Top 5 Best Foods for Diabetics that You Should be Aware of!

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What are some good foods for diabetics, do you happen to know some eh?

No, chances are that you probably don’t even know if you have the damn disease or not yet, so don’t mean to scare you but one of the many daily irritations that a diabetes patient goes through which slowly build up to something repulsive of mood and nature in them is serious lack of some good foods for diabetics!

You can easily imagine that if you have to start you day with ten thousand medicine pills and bitter gourd juice while everyone is chewing down pancakes like zombies going nuts on some fat man around you sorta makes you grumpy and sour, so yeah, that is what diabetics have to deal with as well some other nuisances, like sudden painful death!

Geez let’s talk some light things here okay?

So here we are busting our hinds all day at work listening helplessly to Sharon and her tale of how she met her 28th dog Vinney, while trying hard, really hard not flip over your table and just run for it, and then we return home smelling some delicious foods, which most of them is now forever banned for us!

Great, this is just we needed! So here are some deeply humble and sincere efforts from us to present to you some really tasty and good foods for diabetics that they can experiment with to create their own repertoire of delicacies, plus here is a link for some ready made recipes as well!

Here are some best foods for diabetics that not only are tasty but also lower blood sugar, reduce fat and lower inflammation plus tons of other health benefits!

Best Foods for Diabetics

Foods for Diabetics

1. Dark Chocolates

Yep we are starting with this and again you are welcome!

Yes, dark chocolate is one good foods for diabetics, although you should consult your physician before diving into this mad realm of medicinal deliciousness, Dark chocolate has flavonoids in them that is known for some serious insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity, dropping the levels of insulin and blocking pointless cravings! They also lower stroke risk, calm your blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart attacks by 2 percent over 5 years, so who’s a good food for diabetics, yes you are dark chocolate, everyone’s best friend, yes you are!


2. Blueberries

Blackberries also known as mmm….both insoluble and soluble fibers, insoluble one flushes out fat out of your system and the soluble one improves blood sugar control and slows down the emptying of the stomach!

In a study done by UEFA, people who participated in consuming blueberries daily for 12 weeks had their blood glucose levels lowered, their depression wiping away and their memories getting more awesome!

Anthocyanins of the berries help shrink fat cells and stimulate the release of adiponectin, which is great for blood sugar levels and another good food for diabetics!


To see the detailed view of the benefits of wonder fruit avocado, don’t miss to read here…

3. Broccoli

Just like other cruciferous vegetables like kale and cauliflower, broccoli is a good food for diabetics, actually its more than that, it’s a superhero food for diabetics.

Broccoli contains a compound called Sulforaphane that triggers many anti-inflammation processes that improve blood sugar control and defend blood vessels from any sort of cardiovascular attack that happens mainly due to diabetes. And the huge FYI, Heart Diseases are the biggest reasons of death for those who have diabetes, so Broccoli, cauliflower, and Kale are like nectar here man!

Sulphoraphane has another use for its super awesome life-saving compounds, it flips on the body’s natural detox systems that coax enzymes to turn dangerous cancer causing chemicals into more soft forms that the body can easily pass!


Did you aware about the amazing health benefits of seed?  We will tell you here in detail about 7 super seeds…

4. Fish

Yes, this! Here is another good food for diabetics can enjoy while fighting this situation, fishes contain proteins, good healthier ones, and mostly they are famous for having omega 3 fatty acids, and no fatty acids do not give you fat or acidity, it’s a scientific name made be learned scientists ok!

So omega 3 fatty acids are like anti-inflammation agents, they are nigh high good for your metabolism, easily speaking! And if you did not know inflammation is the main culprit that leads up to and worsens weight related problems and diabetes, fishes do that exactly, they nip diabetes in the bud or keep it controlled.

Fishes also keep you satisfied for longer times and so you don’t crave for any random food cravings! Except for fried or fast food fish dishes, baked or boiled fishes save you from strokes as well as seen in many reports done by fishologists all the while being tasty as a big meal should be!


5. Spinach

Spinach is like the king of anti diabetes land, it has been seen by spinachologists that people who have consumed one spinach serving a day slashed down their diabetes developing risks by 14 percent!

Apparently spinach is rich in Vitamin K and also several other minerals that include magnesium, phosphorus, folate, zinc and potassium. Spinach also contains plant chemicals like zeaxanthin and lutein and many other flavonoids, which in simple everyday language means that it is good for you as much as sunshine bros and dames!


Here is one tip for you if Spinach just rocked your world regardless of the disease condition with you or not, boil down the leaves of spinach for a minute to reduce the oxalic acid that prevents much of the calcium present in the Spinach from being absorbed by the body! And then you’ll be stronger to the finish cause yous eat yer spinach, we’re all popeye the sailor man, woop-woop! And thus concludes our nice little list of many common meal items that can be used in so many ways to not only give you a great taste but keep your health awesome too!

Don’t miss to read the wonderful spinach health benefits that help us stay young and beautiful!

For more such interesting recipes open up your mobile’s search engine and search the internet for so many interesting and easy recipes for diabetic people made with common house hold rations, for and by diabetic people, here let us egg you on!

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