Amazing Health Benefits of Celery : A Superhero of Health Food!

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Time and time again we have mentioned about the stuff that we had already heard about to have some wicked healthy benefits to us and the other day when I was running away shoplifting medicine for my sick goat, I saw this pamphlet as I ran for it through the door, it said about the amazing health benefits of celery!

Now this was a sign of true divine intervention for celery is what both me and Derek likes, (I named him Derek because it looks like a Derek!) so Derek and me right now have some of the most awesome health benefits from celery while you don’t!

Which is a thing that I thought I should write something more about to gain access to your trusts and empathy and then to your celery containers!

Amazing Health Benefits of Celery

So here we are, Derek and me, in this cold Siberian night, wolves howling and paranormal beings staring and alien life forms patrolling when we both decide to write the awesome health benefits of celery because yes, we don’t anything much to do here anyway!

And so we begin our tale that made us unnecessarily find the true secret identity of celery which is a superhero of healthy foods or at least Jessica James of healthy foods, better than Robin, though!

Amazing Health Benefits of Celery

1. Reduced Blood Pressure

One of the amazing health benefits of celery is that it contains phthalides, they are some organic compounds that help in lowering the stress hormones level in your blood! This allows your vessels to be more expansive and thus lesser pressure on them!

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2. Lesser Cholesterol

Everyday consumption of celery can help you to have reduced artery-clogging cholesterol called LDL. The phthalides in this vegetable also simulate the bile juice secretion, that seriously helps to lower cholesterol levels.

That further boosts the cardiovascular health of us, so a really big health benefit of celery right this one!

What is it, Derek? Oh, don’t make eye contacts with them, ok!

Moving on…

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3. Antiseptic

Hmm, might need this one pretty soon myself, ahem, anyway, so celery seeds help to eliminate the uric acids that are commonly ok for its diuretic properties which stimulate urination!

So if you have bladder disorders, cystitis, kidney problems and such other conditions then this is one amazing health benefit of celery right there!

These also help to prevent urinary tract infections in women!

4. Prevents Cancer

A big one for sure, this amazing health benefit of celery is a top notch one, the same mentioned phthalides, along with flavonoids and polyacetylenes, these are some serious cancer-fighting components that detoxify the living daylights out of carcinogens. Celery also has coumarins that enhance some certain WBCs that fight off cancer as well!

 5. Strong Immune System

Celery is super rich in vitamin C that superbly boosts the immune system of ours, you hear that Derek, it’s good we have so much celery left and- you bloody piece of the unholy beast, you ate all that!

Well anyway, so consuming celery every day can outright make you sort of super human like!

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6. Joint Support

If you are suffering from arthritis, gout or rheumatism then good news everyone, another one of amazing health benefits of celery is that t helps to reduce swelling and pain around the joints. Celery sticks also act as some good diuretics and remove the uric acid crystals to smooth up the joints. This also helps in the re-growth of the inflamed joint tissues!

7. Reduces Asthma Symptoms

The huge vitamin C amounts in celery prevent free radical damage while also containing anti-inflammatory properties that tend to lessen the inflammatory conditions like asthma, so here is one really big reason to trust upon the health benefits of celery!

8. Relief from Migraines

The coumarins present in celery are able to relieve you from migraines! The exact mechanism for this is not completely understood but the results from many studies point out that the suppression of Nitric Oxide release in the brain is what keeps the headaches and migraines at bay!

9. Good for Diabetics

Celery leaves are found to treat diabetic conditions since they are high in fiber that has shown in many studies to help manage the diabetic conditions!

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10. It Prevents Ulcers

So another role of great celery benefits is that , and this one no one knew for sure, is that it helps to reduce the “pain In wherever they are in the body” formations of ulcers!
Celery is found to have some special forms of ethanol extract that are useful in defending the linings of the digestion tract from ulcers!

11. Great for Cardiovascular Health

The huge vitamin C bank in celery along with fibers and many other organic chemicals  promote the cardiovascular health of a person, greatly!

12. Treats Rheumatism Too

Celery extracts are known to contain 85% of 3nB that are effective for treating muscular pains and arthritis!

13. Ophthalmological Diseases are No Biggie

Celery tea drops on your eyelids are very good for some really special kinds of ophthalmological conditions while also improving your eyesight and overall sight health! It reduces your chances to catch cataracts and protects you against macular degenerations too, wow!

14. Calms You Down

The high calcium in celery can control you and calm your nerves down to a better level!

 15. Many Other Benefits

The amazing health benefits of celery are many, many to actually count all of them here but we are gonna try anyway since celery is a big bank of antioxidants and all parts of the celery can be used from its seeds to roots and leaves. Consuming it daily can help you over time to avoid diseases of the kidney, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, asthma, neuritis, high blood pressure,  constipation, pyorrhea, catarrh, dropsy, mental exhaustion, anemia, acidosis, obesity and finally (maybe) tuberculosis.

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So all in all the celery is indeed some sort of health food superhero!

And now we gotta be off lest we want ourselves to be probed where we shouldn’t be!

And nighty night!

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