Water – How It Benefits You When You Drink It Empty Stomach?

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Some Interesting Facts About Water

  • A healthy person has nearly three gallons of water for a day.
  • The habit of drinking too much of water can cause water intoxication that causes imbalance of water in the brain.
  • The athletics basically face the water intoxication problem.
  • A major portion of the water on the earth is either frozen or salty permanently.
  • Fatigue, water retention and depression are considered to be the symptoms of dehydration.
  • Having good water prevents your body from sagging.
  • Children are likely to face the problem of dehydration than the adults.
  • Merely 2% of water reduction in the body lead to around 20% reduction in the physical and mental performance.
  • The contractions experienced by the pregnant women are a result of dehydration.
  • If you find a slight change in your body after a good workout, it is due to the reduction of water in your body and not the fats.
  • When you feel thirsty, your body has already lost 1% of the total water amount required.

Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

Water – One Of The Basic Life Line For The Body

Have you ever thought about the world without water! Surely you can’t even imagine this as the water holds a crucial role not in the lives of human beings, but each living creature on the earth. The human body is made of nearly 90% of brain, 75% of muscles, 22% of bones and 83% of water. The percentage itself reveals the importance of water in our body.

Water is not only drunk to satisfy your thirst, but it is quite important to cure several health problems too. Hence, it is necessary to consume adequate water on a regular basis for good health and also to protect your body from various types of diseases that may lead to bundles of side-effects. People have different water drinking habits. Some love to have cold water, while some prefer normal pot water, some have a habit to drink water while eating, some avoid water after meals. Hence, different people have different water habits.

Did you know that drinking water on an empty stomach gives you various health benefits too! Yes, drinking water on an empty stomach is quite helpful for maintaining the health. It helps in pushing your bowels and eliminating the wastage in your body. It removes all the unwanted toxins from the body through urination as well as, also increases the appetite and helps in fighting against headaches. The intake of water on an empty stomach also helps in cleaning the colon in the best way.

Having Water On An Empty Stomach And The Japanese Water Therapy

The Japanese Water Therapy is a therapy, gifted by the Japanese to the world. They have been using this technique since long to get rid of various health problems. It can cure the smallest problem like a headache, and the serious health issue like cancer if carried on a regular basis. This therapy is followed by people by drinking water as soon as they wake up in the morning. Continuing this habit every morning gives you various healing benefits, as well as is quite beneficial for dealing with various serious disorders. It not only deals with current sickness but is also helpful in dealing with various old diseases or illness.

Some of the major health issues solved through the Japanese Water Therapy are:

  • Headache
  • Heart disorders
  • Body aches
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Bronchitis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Asthma
  • Kidney and urination disorders
  • Meningitis
  • Gastritis
  • Vomiting
  • Piles
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Eye problems
  • Womb cancer
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Ear, nose and throat infections

This therapy is practiced since long in Japan, and has now also become popular worldwide. The therapy has helped various people to maintain good health and live a healthy lifestyle.

A similar therapy was also adopted years before in India, which is known as Usha Paana Chikitsa, which means early morning water treatment. According to this therapy, having 1.5 liters of water when your tummy is empty brings amazing health benefits to you.

Let’s have a look at health benefits of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning On An Empty Stomach

As mentioned above, having water on an empty stomach has proved to be beneficial in various ways. Here are some important benefits of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach.

1. To Flush Your Bowels

Yes, having water on an empty stomach helps in regulating your digestive system. When you have water when your tummy is empty, you help your tummy to flush your bowels that helps in cleaning your digestive system. The water flushes the bowels in your body. Hence, if you are facing trouble while visiting the washroom, it is time to start with water every morning on an empty stomach.

2. Helps To Release Toxins From Your Body

Having water on an empty stomach also helps you in removing the unwanted toxins from the body. When you urinate, your body releases the toxins and also detoxifies you. Having a glass of water straight after you wake up, the more your body gets cleaned from toxins. It also helps you in problems like reduction in bloating. Hence, have water while you are on an empty stomach to detoxify your body.

3. Solves Your Hunger Problems

Are you irregular in your meals? The Japanese water therapy would be helpful in solving your hunger problems. Merely a glass of water when your tummy is empty helps in increasing your appetite. When you wake up in the morning, have a glass of water while you are on your routine work. This would increase your hunger to have your first meal of the day with ease and properly. So, if you are facing hunger problems, start with a glass of water on a regular basis.

4. Reduces The Chances Of Headache

This might be surprising, but its true that when your body lacks enough quantity of water, you are surely going to face headache problems. This happens due to dehydration that is a prime reason resulting to headache. Thus, drinking sufficient water, or having water as soon as you wake up, your headache problems would be solved to a great extent. Along with headache problem, it also helps in other health issues like bad breath, bacterial infections in the mouth, and other dental issues. Thus, if you frequently complain about suffering from headache, start drinking water.

5. To Clean Your Colon

Start your day with a glass of water when your stomach is empty to clean your colon. Water would be helpful in removing the gathered sludge in your tummy or say the digestive system. It helps the body in absorbing the nutrients quickly and effectively. When your colon is clear and healthy, it also helps in keeping your overall body healthy. Hence, have water on an empty stomach to keep your colon clean and clear for a healthy body.

6. To Increase The Speed Of Your Metabolism

Are you willing to lose some weight with the help of a diet plan! Try a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning to increase the process of metabolism in your body. It also gives a boost to your diet plan by increasing your metabolism by 24 percent. As a result, you would digest your food faster than before, with more efficiency. This feature gives a long-term benefit of losing weight too. So, reduce weight by increasing your metabolism with a glass of water on empty tummy.

7. To Give Your Body Enough Energy

When you wake up in the morning, your body lacks required energy. As a result, you feel weak and sluggish. To reduce this effect and provide your body with a dosage of energy, start drinking water when your stomach is empty. Having a good glass of water on an empty stomach helps in stimulating the red blood cells in growing fast. The more your body produces red blood cells, the more oxygen it provides to your blood, giving your more energy.

8. Helps In Weight Loss

If you are looking for tips to reduce weight, drinking water with an empty stomach should be one of them. While dieting, if you intake more water, it helps in reducing a good portion of your weight. Water comes with zero calories and hence, the amount doesn’t give you any negative effects. When you drink water while your tummy is empty, you would be able to flush out more toxins and also reduce the bloating. It also helps in increasing your metabolism that has a vital role during burning calories. So, make sure you have a glass of water in the morning before breakfast to get into that desired shape.

9. Beneficial For A Clean And Clear Skin

Want to have that pimple free skin! Drinking water would help you to a great extent for having such skin. When you have a good number of toxins in your body, it gives you a dull skin, that is blemishing too. This also allows problems like acne and pimples, etc, to damage your skin. With the help of regular bowel movements, you can help your body detoxify the toxins, which delivers a healthy skin in return. Hence, by simply drinking the adequate amount of water, and especially on an empty stomach, you would be able to obtain that blooming skin soon.

10. An Immunity Booster

Water is an essential part of the body, and each organ requires it in the adequate amount to carry on their functions smoothly. Similarly, water is also important for maintaining the fluid balance in your body, that would help in looking after your immune system. Just have a glass of water when your tummy is empty and you would be helping your immune system for working properly. A good immune would help you in the protection against various health issues and infections. Hence, water would provide you with bulk immunity when taken on an empty stomach.

Hence, it is beneficial to have water on an empty stomach, for the over all health of your body. When this process is strictly carried out it brings wondrous benefits to patients of high blood pressure, gastric, constipation, diabetes, cancer and tuberculosis. However, when the patients of arthritis are recommended to work on this method only for three days in a week. After that, they should take a break of a week and continue with the same technique.

Other Healthy Ways To Have Water

Yes, this might shock you but there are certain ways that are correct for drinking water. No doubt having water in adequate amount is essential, but it is equally important to have it in the correct way to obtain the maximum benefits. Here are some secret tips to drink water to benefit your health.

  • Avoid drinking water while standing. The correct way is to sit and have water.
  • Don’t drink water with a single sip. Yes, full glass chugs can be harmful and hence, one should have small sips of water, followed by swallowing it and breathing before the next sip.
  • Have small sips of water through out the day to help your body absorb it, as when you chug it, it would pass through.
  • Eliminate cold and iced water from your routine. It snuffs out the digestive process. Go for room temperature water or warm for better results.
  • If you have a habit of drinking water during meals, sip a small amount of water. Drinking too much would fill your tummy due to which your digestive system would not find sufficient space to begin its process.
  • Also avoid having too much of water before meals and after meals.
  • Drink when your body requires water. That means have water when you are thirsty. This would satisfy the natural urge to have water avoiding any side effects.
  • Drinking lots of water when you are thirsty is also not the right way. Instead, have small sips of water throughout the day to provide your body with the required quantity.
  • Keep a watch on the color of your urine. If its clear it means you are having required amount of water. However, if it is yellow or dark yellow, you need to drink more water.
  • The drying of the lips is a sign of dehydration. Hence, if yours are dry, you need to have water.
  • Develop a habit of drinking 2 glasses of water when you wake up. This would help in activating all your internal organs.
  • To improve your digestion, have a glass of water half an hour before meals.
  • To lower down your blood pressure, have a glass of water before moving for a bath.
  • Having a glass of water before moving to bed helps in protecting you against strokes and heart attack.
  • Drinking one glass of water before exercises helps in avoiding dehydration.
  • Before walking out in public, have a glass of water to prevent yourself from certain viruses.
  • Have more amount of water when you are sick to avoid dehydrations and other side effects.

Hence, water helps in various ways to cure several health problems. When taken in a right way, or on an empty porch, it helps in clearing the unwanted diseases that grow in your tummy by releasing it. However, it should also be kept in mind that having too much of water consumption would also be harmful as the kidneys have the capacity to process nearly 800 to 1000 ml of water in an hour. This can lead to conditions like hyponatremia, as the unprocessed water amount gets converted into sodium. When this condition arises, the cells also become stretchy that can invite many serious health problems.

So, are you having a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach! If no, start right from the next day for a healthy future.

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