Weight Loss Drinks : Try Green Tea and Lemonade for Weight Loss

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Are you asking about weight loss drinks? Hmm, why not try green tea and lemonade for weight loss! Confused? Well, talking about weight loss, it requires a lot of dedication and will. Gaining weight takes a few unscheduled eating and weight loss will just take the opposite. To reduce belly fat as well as all the other unwanted fat will take a detailed strict regime and diet.

Let’s talk something about the ill effects of weight gain.

Weight loss drinks

  • Firstly, it has a direct impact on your personality and lets out a lot of insight on your way of living. A big fat ugly looking stomach will put people off on the first go, unless connected to a severe health condition. Right from fitting into lifts and sitting on the driving seat, you would feel the weight. So, that’s not good and you need to shed some kilos for sure.
  • Excess weight gain will also impact your internal health. Heart conditions may deplete and you may progress closer to having a faulty heart. Chances of strokes will also increase.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are directly proportional to weight gain. These are serious health conditions and should be avoided at any cost.
  • Excess weight will lead to a condition called obesity. Obese people generally have a shortened life span than an average human being. So, the BMI has to be under control at any cost.

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Methods to Lose Weight Faster

There are number of methods of the same. The most common ones are:

  • Modify your diet to burn the excess fat. Cutting down a few delicacies of your tongue will surely help in reducing your weight. This will in turn use up the already accumulated fat for energy and hence help you lose weight.
  • Hitting the gym is the al time favorite. Well, this needs a lot of sweat and hard work. The results are really worthy. A well-crafted exercise routine will surely help you shed a big chunk.
  • Up your physical activity through other means like walking, dancing or doing aerobics. Instead of developing some muscles, you will lose quite a few kilos.
  • Start playing your dream sport like never before. Make time and enjoy the game. In the bargain let the weight shed off!

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Okay, so a lot of ideas above! How about knowing some weight loss drinks? Yes! There are some drinks to lose weight too! There are a lot of research evidence that suggest that green tea and lemonade drink without sugar will help you lose weight much faster than you can imagine. Surprised! Sure you must be! Read below to unravel the science behind it.

Healthy Weight Loss Drinks

1. Green Tea Reduces Belly Fat

Believe it or not! A deep dive into green tea science will tell you how exactly it works. You will be undergoing a lot of stress because of work and family. As a defense, your body will secrete the hormone called cortisol to calm your nervous system and help with the stress. As a side activity, the hormone will also contribute in accumulating fat near the belly region. In this scenario, the amino acid, L-thiamine, found in green tea will calm and nervous system replacing cortisol. This will thus help prevent the excess weight gain. Also, another compound found in green tea is polyphenol. This natural chemical compound will burn the fat even when you are at rest. Polyphenols block the natural pathway in which calories are converted into fat thereby avoiding excess weight gain. Green tea for weight loss is indeed an easy way to have a toned physique.

2. Combination of Green Tea and Lemonade

There could be another addition to the list of weight loss drinks. And that would be a combination of green tea and lemonade. This is indeed a magical drink for weight loss. Lemon is widely known for its weight loss values and other immunogenic benefits. So, overall it is a great idea to lose weight without jumping or pumping in the gym. Chemical properties of lemon suggest that it is overall an acidic food. The main content is citric acid which has a pH of below 7. Now, this acidic property will in turn burn the excess fat and also prevent the localization of the same. Such acid producing foods will help lose weight much faster than any other form of weight loss regime. Adding lemon to the green tea extract for weight loss has one more underlying benefit. The lemon added will help cut the visceral fat accumulated in the body. This kind of fat refers to the extra calories that get converted to fat and reside amidst the muscles fibers. Visceral fat is the toughest of its kind and is highly difficult to lose. The job is made easy by adding lemonade.

The molecular detail of the above weight loss drinks suggest that the antioxidant component “EGCG” will work in synergy to the norepinephrine hormone of the body to turn calories into energy rather calories into fat. The extra accumulated fat cells are also burnt down to derive energy for the working muscles through the above pathway. So, overall the complete green tea and lemonade will help reduce fat.

The highlighted benefits of the above punch can be summarized as below-

  • It lowers LDL levels.
  • It will also speed up the process of metabolism thereby leaving a lower chance of fat accumulation.
  • Digestion process will also get streamlined helping in complete fat burning.
  • Richness in anti-oxidant levels will keep the fat burning process in check.

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Weight gain is no big deal but, losing it is! The above miracle weight loss drinks will help lose weight at a faster pace. However, diet will still remain a big concern. The one above alone cannot contribute to your complete weight loss program. Other activities like gym, dance and sports in synergy will have a combined killing effect in your weight loss journey. Also, it would be crucial to keep in mind that you will lose weight gradually and not in a fortnight’s time. So, dedication will play a major role. Stick to the routine and get your dream numbers back on the weighing scale.

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