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Face contour is a method to reshape the face with the help of cosmetic products. It gives your face the perfect shape but the question is how to contour your face. Well, it can be done by a professional or you can do it yourself by following some simple steps. It helps to define your face features such as the nose, cheeks, and chin. This beauty regime is regularly followed by models and celebrities. However, nowadays it is common with the teenage girls. Everyone wants to portray their best look when outside.

Let us first look into the pre-requisites of face contour followed by the contour process.

Face Contour

Important Steps Before Face Contour

There are certain pre-requisites which need to be followed before face contour which is discussed below.

  • It is always better to tie your hair and use a band to pull off your hair from the face. The face contour is extensively done on the face and involves forehead as well as chin. If hair falls on your face, it may affect the visibility and the contour may not come out well.
  • Before face contour, follow the essential skin regime. Wash your face with a good cleanser. Use a scrub to remove the dead cells and apply a good moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Your skin should be completely free of makeup. This is the preparation phase of the face before contour. This will give your face a smooth finish and there will not be any risk of dry and dull skin.

How to Contour?

Let us see how to contour step by step.

  • First and foremost requirement before starting the face contour is that you need the light and dark matte shade pencils or sticks. With the help of the dark shade, draw lines on the area where you need the perfect shape. It mostly includes the forehead, nose, chin and the cheekbones. As far as the cheek bones are concerned, you should always understand how to contour the cheek bones. First, you need to apply the darker shade just beneath the bones where you can feel the hollow region. After blending, a touch up should be the giver with the lighter matte and compact powder.


  • Once the markings are done on the face, use a soft beauty blender and blend the matte on the face in circular motion. Always remember while blending, you need to give outward strokes i.e. your brush should start from inside of the applied region and move outside gently. The blending should be done properly as it will enhance your features. This is an essential step to knowing how to contour.


Let’s see how to choose the foundation for your skin tone…

  • The next step is to use the lighter shade. You need to apply the lighter shade just beneath the darker one and especially under the eyes. Use the blending brush to blend the lighter matte as well. Here it is important to note how to contour your nose. Everyone loves the long and slender nose. Therefore the nose should appear sharp and distinct. Apply the lighter shade on the nose bridges and blend it completely. Your nose will appear longer and sharper. It will give a perfect shape to your face.


  • Finally take a compact powder and use a makeup brush to apply this powder all over your face. Dust the excess powder. This acts as the final step in the face contour process. These are the simple steps for how to contour your face with makeup.


If you have uneven skin tone, there are plenty of ways to fix an uneven skin tone…

Now that we have seen how to contour the face, we should also understand how to contour and highlight. The key difference between the two is, in the case of contour only matte products are used. You should never use shimmery products in face contour. On the other hand, highlight involves the use of the shimmery product to give you the perfect radiant look. Highlight and contour definitely go hand in hand and gives an altogether new shape to your face. It is essential to highlight makeup when you are going out for night parties and discos. It completes your look with a shimmery effect.

Complete Your Look With a Makeup

Let us understand how to complete your look with a makeup.

  • Highlighter usually enhances the look and using a shimmery highlighter brightens your face. It is recommended to use the highlighter on the same areas where the light foundation has been applied.
  • Blush adds the extra soft color to your face. Select a nice rosy or peachy blush shadow and apply it on the cheekbones. This highlights the cheekbones and gives you an attractive look.


  • Everyone likes the sparkle and glow on their face. It is good to use a translucent powder on the contour face. You can also add some shimmers on the face but be careful not to overdo the make. Also remember to use powder and shimmer on the neck to get an even tone. Your face and neck must not look like two different shades.


  • Once your face makeup is done and is set properly with a blender, you can do the eye makeup followed by applying a bright lipstick to complete your look.


You are all set to rock the party!

It is necessary to know how to contour around the face. Round face contour is different from the normal face. Here the key feature to remember is that the T-section of the face must be uplifted than the cheek portion. Therefore, your cheeks will look narrow whereas the nose, forehead, and chin will give your face an elongated look.

Bronzing is similar to contouring. For people who really want to know how to contour with bronzer, the steps remain more or less the same. The key difference lies in the fact that contour is followed by bronzer. Depending on the skin complexion, you have the option to choose from a wide range of bronzers. However, it is advisable to use a darker shade than your skin tone as it gives a dusky and shady finish. Get ready for the sun-kissed look!!

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