Mango Leaves, a Nature’s Gift : Health Benefits of Mango Leaves!

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26 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, we have plenty of mangoes & this is no charge at all, it’s only one’s commitment that can see the results.

  2. Anuj Sharma says:

    Nice information and good research !
    Keep it up

  3. Hasinna says:

    Where can I get the mango leaves.

  4. ckh says:

    very very useful information on mango leaves.Thanks a lot

  5. Zaheer says:

    Good information.

  6. Dominic KOFI ARTHUR says:

    Thank you . Am Ghanaian where mango leaves are common.but I never knew it very useful to am talking am suffering from asthma. So I deem it good news for me today. I believe my asthma will be a thing of past..Thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful piece

  8. Ruqaya Usman says:

    Inshaa Allah thanks for curing all the world,most of the sickness without spending alotof money, and thanks for saving mostly that dos’nt have anough means to treat their sickness or even sometimes loosing alot of lives.

    Please i want what herbal to shrink my FIBROID myoma or (tumour )inside my uterus without surgery thanks

  9. Yeswandhiran L.D. says:

    Very nice news for diabetes

  10. Anonymous says:

    So surprising and informative

  11. James m mwangi says:

    Health care system is the best system to live a proper body stress free life,that help you no yourself.

  12. TOM JOSEPH MURMU says:

    Great advice
    Didn’t know
    Will try to apply as advised

  13. Pepper Borrego says:

    Where can I get mango leaves?

  14. Marivic Amores says:

    Thank you so much, about this information, mango leaves, it’s good for me, because I have a diabetes,
    Also I share it to my friend,
    Thank you , and more people can benefit this information.

    • StyleDiva says:

      Hi Marivic. Thanks for reading our article. Its good to know that you found our tips useful. Surely you will get benefit to treat your diabetes.

  15. Sthembiso says:

    Thanks hope it will help my granny

  16. Penny says:

    Where can I find mango leaves, I’ve never seen them in a regular grocery store?

    • StyleDiva says:

      Hi Penny, Mango leaves are easy to obtain from any mango tree nearby. Not sure they will be available in any stores or shops. Which country you live in? Its a natural thing and better be plucked fresh from the tree itself.

  17. Zulfiqar says:

    Thanks so much for posting health benefits of mangos leaves.

  18. R P Shrivastava says:

    In conclusion u write that. Mango leaves are not available throughout the year. This is WRONG. Leaf life is two years. In autum before old leaves drop new are are already there. I do have two trees in my house which are full of fruit. I do not pluck but collect ripe ones dropout naturally.Now a days my neighbours friends passers-by and me are enjoying the naturally ripped mangoes which u will never get in market. JUST PLANT A MANGO TREE IN JULY.

    • StyleDiva says:

      Dear R. P Shrivastava, Its written about Mangoes and not Mango leaves. I have written that Mangoes are not available all time but you can rip the benefits of Mango leaves which are available throughout the year. BTW its good to know that you have two Mango trees in your house. Its really great to have such trees at home for fruits and shade!

  19. thomas mutua says:

    Never knew this medicine within reach, thanks.

  20. Mango leaves are available for me. My question is whether I can take it as hot tea rather cold, I preferit hot. If I prepare large quantity, is anything wrong to warm or reboil the concoction each day for comsumption as hot mango leaf tea or otherwise?

  21. Isaac Bankole says:

    I prefer taking mango leaves tea as hot tea. Can it cure diabetes diabetes if taken hot? Instead of boiling the leaves daily, is anything wrong if boiled in large quantity and reboil each morning for consumption?

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