Stress Management : 10 Daily Tips to Handle Stress & Stay Calm Through a Day!

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All of us are plagued with stress in our day to day lives and stress management is must for healthy life. Often stress leads to both emotional and physical distress leading to a lot of anxiety and depression within us. The word “Stress” is a common word and is like a deadly disease that attacks almost anyone. With tough competition at work and family responsibilities back at home, it seems like stress is endless and nothing can be done about it.

You may feel nothing can be done about stress and succumb under the pressure. But no, you actually you are in more control of stress than you think you do. Stress management is a process of taking control of mind, lifestyle, emotions, and the way one deals with daily situations. No matter how stressful life is at your workplace or back at home, there are several tips to handle stress and get relief from anxiety.

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What Causes Stress?

Reasons causing stress can vary from person to person and there are several factors that can trigger stress in daily routine life. Stress and anxiety may be mainly categorized into work stress and life stress.

Causes of work stress can mainly be due to-

  • Work pressure or heavy workload
  • Unhappiness in your current job
  • Facing discrimination, injustice or harassment at work
  • Long working hours
  • No recognition or appreciation for the work you do
  • Poor management
10 Daily Tips For Stress Management.
10 Daily Tips For Stress Management.

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Causes of life stress can mainly be due to-

  • Death of a loved one
  • Losing job
  • Failed relationship or divorce
  • Illness or injury
  • Moving or shifting to a new place
  • Traumatic events or natural calamities
  • Emotional problems like anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, and guilt

10 Daily Tips For Stress Management

To survive and succeed in the competitive world it is absolutely mandatory to learn how to manage stress. It is important to understand the thin line of difference between getting stressed under pressure and productivity. In reality, stress leads to poor productivity, anxiety and depression both in professional and personal life. Following are some stress management techniques to handle stress and be calm in your daily life.

1. Planning Ahead

Be it personal or professional life, planning ahead is the mantra for stress relief. While we know the general day to day pressures, it is always good to be well prepared of the possibilities that could occur and decide how to handle such situations in advance. This will prevent you from getting dumped all of sudden and succumb to pressure.

2. Stay Positive

A lot of crucial and hectic situations can be managed by staying positive. Blaming ourselves for all that we couldn’t manage to achieve will not do any help apart from feeling anxiety and depressed. It is important to feel positive and happy for all that we have achieved so far. If you have failed, do not lose hope or get disappointed. Instead take learnings from the failure and move ahead.

3. Seek Support or Delegate Work

If you are feeling pressurized or not able to handle the work load, seek support or help from others whom you trust. There is nothing wrong in reaching out for help when you need it. Seeking support or delegating some tasks of your to others will help managing stress and also help you stay calm and composed at work and at home.

4. Be Focussed and Maintain a Uni-Focal Approach

Multi-tasking often leads to chaos and confusion at work and at home. Choose one task at a time and give your complete focus and mind to that task. This increases your productivity and reduces stress in your daily life.

5. Prioritize on Important Work

Not all tasks are important and they don’t need to be getting done first. Instead chose tasks that are important and make sure you do them first. This will give you a satisfaction of accomplishment and causes relaxation of mind.

6. Sleep Well

We often think by skipping sleep, we get more time to get things done. But in reality, lack of sleep leads to low productivity, higher stress and anxiety. One of the key strategies to stress management is to sleep adequately to main a calm composure in your mind. Sleeping well increases your physical and mental stamina and helps you do things better.

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7. Take Short Breaks

When you feel work is overloaded, or you are getting bombarded at work, take short breaks to refrain from physical and mental pressure. Short breaks will help you relax your nerves and think in a better manner. It will also give your body some rest to cope up for the remaining day.

8. Be Flexible

No matter how carefully we plan, certain situation at work and on the personal front doesn’t work out the same way. Don’t be disheartened when your plans don’t work out. Instead be flexible in your approach and tackle the situation in a new manner.

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9. Practice Breathing Techniques and Meditation

When you feel low, anxious or depressed, the best technique for stress relief is to practice breathing techniques or resort to meditation. Take deep breaths or close your eyes for every 10 minutes you feel stressed at home or at work. This will bring down your anxiety levels and help you stay calm. Staying calm and relaxed will help you deal with painful situations more easily.

10. Trust Yourself

Trusting yourself is one of the best stress management techniques you can resort to. When you feel stressed or over-burdened it’s good to change the way your work or the plans that you previously made. It is important that you trust yourself for every decision you take and maintain the self-confidence at every step in work or in life situations.

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From great scientists to CEO’s in multi-national companies, or a house wife with lot of responsibilities at home, the ability to stay calm and stress free in every difficult situation has made them fail or succeed in life. We are in best control of our minds and can handle pressure in the best way if we look at it in a positive way and resort to some effective stress management techniques! What are you waiting for? Follow these simple things and see how soon stress disappears out of your lives!

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