Walking barefoot on grass is a powerful way to heal!

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Did you ever think about it? Walking bare feet is now scientifically explained and proven to be good for health. Earth can be viewed as a ball of energy which can be tapped by us and is proved to be beneficial. Free electrons from the Earth can be absorbed by our body when in direct contact. These free electrons help in keeping us healthy. This concept today is called “Earthing” and is one of the treatment methods used in wellness retreats and Spas. Let’s see the benefits of walking barefoot.

Early mornings and early evenings are the best times to take a walk. Going to the Gym is also beneficial. So how does it compare with walking or exercising outdoors? Doing regular physical exercises in the gym does bring in physical body changes and advantages. But for the soothing mental state you need to be outside and connecting with nature. Did not the cavemen walk bare feet on pebbles, rocks and grass? Also when we swim we don’t put on any kind of footwear, right?

Benefits of walking barefoot

Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass

Some of the benefits of walking barefoot are listed below –

1. Destress Yourself

By walking barefoot on grass or just the ground you are connected with nature. This connection brings in “good” feeling which helps you to relax and keep your mind peaceful. The very act of outdoors getting you to feel and sense nature at its best. The warm sunshine hitting your face, the wet grass in the morning under your feet activates your senses.

At least for the time you are outside you can switch off your worries and concerns. Observation of life and things around gets your mind distracted from any random thoughts. Also walking with like-minded allows you to strike a conversation and help you socialize. Exchange of thoughts and views also helps you to destress yourself.

2. Benefits of Walking Barefoot Improves Eyesight

In Reflexologythere are points under the feet to which if you apply pressure, it activates specific organ systems. The first, second and third toes are related to the eyes. Thus by applying pressure to those toes you can energize the eyes and remove any existing blocks. The green color of the grass is surely a pleasant sight and brings in calm and peace to the mind.

3. Walking Barefoot Keeps Feet Healthy and Toned

By walking barefoot the skin of the feet is stretched and kept relaxed. The muscles and tendons in the feet are also exercised and hence there is no chance of any sore feet.  The skin on the feet can get softer by continuous walking removing stiffness. Also for people who have flat feet, walking barefoot improves their flexor. Tired feet feel relaxed after a good walk.

4. Walking Barefoot Removes Negativity From The Body

The negative ions from the Earth’s surface are supposed to neutralize the negative energy in your body. By doing so it brings about a detoxifying effect and helps in reducing inflammation in the body. It also helps in resetting your internal body clock to normal.

5. Walking Barefoot Betters Cardiovascular Health

Earthing is supposed to be good for the heart. The surface charge of the red blood cells is supposed to increase. This causes the blood to be less viscous and thinner. Thus blood blow through the heart is normal and there are no risks related to heart ailments.

6. Beneficial for Children

Children who are used to walking bare feet end up having no problems in the feet due to wrong footwear. In many cases, it is found that children who use the wrong footwear end up damaging their feet in the long run. Their feet get strained and the shape of the feet could also change in many cases. Children should be taught to connect with nature at an early age.

7. Better Sleep- Benefits of Walking Barefoot

By neutralizing the negative energy in the body “Earthing” releases stress and anxiety. Thus you could get a good night’s sleep. It also helps in balancing of hormones in the body which is very important for the women folk. Thus women will suffer from fewer menstrual issues. A good walk definitely gives you a good night’s sleep.

8. Walking Barefoot helps to Absorb Energy

Since feet are the only contact we make with the Earth normally it is the best medium through which we can imbibe the Earth’s energy. Thus walking without any footwear on grass or elsewhere aids in the direct absorption of this energy.

9. Walking Barefoot is best for Reflexology Points

The feet are where a number of nerve endings converge from various organs. Thus by walking on grass these nerve endings get stimulated. As a result of this, the body remains in equilibrium. Any aliments or chronic pain in the body reduces due to this light massage of the feet.

10. Walking Barefoot Helps in Yoga Postures

Yoga is a holistic exercise addressing both physical and mental status. Yoga is done bare feet and with contact to the ground. Energy is picked up from the Earth while doing yoga.

11. Largely Reduces Risks of a Backache

Walking without shoes allows you to balance your body weight properly. The equilibrium of the body is maintained which leads to good postures. Still body weight is distributed equally there are less chances of backaches.

12. Greatly Improves The Circulation of Blood in The Body

By exercising the pressure points under the feet, blood is pumped back to the heart and good circulation is maintained. For people with vein problems, this is beneficial and there is less stress on the heart. Thus there is more oxygen flow in the body.

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If a simple thing like walking bare feet on grass can bring with it this many benefits, it is definitely worth a try. You don’t even have to spend a penny for the same. Thus nature has innumerable gifts and this is definitely one of them. Probably that is the benefit the animals get from nature all along. They are a good example of how closely a living being can be connected with mother Earth. Also, there is scientific evidence which shows that by walking bare feet on grass you could improve your blood glucose levels, immune system and heart health.

So what do you think? Planning to get that barefoot walk from tomorrow morning to get these health benefits? All the best!

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