Lemon Water Recipes For Losing Weight Fast!

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14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is too healthy, and help loss weight

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I don’t have fresh lemons, is bottled lemon juice the same? Can I use it as a substitute?

  3. Mamtha says:

    I have to take tablet in an empty stomach.so the question is can i have this drinks after taking my medicine

  4. Goshit Florence says:

    Comment. your weight loss recipes of lemon and ginger, lemon and cucumber is clear, simple and easy to follow. thanks

  5. Ekeno Florence says:

    Thank you so much

  6. Della says:

    Great information. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Puseletso says:

    hello there I would to drink lemon n ginger so I’m breastfeeding will that mixture affect the milk!?I badly want to lose weight..

  8. Toyin omare says:

    This is the best have read about home made weight loss drink and easy to get.

  9. Pankaj Bhatnagar says:

    Thanx for your valuable information It is necessary for human beings.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to updated information.
    Thank You …Sylvia Hero

  11. Khatereh ansari says:

    These choices are the best and healthy .

  12. Willy says:

    that’s cool

  13. Patricia Robinson says:

    Yes I really need these recipes thanks so much pleasure to meet you Sincerely, Patricia Robinson

  14. Ekwueme Rita says:

    Pls can a breastfeeding mother take lemon water with ginger or any of d above? Or can I mix all together with d lemon water?

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