15 Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight…

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Not losing weight despite several attempts?? Being healthy and fit is the only way to ward away all the ill health in this modern era. Blame it on the hectic life styles and stressful work life. It is really hard to maintain a good health when you have too little time. However, experts suggest that keeping the weight under control may help you keep a good health. This happens mainly because a balanced weight will have a controlled metabolism. A good metabolism is the key to good health. Also, you will have a better immune system with a controlled weight. A well placed immune system will protect you from all harm.

So, why does it happen that you tend to realize that you are not losing weight? You have all the good habits of exercising and eating rightly, but, still you feel you are fat. You are totally confused at this stage and do not know what to do. The below 15 reasons may help you find the root cause.

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Reasons – Why You are Not Losing Weight?

Not Losing Weight!
Let’s See The Reasons Behind Why You are Not Losing Weight!

1. Gradual Decrease

You would often feel that you are not losing weight because weight loss is a gradual process and not an overnight fleet to achieve. Sometimes, too much of a monitoring system will make you anxious and upset. Exercising and eating right will make you lose weight and there is no doubt to it. Just sit tight and stop bothering for every inch or ounce. Not losing weight could be psychological at times.

2. Cutting Down The Low Carbs

Your weight loss program will reach a plateau after a certain drop. This is natural and bound to happen for all. From then, the process will become slower. The best way to lose weight at that time is to cut down further on your low carb diet. What to eat to lose weight? Eat a complete low carb meal.

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3. Undergoing Too Much Stress

Dieting and still no weight loss? Well, then you need a deep dive into your life style. The underlying stress can be a major contributor. Keep your mind always free of tensions and stress to lose weight. Stress has a direct impact on your metabolism, and eating less will not meet the weight loss metabolism speed.

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4. Not Eating The Right Food

Best way to lose weight is to eat the right food at the right time. Not losing weight becomes an integral issue when it comes to the food. A low carb diet will help you lose weight but if you do not replace the loss then the effect can be reversed. The low carb should be supplemented with the right food to boost weight loss. Cookies and brownies may be made with the healthiest ingredient but, consuming the same may not help you lose weight. So, keep a watch on what you eat.

5. Criminal Nuts

What to eat to lose weight? Well, eat real foods to do the same. Nuts come under the category of real foods and scientific research would prove the mettle. However, they are high in fat content and can majorly interfere with your weight loss program. It is a bad temptation to hog on nuts due to the crunchiness and taste. Control your lover towards nuts; they might be the real criminals.

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6. Not Sleeping Enough

Not losing weight? Ask yourself, do I sleep for a minimum 7-8 hours? Experts say, during sleep your body grows and the metabolism peaks to collect energy for the next day. In that case, if you are not sleeping enough then the body doesn’t get enough time to utilize what you ate. The whole meal will be depositing as fat and you are still tired in the morning. Lack of sleep will contribute to a major part of weight gain.

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7. Too Much Dairy Consumption

Dairy food is good for health and most of it is consumed in the morning. Are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Then have a check on your dairy consumption. Dairy products tend to add a lot of fat to the body. It will spike up insulin and hence a higher calorie formation. Thus, reducing dairy can help you lose weight faster.

8. False Myths With Exercises

You may be hitting the gym every day and still not losing weight! May be you are holding some false myths with your exercises. Completing a turn of cardio every day and spending more than 1 hour on treadmill will not help you lose weight. Combining the same with other muscle building exercises will help you lose more weight faster. Learn some weight exercises as well.

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9. You are Fooled by Artificial Sweeteners

No weight loss despite having sugarless food? Then look into the artificial sweeteners that are being added. Research proves that non-sugar compounds tend to add more weight in the longer run and also affect the body badly. You need to stop at them right away.

10. An Underlying Medical Complication

All your good habits are in place and still you are finding it difficult to lose weight? Visit your care giver and diagnose for an underlying medical condition. A few things are beyond understanding and this could be one of them. For e.g. a faulty thyroid gland will majorly contribute to your sudden weight gain despite your perfect diet and gym routine.

11. Small Meals Throughout

This common myth can be the reason behind you not losing weight. Smaller meals spread out on a day will actually make you eat the whole day. This is actually an opposition to your weight loss regime. Continuous eating will mean intake of calories throughout. Hence, no time to lose the same.

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12. Cheating Yourself

It is a common tendency to get attracted to things that you are restricted too. You’re not losing weight may be due to this. You often choose to eat stuffs that are in the RED category and also you tend to forget that you ate the same. Stop cheating yourself and you can lose weight soon.

13. Not Eating Enough Protein

There is a common myth that more protein gives you more weight. Actually wrong! More protein will boost your metabolism and can help you burn more calories than usual. Get over the false myths and you can lose weight the correct way.

14. Watch Your Water bottle

How many times do you fill your water bottle? Not drinking enough water will make it difficult to lose weight. Drinking more water will keep your systems always activated and hence the metabolism.

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15. Starving for Too Long

Dieting is a good idea that will help you lose weight initially. But after you hit the plateau, it will be difficult to lose more weight. Maintain at that and be happy. If you continue to starve then other health complications will not be far away.

Not losing weight? Now, you have all answers. Watch your steps and do not end up inviting other health issues to pursue the zero physique. Lose first and then maintain the weight. This is the only way to stay healthy and fit.


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