Weight Loss Tips : How to Lose Weight in 5 Easy Steps?

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Our lifestyle defines our health, weight, skin and mental condition. From a scheduled routine to the type of food we eat, everything brings change to your weight. These days due to wrong eating habits and irregular exercising schedule, people tend to gain weight very easily. But there is a good news for everyone losing weight is easy. Yes, you heard it right. While there are many weight loss tips, most of the methods will turn you unsatisfied and hungry. You need to make sure that you work it out through your brain and make a strong willpower. All you need is to follow simple steps. Be consistent and also be patient. Eventually, the scale will give you dropped weight and Voila! Your favourite dress will fit once again.

The art of losing weight easily start with a strong foundation of reducing the appetite significantly without getting hungry. Followed by the improved metabolic health. Here are five simple steps to lose weight easily.

 Weight Loss Tips

Five Simple Weight Loss Tips

1. Stay Away from White Stuff

To start with, the most important thing is to cut back on carbs and sugar. Take a vow today and swear off the sugar. Too much of sugar means too much of calorie intake. Test yourself for two weeks. Same goes for refined carbs as well. White pasta, maida, white rice reduce the intake of all of these products after 8 pm. The reason for that is simple, that these foods stimulate the secretion of insulin which is the fat storage hormone in our body.

Whenever the level of insulin goes down, fat gets out more easily and body start to burn fats. There is another benefit of reducing insulin level because your kidney removes excess salt and water from the body which reducing bloating and excess water weight.

Final thoughts

Removing carbs and sugar from the diet will reduce your insulin levels, reduce your appetite and will help you lose the weight without feeling hungry.

2. Weight Loss Tips – Portion Control

Often we have no control on how much we eat. We end up hogging lot more than we think we have. Every time we pass from the kitchen, we end up snacking on crisps and handful of something to munch. Stop, there is a limit. Eat from a smaller plate and serve less than what you normally do. Stop snacking in the middle of the meals. Try to include healthy fats and protein in your every meal.

When you visit your favourite restaurant a smart trick is when your food comes, cut it into half and ask a takeaway container so that you can leave some for the later time and what could be the better, order veggies and lean meat and you are already on the way to slimming down.

Just like we go to a wholesale market and end up buying the excess stuff, the same thing works while eating. Higher the tasty portions mean your intake would be quicker and you will end up consuming more. Divide your food intake with 5 small portions at certain intervals. Therefore, start your day with a big breakfast and decent lunch and end your day with light dinner. You can snack in between these meals such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Eat in portions throughout the day and add more proteins and healthy fats in the form of fruits, nuts and vegetables for a diet control to reduce your weight.

3. Don’t Forget The Gentle Exercises

“All work with no play makes you quite a dull boy” We all know about this saying. This is very important. We are not asking you to go crazy in the gym. You can if you enjoy it but just for the purpose of losing weight, you cannot go nuts in the gym and instead start moving a little bit more. Do gentle stretches, go for a brisk walk on regular basis and few Surya namaskar poses. Go dancing or just 10 minutes workout. Whatever you want yo do, make sure you do it every day.

Leading a healthy life is defined by daily walking, running, rowing, cycling or even exercise routines at home or anything that can get the heart pumping to improve your basal metabolic rate and will help you lose the weight by burning extra fat while you sweat. Start low and build a regular habit.

You can include few healthy habits in your day to day life.

  • Using the stairs and not the elevators is the best, easy and free of cost exercise.
  • Avoid using scooter or car and walk to the nearby shop for grocery shopping.

Remember – the more you sweat the faster you burn those stubborn fats. To do this you must include brisk walking, short running, cycling, etc. in your daily lifestyle routine.

Adding these small and brief habits in your daily routine will certainly pump your heart up and will increase the blood circulation. You will burn more calories by sweating and very soon it will become inseparable parts of your lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

It is best to do some sort of exercise in any form to pump yourself up to increase the metabolic rate and reduce that extra weight.

4. Drink Lots of Water

One thing: Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Just like your old grandma or your mother, we have to say this – Drink lots of water. All civilizations were created because of a reason except water bodies. Water not only quench the thirst but the smallest unit of our body like cells need water without the discomfort. Eight glasses of water a day is very important. Hydrate religiously. You can add green tea, vegetable juices, herbal teas and coconut water. Skip artificial fruit juices to avoid extra sugar. Drinking water keeps your full and will refrain you from eating more.

Final Thoughts

Drink a glass of water before your meal to bring down the weight within few months. As per a study, drinking water half an hour before taking your meal increased the weight loss percentage by 44% in 3 months.

5. Weight Loss Tips – Relax and Sleep

Again, relaxing and sleeping hold lot of importance. A sound body and sound mind is the result of minimum 8 hrs of sleep. So try to go to bed as early as you and wake up as early. Please, who do not complete their sleep cycle tend to gain more weight compared to those who take ample rest required for their body. Try to meditate before sleeping. Avoid watching tv before sleeping. Live the moment, breath and feel relaxed.

If you are looking to lose weight then perhaps you should consider the change in your sleep patterns. It’s really important to lead a stress-free life in order to not indulge into the habit of eating a lot. Getting a good amount of sleep, dodging stress and sticking to your basic weight loss tips would help you lead a balanced life.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is very helpful in rejuvenating your body and also balance your hormones to utilize the energy from extra fat. If you face little problem while sleeping, try few restorative exercise like blinking your eyes or deep breaths to activate the relaxing response.


See, no matter how difficult it may be, you need to understand that you do not gain the extra weight in just one day. Similarly, you cannot lose it in one day alone or not even in a month. You need to plan your daily routine because long-term plans often fail due to feasibility concerns. Therefore, stick fo short-term implementations and measurable goals with the limitations in your lifestyle and your mind. These five weight loss tips and basic steps to lose weight will only work when you would be determined mentally to make small changes in your lifestyle. What are you waiting for then? Start today and see the change in next two to three months. IT REALLY WORKS!

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