Amazing Home Remedies For Dark Lips That are Simple Yet Effective!

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Many people today are worried about their dark lips and are always in quest of dark lips treatment products. Although our hair and face looks gorgeous, dark lips are sufficient to spoil the whole essence of our beauty. And no matter how many layers of lip gloss or lipstick you apply, you cannot conceal your dark lips as it is very noticeable and evident too! Well, stop worrying! You have come to the right place! The most Frequently Asked Questions like “How can you get rid of dark lips?” Or “How long does it take to get rid of dark lips?” are answered in this article. If you are tired of trying out all those expensive dark lips treatment products, then these Home remedies for dark lips will definitely come handy. These amazing home remedies for dark lips are very simple to adopt and at the same time provide you effective results. So read on!

Before we dig into the home remedies for dark lips, let us try and understand the various causes for dark lips. By doing so we can at least stay at bay from these causes and prevent ourselves from developing dark lips. Prevention is better than cure see!

Causes That Lead To Dark Lips

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

1. Consumption of Caffeine in Large Quantities

If you are a regular consumer of caffeine beverages, you would definitely develop dark lips. So limit the consumption of caffeinated beverages and stay at bay from dark lips.

2. Exposure to Sun

Yes! Heard us right! Extreme exposure to sunlight can also lead to dark lips as the tender cells on your lips are burnt due to the scorching sun. So, without applying some lip balm do not step out in the hot sun.

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3. Side Effects of Cosmetics

Let us admit! We all have tried many lip care products that are available over the counter. Experimenting is not a good thing to do with your lips. A lot of chemicals in these products will drain the moisture content in your lips and leave you dry and dark lips. Time to say no to experiments.

4. Alcohol Consumption

People who consume a lot of alcohol too are prone to developing dark lips. So limit the intake of alcohol.

5. Hormonal Imbalances

A lot of people also develop dark lips due to the changes in the hormones. This can also be due to nonintake of sumptuous breakfast.

6. Deficiency of Vitamins

If your body is missing out on some vital vitamins, you are again more prone to developing dark lips. So intake of vital vitamins is a must!

7. Smoking Habits

Most of us are probably aware of the fact that smoking leads to dark lips. So limit smoking too for a healthier and attractive pink lips.

Those were some causes of dark lips that you need to take care of! Nonetheless, if you have already developed dark lips, no worries! We have listed some amazing home remedies for dark lips that are going to help you in getting rosy pink lips! Let’s get started!

Home Remedies for Dark Lips

1. Strawberries

This mouth-watering fruit is not just a favorite one for your tongue but also your lips. This fruit which is loaded with antioxidants can prevent the Destruction on your collagen. The minerals and vitamins are rich in this fruit that prevent the wrinkle formation on your lips. So this fruit can also be used to get rid of dry lips. It adds the moisture content back to your lips. It removes the dead skin cells on your lips and gives you rosy pink lips! This is also one of the best home remedies for dark lips in a week!

How do I Get Started?

  • This is a very simple and effective DIY trick and all you need is strawberries and cotton balls.
  • You need to extract the juice of strawberries in a small cup.
  • You will have to refrigerate it for about 30 minutes for best results.
  • Dip cotton balls into this solution and apply it evenly onto your dark lips.
  • Let it stay for about 20 to 30 minutes and later you can wash it off with clear water. Repeat this for about 2 to 3 weeks to get stunned with rosy pink lips!
  • Another alternative can be mixing crushed strawberries and baking soda to make a fine paste.
  • Apply this paste before you hit the sack every night and leave it overnight. You can wash it off in the morning. Repeat the same procedure everyday for at least 3 weeks for best results.

2. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a great source of fatty acids. It has anti oxidants in rich quantities that helps you part ways with dark lips. If you’ve been pondering around how to remove dark lips fast, this home remedy is what you should be looking for! Mustard oil also has vitamin E in huge quantities that will nourish your lips from the inside and leave you healthy pink lips.

How to Apply Mustard Oil?

  • You need coconut oil too for doing this.
  • You can mix Coconut oil and mustard oil in a small bowl until you feel they are blended into each other real well.
  • Now, apply this mixture onto your dark lips evenly. Wait for 30-45 minutes and later wipe the oil using a cotton ball.
  • Repeat doing the same procedure for at least 3 weeks for best results. Another alternative could be leaving the mixture overnight if you are okay with sticky lips in the night.

3. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is known for stimulating cell reproduction. It is loaded with anti oxidants. But what makes beetroot juice stand out is that it has cartenoids that improves blood circulation. A healthy blood circulation is capable of removing all the dead cells and help in reproducing new cells. Beetroot also adds some natural color to your lips. So if you’re looking for how to remove dark lips fast, consider using beetroot juice as it also adds color to your lips besides improving blood circulation.

Application of Beet Juice

  • You will need fresh beetroot and red carrots for this.
  • Cut the beetroot and carrots into small pieces and grind it well. Make sure that both the veggies are blended well into each other.
  • Now keep this mixture in a refrigerator for about an hour. This will give you best results because of the cooling effects.
  • After an hour, apply this mixture on your dark lips with a cotton ball. Let it stay for as long as it can!
  • You can leave this mixture overnight or all day. Later you can wash it off with some clear water and apply any dilute lip balm onto your lips.
  • Repeating this on a regular basis will work better than most of the dark lips treatment products.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best home remedies for dark lips. It makes your lips look vibrant and has all the natural essential nutrients that will help you get rid of dark lips fast. It is also suggested by medical ayurvedic practitioners as a remedy for soft beautiful looking lips.

How do I Apply Olive Oil?

There are 2 ways in which you can apply olive oil. Both of which will work for you if applied regularly.

a. Olive Oil + Sugar

You will need fresh olive oil and sugar do this DIY. Boil some water and add sugar to it to extract the sugar juice. Take a small bowl and add 3 tbsp of olive oil to it. Add the sugar solution to it and mix it well to a fine mixture. Apply this mixture directly onto your dark lips everyday.

b. Olive Oil + Lemon Juice

You can extract the juice of lemon in a small cup and add 4 tbsp of olive oil to it. Let the olive oil and lemon juice blend into each other. Now apply this mixture onto your lips and massage it with your fingers. After 15 minutes of massaging, immediately wash off the mixture with clean water. Consider doing this for 3 weeks to see results!

5. Lemon

We can never forget lemon if we were asked to list down top home remedies for dark lips. Lemon is a natural home remedy for many of our cues on beauty. It has natural bleaching properties that will act as an agent that lightens the skin. The citric acid present in the lemon juice will peel off the topmost layer of your lips and helps in producing new cells. Thus you can say bye to your dark layer of skin on your skin and get pink lips.

Best Way of Applying Lemon Juice

  • There are many ways of applying lemon juice onto your lips. The most simple one is to just extract the lemon juice in a bowl and apply it directly on your lips with a cotton ball.
  • You can leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. As simple as that!
  • Another option could be to mix lemon juice with honey and blend them into each other clearly and apply this on the lips everyday and leave it for about 30 minutes.
  • Repeating this everyday will leave you pink lips.
  • You can also add rosewater to lemon juice and apply the mixture everyday to part ways with dark lips.
  • Based on the availabilities and personal preference, you can choose any one of these alternatives accordingly. All of them would work for you if you follow them regularly.

6. Honey

This age old ingredient for beauty regime comes handy in various problems relating to beauty. It never takes a backseat in beauty regime. This is a “must be ingredient” in your beauty regime. It is a natural moisturizer that softens the lips. Dry lips can be treated really well by honey. Dark lips can also be kept at bay by using honey everyday. It works wonders for both of them and helps in restoring the lip color.

Methods of Applying Honey

  • Just like the lemon, honey also can be applied in various ways onto your lips.
  • For the most simple one, you just have to geat some water to lukewarm extent, add 2 to 3 tbsp of honey to 50 ml of water and massage this misture on the lips evenly.
  • Another alternative could be adding turmeric powder to honey and make it into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the dark lips in the night and leave it overnight.
  • In the morning you can rinse it off with water or rose water and wipe with a soft towel. Repeating this everyday will work wonders for you and helps you get rid of dark lips.
  • Yet another remedy could be using milk. For this you need to add 1 tbsp of milk to 2 tbsp of honey and make a thick paste. Apply this and give a gentle massage through your fingers. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing it.

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7. Turmeric

Turmeric is a great healer of many skin problems from ancient times. Indians use this as a kitchen ingredient and also a beauty ingredient for many home made remedies. If you have cracked lips, this home remedy will work wonders for you. It has high amount of vitamins and minerals that nourishes your lips and helps you to get rid of dark lips. It also contains anti oxidant properties which helps to remove dead cells and promotes regeneration of new cells.

How to Get Started?

  • Heat 50 ml of milk and add it to 3 tbsp of turmeric and make a fine paste out of it.
  • Apply this on your dark lips everyday to get of dark lips real fast.
  • Another way of applying turmeric could be adding 2 tbsp of honey to 2 tbsp of turmeric and applying it on the lips.
  • Leave this mixture overnight. Wash it off in the morning using rosewater for best results.
  • Turmeric can also heal cracked lips and keeps you at bay from dry lips through its moisturizing properties.

8. Cucumber

Most of us are aware that cucumber contains 80 – 90% of water in it. It has high moisturizing properties that keeps you at bay from dry lips. Besides it helps to remove dead skin cells from your lips and gives you beautiful looking pink lips. It is a lightening agent and can help in fading away the darker tone of your lips leaving you with pink lips.

How to Apply Cucumber?

  • Cucumber is a common ingredient you will probably even find in your refrigerator.
  • Cut the cucumber into small slices and extract juice from it.
  • You can apply this mixture later. But before that, you can use the peeled skin of cucumber and rub it onto your dark lips gently for at least 8 minutes.
  • After you’re done rubbing the cucumber peels on your lips, wipe your lips with clean towel and now apply the extracted juice if cucumber.
  • You can leave it all day or night according to your personal preferences. Cucumber is a very simple yet effective home remedies for dark lips that will surely surprise you with its results within a month of regular application.

Those were some amazing home remedies for dark lips that should work for you to part ways with dark lips. Nonetheless only knowing all of them will do no good if you don’t follow them accurately. Also using these remedies for about 5 to 6 days and expecting to get rid of dark lips is foolish. You need to be patient enough and provide sufficient time for these home remedies for dark lips to show what they can really do! So, patience is a must. Follow these regularly and get rid of dark lips effectively and land up with rosy pink lips! After all, we all are jealous of those people having pink lips, aren’t we? So, time to get to work!

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