Health Benefits of Green Tea That You Must Know!

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There’s enough already said about green tea and its benefits for health and beauty. Health benefits of green tea have made it an easy replacement for black tea in major parts of the world. If you are still charmed by black tea, here we are citing top 10 health benefits of drinking green tea that makes it an easy substitute for the former. This green liquid originating from China is a powerhouse of rich nutrients including antioxidants and polyphenols. You can drink several cups of green tea daily to avail green tea benefits, but there’s a word of caution here.

Green tea comprises caffeine and tannins. If you are allergic to caffeine or are pregnant, avoid green tea completely. Otherwise, it is the best health drink made available to you by nature. Savor its taste and green tea benefits. For some twist, mix with ingredients like ginger, lemon, or basil leaves.

What are The Health Benefits of Green Tea?

Health benefits of Green Tea that you must know

There are many health benefits of drinking green tea that you can avail in your daily routine. Do your research before including this power packed beverage to your diet. For your help, we are providing top 10 green tea health benefits that you must know!

1. Use Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea and weight loss are correlated in many ways. In simplest terms, green tea helps to improve metabolism. It has polyphenols that increase the pace of oxidation of fat in the body. This, in turn, increases the speed of burning food into calories. Caffeine in green tea helps to activate fatty acids to enhance your energy levels. So, you can always rely upon green tea for weight loss benefits.

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2. Green Tea Helps to Fight Allergies

This is an amazing benefit of green tea. It helps to keep away allergies caused by seasonal changes. It comprises of a compound called EGCG that effectively fights allergies. Polyphenols in green tea fight pollen allergy and flavonol called Quercetin fights histamine allergy.

3. Green Tea is Amazing for Healthy Teeth and Gums

It is being said that green tea may lead to staining of teeth due to the tannic acid contained in it. But on the other side, green tea can actually improve oral and dental health. This beverage is rich in catechin which controls Periodontol diseases. It kills harmful bacteria that can lead to infections of the throat, teeth, and gums. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory compound to kill these bacteria. Health benefits of green tea for teeth and gums also include its ability to prevent dental plaque. In short, there are many ways to promote oral health with this super food.

4. Green Tea Keeps Heart Diseases at Bay

Green tea, if taken regularly, can help to reduce heart risks. It controls factors causing cardiovascular problems. These factors include LDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, and total Cholesterol. You can say goodbye to unhealthy beverages and snacks to control cholesterol levels. It wonderfully works with blood vessels and helps them to endure blood pressure changes. Regular consumption of green tea prevents clotting in the blood thus reducing your risks of suffering heart attacks.

5. Green Tea Lowers The Risk of Diabetes

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from Type II diabetes. Daily consumption of green tea could have possibly lowered this number considerably. It controls the level of glucose and maintain sugar level after intake of food. Controlling Type II diabetes is one of the biggest health benefits of drinking green tea.

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6. Green Tea Prevents Many Types of Cancer

Antioxidants in green tea are its most powerful weapons. These compounds help to combat several types of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancer, esophageal, and colorectal cancer. This deadly disease is caused by oxidative damage of cells. Antioxidants in green tea help to control this damage by up to 57% in some cases.

7. Green Tea is Good for Eyes Too

You can trust green tea health benefits to promote better eyesight. This is again done by the antioxidants found in this tea. These antioxidants, primarily catechin, infiltrate into the eye tissues and prevent problems like a cataract.

8. Green Tea Wards Off Depression from Your Mind

Stress resulting in depression is quite common in present lifestyle. But now you have a magical potion recognized by science to ward it off. Green tea has amino acids like L-Theanine in its leaves. These acids bring calming effect on the mind and improve your brain function. Another component improving capability of the brain is caffeine. Green tea has a combination of both these compounds in a perfect ratio. It helps to fire your neurons for instant reaction and better memory. At the same time, it reduces stress and anxiety from your mind.

9. Green Tea Helps to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in Old Age

This is again a superb health benefit of green tea. Both these diseases are neurodegenerative in nature and cause larger damage in a long term. In clinical studies and lab tests, it has been discovered that catechin found in green tea helps to lower the risk of both these diseases. These bioactive components of green tea protect the neurons thus saving them from these serious disorders.

10. Green Tea is a Great Way to Have Healthy Skin

Your skin can also receive multiple health benefits of green tea. It soothes inflammation on the skin and prevents premature aging as well. Also, catechins in this beverage help to reduce skin issues like acne and pimples. It helps in UV protection if applied topically. You can use green tea face mask to get rid of multiple skin problems.

These are some incredible health benefits of green tea. Just include this wonderful beverage in your daily diet and watch it work wonders for your overall health.

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