Cumin Health Benefits – THE WONDER SPICE!

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Cumin seeds or called jeera in India are very popular for its aromatic distinctive flavor and have been widely used in Indian, Mexican, Middle- East and North African cuisine. Now why are cumin seeds considered as the wonder spice? Because of Cumin Health Benefits and beauty benefits!

What are Cumin Seeds or Jeera?

It is a small flowering herbaceous plant belonging to the Apiaceae family of Cuminum genus. The strong flavor of cumin seeds is due to the presence of a group of essential oils in them, the most important aromatic compound being cumin aldehyde. These seeds can be used as a whole or in the powdered form. These seeds impart maximum flavor when it is dry roasted. Amazing cumin health benefits will be discussed in this article.

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Nutrition Facts About Cumin Seeds

Cumin Health Benefits

Cumin seeds are low in saturated fats, sodium and sugar. It is rich in Calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium. It also contains dietary fiber, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin and vital antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in considerable quantities. At a serving size of 6 gms or 1 tbsp, the calories per serving come up to 22 and the calories from fat per serving are 11.

Amazing Cumin Health Benefits

This oblong shaped, longitudinally ridged and yellow-brown colored seed is not only gaining its popularity as an ingredient in authentic curries, rice preparations, bread, and snacks, but also it has medicinal uses. Both the whole form and powdered form of cumin have been used to treat a number of ailments. Boiling drinking water with few cumin seeds is a general practice in some parts of India as a tonic for general health.

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Here we have mentioned cumin health benefits or jeera benefits for you.

1. Cumin Seeds Improve The Digestion

  • The essential oils and magnesium present in cumin aids in digestion and gives relief from stomach aches when taken with hot water.
  • Cumin has carminative properties, thus relieving from gas troubles and flatulence and improves our appetite and digestion.
  • The main aromatic compound of cumin, cumin aldehyde, activates the salivary glands and facilitates the primary digestion of the food.
  • Cumin helps the pancreas to secrete the enzymes that not only aids proper digestion but also proper nutrition assimilation. Regular consumption of cumin is also good for people suffering from acidity.

2. Cumin Seeds are Helpful in Common Cold

  • Cumin health benefits are unlimited. It is rich in Vitamin C and iron. These both elements are essential for enhancing the immune system and don’t allow the infection from getting worse.
  • Cumin has essential oils that can act as disinfectant and can fight the infections. A concoction made by boiling cumin seeds with water along with ginger is helpful to soothe the throat. Drink this concoction as many times and keep the infection at bay.
  • Cumin Seeds are Beneficial for Preventing Cancer.
  • Cumin is considered to have chemopreventive and detoxifying properties and enhances the secretion of anticarcinogenic and detoxifying enzymes from the gland.
  • Because of the presence of antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin E and essential oils in the cumin seeds that have anticarcinogenic properties, cumin is considered beneficial for the prevention of cancer, particularly colon cancer.

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3. Cumin Seeds are Great for Healthy & Glowing Skin

  • It is not a bad idea to add cumin in the whole form or the powdered form in our regular face packs. Surprised? The Vitamin E present in cumin helps in boosting the anti-ageing processes thus delaying premature aging and keeps our skin glowing and healthy.
  • The essential oils, cuminaldehyde and thymol along with phosphorus present in cumin act as detoxifying agents and remove the toxins from the body through the excretory system when we have cumin regularly in our diet. This reduces the occurrences of boils, pimples or rashes.
  • Topical application of cumin paste on boils, pimple, psoriasis and other skin disorders provides quick relief.
  • Cumin seeds are also beneficial for lactating mothers as a galactogogue, renal colic, insect stings and general immunity.

4. Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds for Face & Hair

Well, of course. Cumin seeds are used for certain face packs for glowing skin and for gorgeous hair. Here are few tips on how to use cumin seeds or the jeera for face packs and hair. These are great home remedies that you must try!

  • Boil cumin seeds in water and rinses your face with this water. This method will bring out a radiant and glowing skin.
  • Boil 2 tbsp cumin seeds in 2 cups of water. Drain the water in a bowl and mix it with 1 cup rice water. Stir thoroughly. Pour the mixture in an ice tray and allow it to freeze. Apply this ice cube on the face for 3 minutes. This pack can reduce the dark spots on the face and have a cleansing property that can remove the pimples, sun tan, and acne marks.
  • Mix a teaspoon of cumin seeds in a cup of olive oil. Apply it on the scalp and wash your hair after half an hour. This works as a boost towards healthy hair.

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How to Use & Select Cumin Seeds?

  • Cumin seeds are readily available in markets in packet form, loose or in bulk.
  • Please check the date of manufacturing so that you can buy the fresh lot.
  • While preparing the cumin seeds powder, dry roast the cumin seeds till you get a strong aroma. Allow it to cool and grind it to make powder. Store the cumin seed powder in an air tight container and place it in a cool, dry place. This powder is used to bring flavor in the curries, buttermilk, salads and rice preparations.

While cooking with cumin seeds, two things need to be taken care of: how to heat them and when to add in the dish. When dry roasting the cumin seeds, just heat till it is just fragrant, then transfer it to the plate and allow it to cool. When adding cumin seeds into the oil, allow it to crackle fully before adding the other ingredients. Do not overcook as it can get easily burnt. If it gets burnt, toss them out and start again as burnt cumin seeds can give a burnt and bitter aftertaste.

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Cumin seeds or the jeera is not just a spice or a flavoring agent in any cuisine, I must say cumin health benefits are just awesome!  it has health benefits and beauty benefits too. Its beneficial effects can make a large impact on our health thus making it an inevitable addition in our everyday diet.

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  1. I just read the benefits of cumin. It is very informative, specifically how much to dry it before grinding and to store thereafter.
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  2. Cumin seeds are used very widely as seasoning in Indian Kitchen. After reading the article one understands the actual health benefits of incorporating Cumin seed in one’s diet for good health. Very informative and crisp article.


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