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Summer Makeup Looks 0

Amazing Minimalist Summer Makeup Looks…

Makeup has become an inevitable and very important part of our lives! With the great evolving makeup trends, there are flourishing new makeup styles which never fail to attract us! From the cherishable and...

Makeup essentials for dusky girls 0

7 Amazing Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl!

The fair skin obsession is gradually fading day by day but still many people believe that women with dusky complexion don’t have many options with colours and makeup. But we say, that’s not true...

Makeup blunders that make you look older 0

10 Makeup Blunders That Makes You Look Older!

Everybody loves to experiment with makeup but at times we tend to go little overboard and this can result in making us look more mature than our actual age. Highlighting 10 makeup mistakes that...

Makeup for small eyes 0

How to Apply Makeup to Small Eyes?

Our eyes are the window to the world and you definitely want them to be bigger and beautiful. But if nature has not blessed you with the Disney princess eyes then you should learn...

How to apply lipstick 2

Learn How To Apply Lipstick Step by Step?

Lipstick is one such essential item that you will find in every women’s bag. But how well you know your little friend is a question that not many can answer. If you are among...

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