Burp – Reasons and Tips To Help You Prevent It!

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Experiencing a gaseous roll moving out through your mouth along with a ludicrous sound! Be aware, your tummy is warning you about it being upset. This is nothing but burping. We will discuss here the various reasons and home remedies for burping.

Burp, also known as Dakar, belching, flatus, bloating, whatever you say, is nothing but an indication of digestive disorders. When your digestive system works on the food you have had to energy, gas is formed in your intestine and stomach, which either makes its way out through fart or by burps. It is also a sign of the fullness of your abdomen, which makes you feel bumpy or awkward. However, having nearly 3-4 burps after having meals is considered as normal, which normally takes place due to engulf of air. But there are some other reasons too which lead to burping.

Home Remedies for Burping

Reasons Of Frequent Burping

No doubt, swallowing of air and digestive problems are considered as the main reasons behind frequent or after meal burps. But, there are few more harmful reasons that force you to burp every now and then.

1. Swallowing Of Air

Have you ever thought you might also eat air while having meals or drinks! Yes, when you intake food or drink quickly, you also swallow air in much quantity. This also happens when you have sweets, have drinks through straws, have chewing gums, or wear loose dentures that help in swallowing abundant air. This air, hence, gets out from the body through burps. This problem is also related to the infants who swallow large amounts of air while breast feeding. Hence, the babies burp within few minutes after having milk, to remove the extra air in their small tummies.

2. Heartburn

Heart-burning is a problem in which the patient feels burning in the chest. This often happens when you have a bitter taste in your mouth or throat. This sensation may increase after having heavy meals. This also makes it difficult for you to have meals, or swallow it. This burning creates a gaseous feeling in your intestine, which comes out through your mouth, known as burping.

3. Aerophagia

The weird eating habits, chronic digestive problems, having spicy or greasy meals, smoking, alcohol, medicinal side effects, fatty foods, etc. result in indigestion problems, also known as aerophagia. Indigestion leads to problems like stomach pain, bloating, vomiting, black stools, heartburn, etc. All these reasons give your stomach a gaseous sensation, which either eliminates through the esophagus or through burping.

4. Intake Of Certain Ingredients

There are some ingredients, which result in the formation of gas in your stomach, resulting to burping. The ingredient list includes alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, lentils, broccoli, raisins, cauliflower, onions, beans, peas, whole-wheat bread, bananas, and food rich in starch, fiber and sugar. These common culprits give you often burps when included in your meals.

5. Medicines

Yes, this may shock you, but there are medicines that lead to disorders resulting to burp. If you are using medicines like Acarbose for type 2 diabetes, lactulose, sorbitol, naproxen, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc., you may sound burps more than the common people. The intake of pain killers, would also cause gastritis conditions resulting to gulping.

6. Other Symptoms

Other than all these symptoms, other causes of burping are gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastroparesis, gastritis, peptic ulcers, lactose intolerance, Helicobacter pylori, celiac disease, dumping syndrome, pancreatic insufficiency, severe abdominal pain, and much more.

Home Remedies for Burping

There are several natural and medicinal ways to stop or control burping. The natural ingredients which hinder burping are readily available in the grocery or in your kitchen, with a minimal cost. Here are some home remedies for burping.

1. Herbs and Food Ingredients

The basic treatment and home remedies for burping are the herbs and food ingredients, without any kind of side effects. Here are some herbs and ingredients you can rely on.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice also helps in the extraction of the excess gas after brunches. All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with half teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of cold water. This would work as a tonic to avoid gaseous effects in your stomach.

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3. Ginger

Ginger is a great source to control the burps and one of the best home remedies for burping. Replacing the normal tea with ginger tea would surely have a positive effect on the digestive system, allowing a smooth digesting process after heavy meals. You can make tea by boiling water and adding a teaspoon of fresh ginger in it, or mix a teaspoon of ginger pulp with lime juice. Carry any of the possible ways after meals and feel the changes in your system.

4. Papaya

Papaya is a rich source of enzymes, which help in various digestion related problems. Papaya hence also helps in breaking the items causing gaseous substance in your stomach, leading to burping and bloating. These home remedies for burping  help your digestive system to work smoothly.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt includes sentient probiotic ingredients, which are very helpful in the process of digestion. The probiotics digest even the toughest ingredients, giving you a smooth digestion process, without the formation of gaseous substances. Hence, having a cup of yogurt with your meals would surely prevent you from burping.

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6. Caraway

Having a problem of heartburn! Caraway is the best home remedies for burping to reduce the sensation and avoid it. Just include some seeds in your meals like salads and see the magic. It would reduce the digestive swath and give you a relief from the gaseous formation leading to burps.

7. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds also help in lessening the burping due to heartburn. Cumin seeds are generally combined with celery seeds, and fennel seeds. Roast them in equal parts and chew them after meals. Follow the mixture with 1/3 cup of water.

8. Peppermint

It is one of the amazing natural home remedies for burping . Peppermint is a soothing beverage that boosts the performance of the digestive system. For having peppermint in your meals, prepare some tea and add some peppermint leaves to it when boiling. This would remove the additional air in your body with ease.

9. Cardamom

Burping may lead to muscle spasms in the stomach. Cardamom helps in controlling the burps by diminishing the muscle spasms. It also creates digestive juices in bulk, which reduces the chances of gas generation in the digestive system. To have this ingredient, add 1 teaspoon of cardamom to a cup of tea. Boil for nearly 10 minutes and drink hot.

Thus we have seen here home remedies for burping . Further we will  see some medicinal ways to prevent it.

Medicinal Ways

Another way to get rid of burps is through digestive enzymes. There are digestive enzyme supplement available in the market, which are helpful in reducing excess burps. The supplements when taken increase the number of enzymes in your body, by mixing with the natural ones. Getting the correct supplement with ingredients like pancreatin and protease, which help in digesting proteins, lipase for digesting fat, amylase for digesting starches, cellulase for digesting vegetable fibers, lactose for digesting milk sugar, maltase and sucrose for digesting additional sugars, etc. It is recommended to have the supplements before having meals, according to the prescription. The supplements are safe to consume, and hence, can be taken indeterminately.

However, even after all these medicinal ways & home remedies for burping, if you fail in controlling your burps or blenches, it is suggested to see a doctor and take his advice for medication. They would derive to the root cause of you having burps and would help you in getting rid of the discomfort.

Prevention Tips For Burping

Instead of going for medical terms, it is better to take a few steps, which would help in controlling or impeding burps from your daily life. Some of them are-

1. Avoid Food Items That Generate Gas

People having frequent burp trouble should avoid the intake of vegetables like cauliflower, onions, garlic, baked beans, lentils, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce and chocolates. Fruits like pears, peaches and apples should also be avoided. All these ingredients, invite gas to produce in the stomach leading to problems like bloating, flatulence and burping. The reject list also includes dishes like souffles, whipped creams and mousses, as they include a high amount of air in them. Beverages that contain carbonate in them should also be avoided as they too contain air, which troubles your stomach. Some people have a trouble while digesting beans leading to burping. For such trouble, it is recommended to soak the beans overnight, so that they would eliminate the additional sugar in them, which would prevent from burps. While for those having burps with dairy products, it is good to let your doctor know about it.

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2. Avoid Swallowing Of Air

Using straw while drinking, smoking, eating tobacco products, chewing gum, eating hard candy, etc., do you have any of these habits? If yes, start avoiding it. All these activities increase the intake of air in your body, leading to burps. Develop a habit of keeping your mouth closed while chewing food. Also talking while chewing fills more air in your stomach. Make sure you chew your food totally before you allow it to move forward to the intestine. Some people have a habit of eructing when they sound nervous. For this, make sure you are in touch with someone, when you are in such situations. Avoid food that change temperature suddenly, as this would also change the temperature of your body, which brings air in your stomach. People wearing dentures should make sure they are properly fitted to your teeth. Loose dentures would bring air in your stomach leading to burps.

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3. Have A Watch On What You Eat

Having burps after certain meals! Did you notice which ingredient caused this trouble? Yes, one should always make a note of what they had for meals, so that they can control burps by avoiding them next time. You can either limit the item or eliminate it from your meals which triggers you. You can also get in touch with a dietician for getting a proper balanced diet, for avoiding burps. The dietician would take a deep inspection of what suits you and what hinders your health and then help you with a proper diet. Another factor causing burps is bulky or heavy meals. It is recommended to take small meals for proper digestion, instead of eating heavy meals leading to full tummies, causing gas in there.

4. Constipation And Laxatives – Protect Yourself From These Disorders

Constipation is generally the main reason for having blenching problem.  The air gets accumulated in the intestines due to constipation, and you start burping at regular intervals. Instead have a diet that is rich in fiber and intake abundant water which help the bowels in digestion. Also avoid ingredients composed with laxatives. This would make burping a big trouble for you. Consult a doctor for getting good ingredients for you, avoiding constipation for stopping burps.

5. Have Anti-Gas Items And Steamed Veggies

The market is filled with products that reduce the generation of gas in the intestine. Beano is suggested for those having burps due to increased sugar types in the meals. While for those who are lactose intolerant, have supplements of enzymes for fruitful results. While cooking, you can also replace the boiling of vegetables with steaming, as the natural enzymes they would give you would be helpful in digesting the veggies.

6. Beware Of Heartburn And Wear Loose Clothes

Having regular complaints of heartburn is the result of poor habits of eating. This also gives you burping troubles. For this, you can reduce the quantity of meals before you go to bed, so that while you stretch before sleeping, the gas would be removed through the esophagus. To reduce burps, one should also limit the intake of fatty acids or acidic items leading to serious sides of heartburns and burps. Wearing tight clothes around your waist would pressurize your intestines and push the air back to the stomach and from there to the mouth in the form of a burp. So, make sure your garments are loose at the waist.

Burping, also known as eructation, is generally a natural process. Any person is sure to burp after meals, or when he intakes eatables which cause burps, when the tummy is full, etc. This is a normal process of the digestive system. However, too much of burps or having other factors leading to burps should not be avoided in serious circumstances. Keeping a safe side from all the factors that lead to burps or limiting the intake of it would surely help you in treating the problem in a natural way. Following a well-balanced diet to avoid any kind of digestive disorders leading to burping for a healthy lifestyle. A research also proves that failure in the management of stress also leads in swallowing of more air, giving your burps.

So, make a note of home remedies for burping given here, what you put in your mouth, have regular stomach exercises, and avoid all the unnecessary products to live a normal burping life.

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