14 Best Tips to Maintain Healthy Scalp And Hair!

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We all want healthy scalp & our hair to be shiny, lustrous and full of volume. However, we notice that our hair suffers from various problems such as follows.

  • Hair fall
  • Stubborn dandruff
  • Discoloration of hair
  • Dull and lifeless hair
  • Sticky, oily hair

Healthy Scalp

In order to have healthy scalp dandruff-free hair, we have to take substantial care of it. For instance, you have to wash your hair regularly, comb it and nurture it. Here are the few pointers that women tend to neglect leading to problematic hair.

  • Identifying nature of healthy scalp and hair – We should know first that your scalp could be oily and your hair could be dry. But we tend to use the same shampoo for both scalp and hair, creating chaos. Hence, this is a significant step.
  • Choosing the right type of shampoos and conditioners.
  • Following the meticulous routine of washing hair – We have given a step-by-step guide for you.
  • Treating hair with natural home-made packs, masks, and rinses.
  • Choosing the right kind of hair treatment for your hair such as smoothening, rebonding, colouring – one should not blindly opt for such treatments without analyzing the current condition of your hair. Yes, we are attracted by the latest hairstyle trends and treatments but do not fall a prey to it, destroying your naturally shiny hair.
  • Choosing the right hairstyle – One should remember that you need to determine your face shape to choose the right hairstyle.

Easy-To-Use Tips To Maintain Healthy Scalp And Hair

We are not recommending expensive shampoos, conditioners and serums for your healthy scalp & hair. You need to follow these simple steps so that your hair looks great and lustrous & you get healthy scalp.

1. Water Used For Washing Hair

  • Women use water as per the season or their personal preferences.
  • If you are used to take bath in hot water, you will naturally use the same for your hair. However, do not use hot water for washing hair.
  • If you live in a cold country or catch a cold with cold water, make the water warm or lukewarm.
  • Hot water dehydrates the hair and irons out the natural oils on it.

2. Warm Towel Treatment

  • It is not always possible for us to give a steam to our hair in the parlour or at home.
  • Hence, if you have oiled the hair and scalp and want to use steam, simply wrap a warm towel for at least fifteen minutes.
  • It will cause the oil to reach the roots. The oil will easily get absorbed into the scalp with this treatment.

3. Washing Your Shampoo Off

  • We use gels, creams, and shampoos on our hair. Sometimes, it gets deposited on the scalp when we don’t wash it properly. This is not dandruff. Hence, do not jump for anti-dandruff treatments immediately.
  • Wash your hair with an antibacterial shampoo and notice whether it is the gel residue or dandruff.

4. Combing Your Hair In The Right Direction

  • How do you comb your hair? From the top? Or from the bottom?
  • From the bottom sounds funny, but it is the right method.
  • If you comb your hair from the bottom and loosen the knots, it won’t result in more knots. Hence, first detangle the hair at the bottom and then, start from the top.

5. Combing Your Damp Hair

  • Hair becomes wet after a hair wash or when we go out in the rain. The hair is very fragile at that time. Hence, you should avoid combing it.
  • But if you really want to comb it as you want to go out immediately, use a wide-toothed comb.
  • However, comb the hair very lightly without applying much pressure. Do not rub your hair, or twist it. It may cause breakage.
  • You can apply a serum on the hair and comb without much a hassle.

6. What If The Water If Hard?

  • In some places, it is difficult to find soft water for washing hair. Of course, you love to have healthy scalp & hair! So, we have a remedy.
  • Store soft water, at least 2 bottles full. Use hard water for washing off the shampoo. But use the soft water to rinse at the final stage.
  • Soft water gives a natural shine and softness to the hair, unlike hard water.
  • If you cannot find soft water anywhere, then purchase it directly from the stores. It is a bit expensive but worth for your lovely hair.
  • This works when you are travelling to different places and do not know the quality of the water used.
  • Your hair won’t be affected by the water as you would be using purified water for the final rinse.

7. Which Kind Of Hairbrushes And Hair Combs To Use?

  • Do not buy hairbrushes or hair combs available with roadside vendors or small shops.
  • Always use branded ones as these are of outstanding quality, causing minimal breakage. These combs facilitate ease in combing hair.
  • For best results, you may use boar-bristled brushes. However, these are manufactured using natural animal hair. Hence, if you are not an animal lover or so, then you won’t find any problem using these brushes.
  • In case you are uncomfortable using these brushes, go for other organic ones.

8. Cleaning Hairbrushes And Hair Combs

  • Just like you dedicate time for cleaning your hair, you should also clean your brushes and combs on a regular basis.
  • If your brush or comb is dirty, then it will pass on to your hair.
  • Soak the brushes in warm soap water and rinse them thoroughly with clean warm water. Wipe the dirt off often with a clean damp towel before every usage.

9. Determining Treatments For Your Hair

  • Follow this method if you want to determine which of the protein treatments are suitable for your hair.
  • In case you have hair fall, take a fallen strand and pull it till it breaks.
  • If it breaks quickly without putting much effort, then it means that your hair are less elastic and strong.
  • They need to be treated with special treatments to increase strength and elasticity of the hair.

10. Tying Your Hair

  • Do no tie your hair tightly that you get a headache or you experience severe hair fall.
  • Always use good quality rubber bands, hair bands, and other hair accessories for your hair.
  • Your hair should not be pulled out of the rubber band.

11. Use Of Gels And Creams

  • Gels and creams are better alternatives for tying your hair when you don’t have a great hair day! However, its usage should be restricted.
  • In case you do not want to spend on hair gels or creams, then you can use a body cream instead.
  • However, do not use oils while going out as anyone can make the difference between an oil and a cream.

12. Use Of Scented Shampoos

  • If your hair smells during summers due to sweat, then use scented shampoos.
  • Wash your hair thrice a week to avoid accumulation of sweat and the resulting odour.
  • You can also shop for special hair perfumes available in the market.

13. While Swimming

  • So, you are a swimmer and your hair lover too! Don’t worry.
  • Always cover your hair with a cap when you step into the swimming pool so that the chlorine does not affect your hair.
  • In case you have forgotten your cap someday, then make your wet before swimming. However, you have to wash your hair with a shampoo and a conditioner immediately after you are out of the pool.

14. Warm Oil Treatment

  • If you forgot to oil your hair the last night, and you want to wash it the next day, then do not directly wash it. Follow this quick, warm oil treatment.
  • Just before one hour of hair wash, take sufficient quantity of coconut oil and heat it till it becomes warm. Remember, you do not want to overheat it as hot oil can damage your hair. Apply this warm oil on scalp and hair and keep it for one hour. Wash off your hair as per the hair wash regime. You will notice that your dandruff has been reduced, and you get healthy scalp your hair are looking lustrous and natural.

Step-By-Step For An Effective Hair Wash Regime

We all know how to wash hair. But as we become busy with our agendas and schedules, we tend to miss certain steps and end up damaging our hair. Hence, this meticulous regime will help you to revise the basics of a healthy scalp & good hair wash regime.

1. Before Washing

  • Before you step to get a clean hair wash, identify the nature of your scalp and hair. Choose a proper shampoo and a conditioner and buy it.
  • Comb your hair, particularly the knots and tangles. This will prevent the damage caused by washing hair.

2. Applying Shampoo

  • The actual procedure starts with applying shampoo on the hair and rinsing it off to discard the dirt, pollutants and oil.
  • Take sufficient quantity of shampoo in your palms as per the length of your hair. Mix few drops of water into it and apply on the scalp. Massage on the scalp properly and do not leave any part. Later, wash your hair with the resulting lather. If your hair is dry and scalp oily, remember you do not have to apply too much shampoo on hair.

3. Rinsing Shampoo

  • After massaging for a minute or so, rinse off the shampoo without leaving any residue. Use warm water. We have already explained you about usage of hard water and soft water for a hair wash.
  • Remove the excess water by squeezing and not rubbing the hair. Use towel for patting it dry.

4. Applying Conditioner

  • This step involves applying conditioner to the middle portion and tips of your hair. Remember that you should never apply conditioner on the hair roots.
  • Massage it well on the hair and leave it for 2 minutes.

5. Rinsing Conditioner

  • Use cold water for rinsing off the conditioner without leaving it on the hair.
  • Conditioners are very sticky and if you have something left on your hair, then it will make your hair and skin look oily. Hence, be careful with it.

6. Drying

  • Use your towel for drying hair and start drying form roots.
  • If you want to comb hair, start from the ends with a wide-toothed one.

7. Applying Serum

In case you want to protect your hair against sun and usage of hair appliances, then apply serum on your hair.

Thus, these simple tips will definitely help to maintain healthy scalp and hair. If you devote some part of your time for your hair, then you can definitely notice the results in the form of dandruff-free, shiny and lustrous hair within few weeks. Also, do not forget to follow the simple instructions for a hair wash regime.

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