Amazing Health Benefits of Asparagus That You Didn’t Know Before!

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Asparagus, oh wait till you hear this! So dear readers we meet once again as we stop doing whatever work we are employed for and take a ‘me’ moment, at the start of the office hours and that is how we suddenly think of ‘hey, let’s go to ‘’ and see if they have something about the benefits of asparagus today!

Yes, yes we do sirs and madams, we do have something in store about the amazing health benefits of asparagus!

This what we do, we work our minds out into making some nice and equally helpful articles regarding to your daily healthy needs and tips so that the time you take out from work can still be called somewhat “meaningful” when you are fighting with your soul later at Dinner table as your parents ask you, “how was work today?”

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And here we are with some really useful information about the amazing health benefits of asparagus.

Health Benefits of Asparagus

Health Benefits of Asparagus

1. It is Stuffed With Anti-oxidants!

  • So this signal of spring starting, is one very cunningly hidden basket of healthy goodness, this is the first thing that you should know about asparagus.
  • One of the many healthy and amazing health benefits of asparagus is that it is one of the top most foods, top most natural foods that neutralizes those harmful free radicals that destroy our cells and tissues.Which means that asparagus helps our bodies to slow down the aging process, WOW!

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2. Asparagus is a Diuretic, Naturally!

  • Asparagus has high levels of amino acid asparagines that is a natural diuretic, which increases urination, which not only helps releasing waste fluids but also helps the body get rid of excess salts.
  • This unique benefit of asparagus helps those people who have edema where body fluids accumulate into body’s tissues and also to those too with high blood pressure and heart conditions.
  • By the way, the strong smell from eating asparagus that comes while bathroom-ing is due to a unique compound found in asparagus which is NOT harmful! And not many people get these smells only some due to the unique metabolizing process we all have.

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3. A Neat Brain Booster!

  • Another one of amazing anti aging health benefits of asparagus is that this tasty and funky spring vegetable indicated in helping our brains defend against cognitive degeneration.
  • Like so many other goody leafy greens, this delicious veggie delivers to our system folate which works great with Vitamin B12 that si found in poultry, fish, dairy and meat that helps prevent us to have any cognitive impairment, as deducted by studies done by Tufts University!

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4. It Helps Fight the Cancer!

  • This tasty veggie also has another great health benefit, just like kale, Brussels sprouts and avocado, is very rich in glutathione which is a detoxifying compound that helps our body to break down the harmful and lethal carcinogens and other harmful units like free radicals.
  • Probably one of the biggest health benefits of asparagus, it helps in fighting cancers of breasts, bone, colon, lung and larynx!

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5. It is Overflowing With All Kind of Nutrients

  • One of many great benefits of asparagus is that you get to have so much healthy nutrients packed into just one thing that, eating this alone will take care of your every health supplement needs.
  • Fiber, vitamin A, folate, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, as well as chromium, a traceable mineral found in asparagus that enhances our body ability to transport glucose from blood vessels and into the cells!

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6. Amazing Weight Loss Material!

  • If you are on a weight loss regime as well, then one of the amazing health benefits of asparagus is that it helps you maintain that routine with its tasty…itself.
  • Asparagus is not only low on calories and fat but it also has loads of soluble and insoluble compounds of fiber! And since fiber is digested really slowly in our body, by our body, it makes your stomach feel full, cutting out any unnecessary cravings.

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7. A Great Source of Vitamin E

A healthy and hefty amount of vitamin E can be found in asparagus, another important anti-oxidant which helps your body create a robust immune system and defends cell damages, Protip: eat asparagus with some olive oil, fry it of course or just drink it on side, however you want it!

8. Works Wonder for Your Sex Life!

One of the many benefits of asparagus is that it is an amazing, wait for it….wait for it….

Aphrodisiac! It means it elevates the mood for the kink, gosh!

The vitamin B6 and the folate inside it help our mind boost the feelings of arousal and while these two are doing that vitamin tip toes into hormone factory and stimulates a sexy hormone switch like some really naughty 4th grader (Bart Simpson, TJ Detweiler, yours truly).

For both the genders, with the emulation of testosterone and estrogen its gonna be a fun date!


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9. Hangover eh?

  • If you have some serious alcohol issue, at random of course, no one is judging anyone here, then hangovers got to be a real pain in the…head, you see what I did there, eh well moving on…
  • So a 2009 study showed by scientist who had practically nothing else interesting going in their personal lives that the amino acids and minerals found in asparagus extract may ease down your hangovers and protect the cells of your liver from the ‘blessings’ of alcohols.

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10. Folic Acid! Folic Acid Anyone!

  • Four spears of asparagus contain a insane amount of folic acids, roughly 22% of your daily need.
  • What is a folic acid, oh you, folic acid is helpful for women who are trying to get pregnant as it protects them against neural tube defects.
  • Folic acids also hinted to reduce the risks of premature birth by at least 50% when taken for at least a year before burping out that new life out of you finally!

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So here we are, hope we helped you, ciao!

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