How to Hide Double Chin With The Help of Makeup?

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Double chin is sometimes considered as one of the common physical sign of aging among ladies but it could also be due to the general obesity. In today’s article, we will cover the question on how to hide double chin with makeup.

Makeup has incredible effect camouflaging all the imperfections, enhancing your best features and for making your face look thinner.

Double chin is an embarrassing area to cover up and can make you look a bit weird at times and it remains one of the difficult areas to tone, lose weight and firm. Exercising the chin area helps in the longer run as it tones the muscles of the jawline and lower face and the area around the neck but only the good makeup technique can help you from looking face fat instantly.

How To Hide Double Chin With Makeup?

How To Hide Double Chin With the Makeup?

1. Start With Clean Up

Start Makeup With Clean Up

Prepare your skin around the face and chin by cleaning it as for even application of makeup on the face. Apply light moisturizer all over your face.

2. Foundation

Foundation For Makeup

Start makeup with little translucent face powder. Apply foundation that is one shade darker to your face tone. However, make sure that the colour palette you chose is not too dark else it would look like a beard.

3. Bronzer

How To Apply Bronzer

Bronzer helps in defining the jaw line and it is very important to choose the right colour tone to fetch the best result. Chose rose tone for fair skin and gold tone for a medium and dark skin. Apply it along the jawline to give more definition to the area, blend the color to create smooth contour and you will never have to deal with a double chin in photos again.

4. Eyes

Eye makeup

Play with your eyes to draw attention away from the lower area of the face. Use a bold eyeliner to give definition to your eyes and curl your eyelashes and complete your eyes with the volume mascara. Drawing all the attention away from the lower portion of the face is the sneaky and a smart way for how to hide double chin. Try to play with bright colours, smokey eyes so that no-one ends up noticing that chin that’s been giving you a sleepless night. Choose a correct eyebrow shape. A well pronounced high arch will help in balancing out your face by stretching the appearance vertically, drawing your eyes upward.

5. Contouring

Face Contouring

This trick is more like a master stroke that most of the professional celebrities and makeup artists swear by to define and completely change the shape of your face. Try contouring your cheekbone, your chin area and forehead to give you chin more chiseled and slender look. Take a two shade dark contour powder and sweep it along the hollows or apples of cheeks. With eyes and cheeks drawing all the attention, it will get easy to divert your focus off the double chin.

6. Blend Your Makeup Well

Blend Your Makeup Well

When you are doing your makeup, after contouring, blending is another important technique to even out the areas. Using matte bronzer and draw number 3 starting from the forehead to cheekbone to jawline. Mark the number 3 on both the sides of the face as this will help to define the cheekbone and jawline and it will help you for how to hide double chin.

7. Bold Lips

Bold Lips Makeup

Opting for bold lip colours with added shimmer in the middle of the lips is a perfect way to draw attention to your lovely puckers than the unwanted attention the sack of fat on your chin.

8. Forehead

Forehead Makeup

When you do your makeup, do not forget about the forehead. While blending your contour towards the temple region emphasis on the angular qualities for a well-defined bone structure.

9. Hair

Makeup With Hairstyle

The last menthol to distract people from your double chin is by wearing a different or new hairstyle. Don’t go for a haircut falling till your chin because short hair will make your neck and chin look for thick along with the volume of hair. Prefer a hairstyle that can go behind your ear and highlight your jawline make your chin look small. If you are someone with the long hair, keep it layered to avoid any attention on the chin area.

Makeup Hacks For How To Hide Double Chin

  • Just when you are done with the makeup on the face like eyes, cheeks and lips, there are few makeup hacks and tricks to try and define your jawline. Are you thinking how? By using a bronzer. Brush the bronzer across your jaw line.
  • Another great trick to draw the focus away from your double chin is by showing off the neckline. Flaunt your collarbones and slender neck with tops with scoop neck and cleavage dress. Apply some amount of bronzer to add little shimmer to the collarbone and neckline for the best effect.

Few Words of Caution

  • Always apply make on a clean skin to avoid the peeling off later on. For that apply a baby oil or light moisturizer and wait for it to dry before proceeding with your makeup.
  • While applying the makeup products, make sure you blend foundation colors well so that there is no demarcation visible. Also, don’t use bronzer near the chin area and instead use it from ear to ear.
  • While managing your hairstyle to hide that double chin, make a high ponytail that is raised above the head. This will give the illusion of long neck disguising the thick chain effectively.

Few Lifestyle Tips to Hide Double Chin

  • Avoid eating fast food, junk food and other types of processed food with too many calories and fat. Cutting the calories will not only help in getting rid of extra fat on the chin but will also help in losing fat from other areas of body and face.
  • Practice good posture to get rid of double chin. When you are working on your table, on the computer, in bed, make sure you keep your back straight and keep your head up. Sitting straight helps in a less noticeable double chin and also strengthens the jaw muscles to prevent the building up of extra fat near chin area.
  • If your job needs you to work for hours on the computer, don’t stay in one position for long, do few stretching exercise after every half an hour.
  • Some people have genetic tendency to develop double chin which means your family members have had the double chin. In this case, exercising is the only answer to get rid of that already formed double chin.
  • Dressing up also plays an important role in make your double chin look more on the face thing. So, try to keep away from turtlenecks and anything that emphasis on the neck area. The dresses with scoop necks work the best. Puffy scarfs will also help in covering those double chins.
  • Moisturize your neck and chin area before performing neck exercise in order to avoid and prevent the wrinkles.

With this article, you can opt for any method or technique that suits you to hide those double chins and you can freely move around in your workplace. Forget about the time your friends teased you for the double chin. But keep in mind that double chin is caused when the fat starts accumulating in your neck region. The reason being there is no activity happening in that region. The hack and tricks are only for how to hide double chin temporarily, but for long term solution, practice facial exercise or consult the doctor for a permanent solution.

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