Top 9 Harmful Effects of Skipping Your Breakfast!

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It is good to skip our breakfast after a late night study or late night working, once in a blue moon. We all love to do that. But then, skipping your breakfast regularly is a big NO. Most of us would be able to connect to the age old proverbEat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like the minister. But yet, there are some people who have this bad habit of skipping breakfast. Yes! Heard me right! A bad habit! In fact, a very bad habit I would say. We will give you here 9 harmful effects of skipping breakfast.

You may have several reasons to skip your breakfast like busy mornings, need to travel too far for office, running late to the office, etc. But let me tell you, no reason is justifiable when it comes to skipping breakfast. It is the most important meal of your day and you would be compromising on your health if you skip your breakfast. Not convinced? Stay tuned!

We can also notice that a lot of people who are trying to lose weight resort to skipping breakfast. Yes, you might lose some pounds from your body, but not in a healthy manner! Do you want to look slim and fit by harming your health? If no, read this article! The top 9 harmful effects of skipping breakfast mentioned here will make you think twice before you skip your breakfast the next time! Let’s dig into it! No much ado!

Harmful effects of skipping breakfast

Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast

1. Increases the Risk of Cancer

By skipping the breakfast, you are not feeding your tired body when it is most needed. For those, who did not understand why I said tired, let me tell you, your body is in the continuous process of repairing cells in the nights. This, your body is pretty tired in the early morning and by not feeding it properly, you are causing great harm. The research conducted by the Cancer Research in the United Kingdom, it was proved that the chances of cancer were high in those who skipped their morning breakfast.

This research was conducted by testing the fair number of sample individuals and what they had to conclude in the end left many people in a shock! Thus, if you want to stay at bay from cancer, it’s high time you start eating your breakfast regularly. It does not matter if you’re not able to eat sumptuously in the afternoon or in the night, but in the morning, you should eat a sumptuous breakfast.

2. Not Good for Your Heart

People who have the habit of skipping breakfast usually have increased levels of hypertension in them. This increased levels of hypertension will lead to the clogging of the arteries of your heart. This in turn, will increase the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular health related conditions. That’s how serious the issue can get if you do not eat a sumptuous breakfast. You will also increase harmful effects of skipping breakfast like the chances of developing a stroke.

The study in the American Cancer Research Institute said that the men who do not eat their breakfast have 25% more chances of developing heart attack as compared to the men who don’t skip their breakfast. By eating a healthy breakfast you can literally curb done the risk of various kinds of heart attacks.

3. Mood Swings and a Poor Memory

Breakfast is the time where you are breaking the fast as the name suggests. It means you are breaking the fast that was done by you all night as the gap between your dinner and your breakfast is too long. By skipping this part of your meals, you will have bad mood swings all day. You might have seen a lot of people who is constantly yelling at people around them over petty issues. You could be one among them too. What causes them yell at people so much? Could be because of their natural trait. Or else, it could be the harmful effects of skipping breakfast. If you too feel that you are pointlessly screaming at people for petty issues, check of you’re skipping breakfast.

The study that was conducted by British research team which was published in the “Physiological behavior” dating back to 1999, proved that skipping breakfast will lead to negative mood swings and a bad memory. That study divided 144 healthy people into 3 categories as under.

  • Category 1: This category was provided a highly nutritious breakfast loaded with all the essential nutrients.
  • Category 2: This category was just given a cup of coffee and some slices of bread or bun according to their personal preferences.
  • Category 3: This category was not fed anything at all. They were kept starving.

After repeating this procedure of feeding all the 3 groups in a different manner, they deeply reviewed the results and interviewed every individual separately. They observed that the category 3 people who weren’t fed any breakfast at all had the poorest memory skills and were on bad mood all day, while there was a very thin line of difference between the first two categories. I hope this detailed explanation of the research experiment might have convinced you to eat a sumptuous breakfast.

4. Decreased Energy Levels

No matter how nutritious your lunch or dinner is, they cannot replace your breakfast. By skipping your breakfast, your energy levels will be very low all day long. No energy supplements would suffice if you are skipping the most important meal of your day. There needn’t be any research studies to prove this fact to you. You can be your own researcher. Observe the trend in the energy levels when you have skipped your breakfast. Mark it on a graph sheet to see the trend more clearly. If you feel that your energy levels are low on the day when you’ve skipped your breakfast, then you’ve researched right about it!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your researcher caps and research on your body yourself. You will definitely see low energy levels on the days when you’ve skipped breakfast, and this will internally keep you motivated to eat a sumptuous breakfast. Why rely on other researches when you can do it yourself? So, do it now and I’m sure there won’t be any need of external push to motivate you to eat your breakfast. All the best with that!

5. High Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes in Women

A study conducted by the Harvard university revealed that the chances of developing cancer were 30% higher in those women who skipped their breakfast. It was also said in the same study that the working women who start working very soon in the mornings and tend to skip breakfast had 54% more probability of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is caused only by obesity. Now, that is a myth! Obesity is one of the many reasons of diabetes and not the only one. Skipping breakfast too is included in the list of causes of type 2 diabetes. So, working ladies all ears please! Don’t want to develop Type 2 diabetes? One direct solution! Stop skipping your breakfast.

6. Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Causes Hair Fall

Shocking right? Well, even I was when I learned about for the first time. Just like all other parts of your body, your hair too is weak in the early morning. By eating a sumptuous and a nutritious breakfast, you are providing it enough energy. A breakfast that has very low levels of protein can affect the growth of hair. What’s the math behind it? It is because the keratin levels are decreased when you are regularly skipping your breakfast. This decreased keratin levels will weaken your hair. It stops the growth of new hair and even worse, it leads to breakage of the existing hair too!

Let us admit! Most of us are struggling to keep up the health of the existing hair! Helping the growth of new hair is the next step! By skipping breakfast we are not just preventing growth of new hair but also deeply damaging the existing hair. So, for the well being of your hair, do not skip your breakfast. This cannot promise you a zero hair fall scenario. But will definitely at least lessen the chances of excessive hair fall.

7. Affects Your Metabolism in An Adverse Way

Will you follow me if I said start your car without supplying fuel to it? No right? Well, why would you? You know that without the fuel, your car can never even start. That’s the same case with our bodies too. Our body is the car and the breakfast being fuel. Your day starts with a breakfast and a gap of more than 12 hours of food intake should be filled by that one strong meal of breakfast.

And if you are skipping that, know that you are supplying fuel to your body. What happens after math? Your metabolism rates will become very less and the whole functioning of your body is in chaos. Metabolism rates need to be at required levels so that the various functions of your body are carried away smoothly. Thus make sure that you don’t skip your breakfast to keep your metabolism rates at required quantities.

8. Real Bad After a Hangover

It is not a big deal if you have overdone on your alcohol consumption some late night. We all love to stay in the Hangover and linger around there once in a blue moon. That should not be an issue if done rarely. But after a night of hangover, if you’ve plans of just sleeping till your boss calls you up and later rush to your office without eating breakfast, then you are definitely inviting trouble I would say there will be harmful effects of skipping breakfast. A healthy breakfast which is loaded with the folate and iron content, and other vitamins and minerals can help your body in compensating the loss of nutrients that happened last night. Not just that. There is more to it. It can also increase your energy levels after a night of tiring hangover. Studies reveal that skipping breakfast can worsen hangover as it brings down the levels of sugar. As it is, your blood sugar levels will be less due to the consumption of alcohol. This will add on to it you will soon develop headache.

The whole day, you will be spending sluggishly if you do not eat a healthy breakfast after a night of hangover. Even worse, if you have developed this habit of waking up late after a night of hangover and skipping breakfast, you have high chances of developing diabetes too soon. This happens in rare case scenarios and when the alcohol consumption has reached its limits. So, nothing to worry! Just make sure you don’t skip your breakfast to keep your sugar levels at requisite quantities.

9. Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast Lead to Migraines

Skipping breakfast once in a while is not an issue and can be compensated by the lunch or dinner. But skipping it on a regular basis will have an adverse impact on the levels of sugar and you will notice sudden fall in the sugar levels of your body. This decrease in the sugar levels will trigger the release of hormones that can compensate for low levels of the glucose. This unnecessary increase in the glucose levels will increase the blood pressure levels which will trigger the conditions like an excessive headache, profuse sweating and Migraines.

So, if you really want to keep those harmful effects of skipping breakfast away from you, then start eating your breakfast everyday. Try not to miss a single day.

That was a list of top 9 harmful effects of skipping breakfast. It would only take some little efforts from our side to make it a point that we eat our breakfast everyday. But if we miss out on that, we will surely be inviting a lot of misfortunes that follow. And it’s not like we have to strive a lot or sweat our efforts to eat our breakfast, right? All we need to do is pay little more attention and make it a rule that we will never skip breakfast.

No matter how busily our schedules are packed, nothing is more important than you right? At the end of the day, we all strive so that we can live a better tomorrow. What’s the whole point of working so much that we actually forget or pay less attention to eating breakfast everyday. It doesn’t make more sense right? So, make it a habit that you eat your breakfast everyday!

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