hydrated!

Follow These Steps For 15 Days And Wait For The Last Day Of Your Challenge!

What Can You Expect At The End Of This Challenge?

  • At the end of this challenge, you would feel cheerful and happy about your efforts. In today’s’ bus and fast life, taking some time off and caring for your hair is important.
  • While you work so hard for your hair, you will find a visible difference in the split ends. You won’t find your hair thin and dull.
  • Due to the usage of herbal ingredients and hair enriching products, your hair would simply become more shiny, smooth and strong!
  • Every one of us, love gorgeous hair and we always try different products to achieve beautiful results. This hair challenge would not only give your hair a beautiful look, but would also make you feel confident and gorgeous.

Go on, take a step forward to beautify your hair and try this amazing hair transformation challenge and you would love the results!

Remember, for these 15 days, nothing is more important than your hair!!

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