Symptoms Of Poor Digestive System Which You Must Not Ignore!

We all are familiar with the terms bloating, gas, heaviness in stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, etc. which are all the effects of a bad digestive system. The digestive system if one of the most important systems which keep the body alive and energetic! The food we consume turns into energy and all the essential nutrients our body requires, are absorbed. Food plays a vital role in strengthening the digestive system as several foods are easy to digest and can help your body clean while some foods are slow to digest! In this article, we will know the symptoms of poor digestive system.

Most of us are simply unconscious about the diet we consume and thus grab all the junk food and foods with less nutrition which leads to digestive issues. Your regular eating habits and many factors contribute in your digestive system health! Here are some symptoms of poor digestive system.

Symptoms of Poor Digestive System

Symptoms of Poor Digestive System

1. Your Breath Stinks

  • Bad breath is a very common digestive issue sign which we ignore. This is a sign which is related to our digestive system.
  • The junk food we eat stays longer in the digestive system and does not get digested quickly. This undigested food in the system causes bad breath. If you constantly face this issue and your breath smells bad all the time, you surely must go for a checkup!
  • The bacteria in your mouth produces odor and live on the food you eat. If you have digestion issues, the breath would small bad and pungent.
  • Thus, if you face this problem even after flossing, brushing and various treatments, these are the symptoms of poor digestive system.

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2. You Have Body Odor

  • Bad digestion and slow digestive processes can generate bad odor due to which your certain body areas can smell bad.
  • The bad smell reflects poor digestion, low absorption of nutrients, bad food habits and all the factors which can lead to indigestion.
  • Body odor sometimes reflect bad hygiene and effect of undigested foods
  • The protein in our body requires more hard work from our body get digested. High metabolic ratios can support protein digestion and if your digestive system is not working properly, the food would not get digested and would develop a strong body odor.

3. You Suffer From Heartburn And Acid Reflux

  • Heartburn or acid reflux is a feeling in which burning sensation is felt nearby the chest area.
  • The fatty foods, oily foods and foods which take more time to digest can cause heartburn and make you feel immensely uncomfortable.
  • Over eating and indigested food can cause the stomach juices and acids to move in the incorrect direction
  • Due to this, the food acids would turn up in the wrong direction causing heartburn and acid reflux
  • Due to indigestion and overeating, your stomach gets jammed up and is not able to allow the food acids to get in the digestive system and thus, these juices make you feel a burning sensation!

4. You Face Gas And Bloating After An Hour Of Eating

  • Soon after you consume the food, it gets in to the digestive system and gets included in the process of digestion.
  • If you have digestive system issues, these foods would not enter the digestive system as there is a lot of undigested food in your system
  • This makes the gastric and food juices move in the wrong way and within an hour of eating, you would feel gas or bloated
  • Your stomach won’t have more space to accommodate food as the previous foods are undigested and this causes bloating.

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5. You Have Stomach Pain On Constant Basis

  • Stomach pain is simply related to gas and bloating. The feeling of pain and tightness in the stomach after eating or throughout the night is of of the common symptoms of poor digestive system.
  • The stomach pain caused due to digestive system issues is also known as dyspepsia.
  • It is commonly supported by nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, acid reflux such similar conditions.
  • Your gastrointestinal track is stuffed up due to indigested food and thus it releases the gases which can cause pain in your abdomen and stomach.
  • Thus, if you feel pain in the stomach or abdominal area constantly, go for a check-up and medicine as it can be due to indigestion.

6. You are Suffering From Anemia Since Long

  • Anemia is the result of iron deficiency in our body which can cause some harmful disease if not diagnosed and treated on the early basis.
  • This condition is simply related to our gastrointestinal tract which is prominent in absorbing nutrients for from the food.
  • Due to digestive issues, your gastrointestinal tract becomes weak and thus, the nutrients which must be absorbed by the body are no absorbed.
  • The lack of iron can thus cause anemia if the digestive system does not get repaired soon.

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