Great uncommon uses of vaseline; Did you know?

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If there is one thing that can be commonly found in every home, it is Vaseline. With its ubiquitous properties and wonderful features, Vaseline does more than healing the lips and the wounds. It can be used in a variety of ways and for innumerable purposes that you would have never even imagined. So, let’s have a look at the uncommon uses of vaseline.

Vaseline is actually petroleum jelly and it contains waxes and oils. It is mainly used for healing cracked heels, chapped lips and for softening the dry hands. In fact, people also use it for removing the makeup.

So, do you have a bottle of Vaseline with you? What do you normally do with it? Would you like to find out vaseline uses and what else you can do with the multi-purpose Vaseline? Surely, you would be amazed to find out that your small jar of Vaseline is actually a wonder-product, and can do so much more.

uncommon uses of vaseline

Uncommon Uses of Vaseline

1. Manicures-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

Instead of spending a lot of money in the salon, you can try doing a manicure at home. Are you wondering how Vaseline can be helpful in this? Well, you can apply it on the corners of your nails, before applying nail polish. This will prevent it from spreading and staining the skin, leaving your nails with a professional look.

2. Make Your Perfumes Last Longer-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

Spread some Vaseline on your armpits, wrists, and other places where you would be spraying your perfume. This will help in moisturizing the skin. Now, when you spray your perfume, the effect will be enhanced and will last longer.

3. Prevent Hair Dye From Spreading Elsewhere-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

When we apply hair dye, it spreads across and leaves a stain on the forehead and other places. To prevent this, you can use Vaseline and dab it around the hairline. This will prevent your skin from getting stained.

4. An effective stain remover from dresses and skin-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

If you have stained your dress with lipstick, eyeliner or mascara, don’t fret. Vaseline will help you get rid of these stains. You just need to rub it on the stained portion. After 10 minutes, blot away the stains with the help of tissues. Once, you wash the cloth, the stains would not be visible anymore. You can also use this for removing the makeup from your face.

5. Make Your Leather Items Shine-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

To bring back the shine to your expensive leather items, you can use this petroleum jelly. When you rub it on the leather product and clean it with a soft cloth, it will start shining like new.

6. Keep Away The Ants-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

If you wish to keep your food items away from ants, just smudge this jelly around the container. It will keep the ants away.

7. Silence The Whining Doors-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

That whining door in your house is so annoying that you wonder how you could silence it. Well, use Vaseline as a lubricant on the hinges of the doors. It will reduce the squeaks and will also improve the friction.

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8. Unstick chewing gum on surfaces-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

The most irritating thing is to have chewing gum stuck up on the furniture or any other surface. Even the thought of removing the gum sounds daunting and challenging, right? But, did anybody tell you that Vaseline can be your best friend in such circumstances. You just need to apply the jelly on the gum and give a gentle rub to it. It will remove the gum easily.

9. Prevent Your Doorknobs and Windows From Getting Painted

While applying paint to the walls or doors, you face a risk of smudging the doorknobs and window panes. But, guess what, Vaseline can come to your rescue. Just smear Vaseline on the doorknobs and it will prevent them from getting stained by the paints.

10. Avoid The Shampoo Tears-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

When that chemically-infused shampoo gets into your child’s eyes, you can imagine the tears that start flowing and the howling that follows. But, did you know that Vaseline can actually save you from all that stress? Rubbing it on the child’s eyebrows can protect the shampoo from getting into the eyes.

11. Watermark Remover-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

If your wooden furniture is showing watermark rings, you know what you need to do. Just apply the jelly and allow it to dry. When you wipe away the jelly after sometime, the watermark will disappear too.

12. Reduce The Corrosion of Car Batteries-Uncommon Uses of Vaseline.

In winters, the batteries take time to work due to thickening of engine oil and increased electrical resistance. You probably did not know that you could reduce the corrosion of batteries with the help of Vaseline, did you? Smear the terminals with jelly, which will prevent it from corrosion and you can drive your car without having to worry about breakdowns.

13. Facing Problems With Unscrewing of Bottles-Unscrew them easily.

The lid of the glue bottle or a nail polish bottle becomes so sticky that it becomes difficult to open them. Just apply some jelly around the bottle rim and the lid would come out very easily.

14. Keep The Chrome shiny and Rust-Free-For many years to come.

Applying Vaseline on the chrome parts of the equipment, like bikes, can actually save it from getting rusted.

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15. LoosenThe Ring Stuck to Your Finger-Rather easily.

Often, our fingers get swollen and the ring refuses to come out. Don’t even think of pulling it out with force. Just apply some jelly on your finger and the ring will glide off smoothly.

16. Heal Sunburns and WindBurns-Cools and soothes fast.

Even though, the hike on your bike was quite exciting, it has probably left you with sunburns and windburns. Don’t suffer from the pain. Just apply the jelly to the affected parts and get rid of the pains.

17. Vaseline Uses To Prevent Diaper Rashes-Friendly on skin

Babies lie on their back and see a change of diapers throughout the day. With no air circulation, they start getting rashes, which is quite natural. But, you can give some comfort to your baby by applying Vaseline so that the rashes get healed quickly.

After reading this article of vaseline uses, you would surely want to include a few Vaseline jars in your monthly grocery list, right? With so many interesting properties and uses, it is definitely a must-have for every household. Heal your wounds, remove the stains, smoothen your lips, heels and hands and protect your valuables. Well, the list is endless.

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