How to Part Your Hair to Suit Your Face Shape?

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When you were in school, your mother helped you braid those ponytails and you stuck to one particular parting of your hair. Isn’t it? All these years you have gotten used to your regular parting. But did you ever think that how to part your hair & how changing your hair parting can change your looks dramatically?

If you think properly, the way you part your hair highlights certain features of your face and that’s why it’s quite important to hold on a parting that will focus more attention on your best features. In this article, we will discuss how to part your hair to suit your face shape.

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There is one more thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right parting for your face and it the shape of your face. Don’t forget that with age our face shape also changes and the parting that might have suited you in your teenage years may not look good now.

How to Part Your Hair?

Therefore, try to experiment with your look and if nothing is working out, you can stick to your regular ways. Not wasting much of your time, let’s discuss the points that you need to know while choosing the how to part your hair that will suit you.

Understand The Shape of Your Face

The very first tip for how to part your hair properly is to understand your face shape. It’s very easy to determine the correct shape of your face because there are only a few categories to choose from. The general face shapes include oval, round, square, diamond and heart. Look into the mirror and find out which shape have you got. In most of the cases girls get confused, so, to save your time, we suggest you check the face shape on the internet for more precise examples.

Try Experimenting Different Types of Parting

It’s not always necessary to do what we say. You are a better judge of yourself and especially your looks. What suits you may not suit someone else so be open to different styles and try out various styles and ensure that the end result is satisfactory. The process is very simple. Grab a comb and just go with it.

How to Part Your Hair to Suit Your Face Shape?

1. Oval Face

Girls with an oval shape mean your face would be more of the egg shape and we must tell you that it’s one lucky face shape because almost all types of parting will go with that face shape. You can easily create new hair style looks for you. You could go for center parting, side parting or perhaps go with zig-zag parting. You can keep playing with your parting in every event you go.

2. Diamond Shape

Moving on to a diamond face shape which is the where the forehead and your chin areas are small as compared to your rest of the face. In case you have a diamond face shape, you can try keeping fringes or part your hair sideways to allow your other facial features like eyes, nose, and cheeks to get highlighted and will balance the features.

3. Heart Shape

The heart face shape is the one on which the face is narrow at chin area and widest at cheeks. For the girls with long hair and heart shaped face, the center parting will definitely suit. For the girls with short hair and heart face, the side part would be better because it will balance the narrowness and wideness of your facial features. The side part will work really well for those who have a pointy chin because it will help in diverting the attention away from this part of the face.

4. Round Face

For the girls with round face, we recommend trying the deep side parting from any of the sides of your head because this will highlight the best side of the face. You may choose which side you would like to project because most people already have a favourite side of the face. If you are still not sure about the shape and how to part your hair, look into the mirror and cover half of your face for each side and find out what looks better.

5. Square Face

Square faced girls will be having a square forehead and wide and defined chin area. For such face shape, you would be looking for something that can soften your face angles. The best parting for this type of face is deep side parting and adding fringe to your look will help to soften your facial features. The deep side parting will accentuate your angular face shape. To get the deep parting, start right above the arch of the eyebrow.

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Types of Hair Parting

Majorly there are only two types of hair parting. Middle and side parting. Let us discuss what changes would each parting bring on your face.

1. Elongate Your Face With a Middle Parting

One of the general tip on how to part your hair to suit your face shape is middle parting will give length to your face and will make it look elongated. Therefore, it is suitable for those who have a smaller face, but remember that this would only work for the ones with long hair. In the case of a small face or short hair, take side parting that will help up thin out the face.

2. Balance Your Features With Side Parting

Deep parting is the best way to balance out your facial features especially for the girls with a rounder face. When you have long hair, you get an opportunity to highlight a particular side of your face as discussed before.

3. Special Zig-Zag Parting

When you want to add volume to your face with the flat bit looking, you can try zig-zag hair part. It is also the best way to hide your roots in case of colour re-touch up. Else, the zig-zag parting is just another way to add more style and try on something new.

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Perfecting The Hair Parting

Once you are done understanding the shape of your face, you should learn the art of perfecting your hair parting. There are few products to add volume which can also help your during the parting by lifting some roots and making it look great.

  • After the wash, you can use texturing spray on your wet hair and then blow dry the area where you decide to part.
  • For unwashed hair, use dry shampoo to the roots and style your hair accordingly.
  • Whenever you decide to change the hair parting, train yourself and get used to new part at the start. You may have to experience little coaxing to let the hair cooperate.
  • Always try new parting on your hair after your the wash followed by the blow dry. While drying, use a brush to pull up hair strands from the crown area and put to the other side. Avoid making it look limp and flat. In case, it ends up looking like that, use a fine bristle comb and start teasing your hair slightly. A side parting is amazing when they look bit imperfect.

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To conclude, we would like to summarise that experimenting is the key for a new and suitable hairstyle. You can easily follow few basic steps like determining your face shape in order to find which parting will suit you better. Based on your face shape you can opt for side or middle parting and can also play with zig-zag parting. So, what are you waiting for? Find what suits you and how to part your hair to suit your face shape and share your experience through the comments. Happy Hairstyling!

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