Top 10 Good Health Habits You Need To Adopt Today!

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There are many people who believe in a misconception that eating healthy food will do all the trick to remain healthy. Now, that’s not completely true! Eating healthy food definitely adds on to your good health, but do you notice the phrase? It just adds on to your good health habits It is an add-on and not a complete way of staying healthy. You would be amazed to know that there are many healthy habits too which are a must for the well being of your health and not just healthy food.

Thus, if you too have believed that only eating good healthy food will promise you a healthy tomorrow, then time to bid adieu to your old belief system! These 10 health habits should be adopted by everyone to lead a healthier and long life. So, don’t just eat healthy but also stay healthy by following these top 10 good health habits. Take them home today! No much ado! Let’s get started!

10 Good Health Habits You Need to Adopt Today!

Good health habits

1. Get At Least 6 Hours of Sound Sleep

No matter how many times people keep reading this or hearing this tip, it just doesn’t seem like many people follow it. Sleeping is not just a resting time for your bodies but it is a time of intensive repair to your body. Yes! Your body cells have the capability to repair themselves and this happens when your eyes are shut! Intense repairing of the cells happens and the dead skin cells on the epidermis layer of skin are removed giving way for the production of new cells. By not having ample sleep, you are disturbing this function and thus you will be facing the consequences of it like the signs of aging etc. No wonder the sales revenue generated by the anti-aging products is so high! Isn’t it funny how people are ready to spend the fortune on these products? All you need to do is sleep well. Also, you need to make sure that you have sound sleep and not just sleep. Sound sleep can happen only when you are in a relaxed state of mind with no stress. So say bye to stress at least when you are hitting the sack and sleep well.

My Quick Tip –

If you are not able to sleep as soon as you hit the sack and don’t feel like sleeping at all, then you can try this! All you need is a cucumber to get started. Take a cucumber and peel it off. Take the peel offs now and rub them on your feet before you go to sleep. Place 2 slices of cucumber on your eyes for about 10 minutes before you go to sleep. Now you may go to sleep and a sound sleep is on its way!

2. Connections First

By connections, I don’t mean connections with the computer or the internet. I mean the social connections here. Having regular social connections with family and friends or loved ones is the primary key that can avoid depression. Depression is one of the prime reasons for premature death and you can avoid it by just staying in constant touch with your friends and family.

The psychologists also suggest the old ones have a walk with their buddies just so that they feel connected. No matter how much connected you are to your PC or your phones, it will not relieve you from your stress. In fact, it can add on to your stress. So to keep at bay from stress, stay connected with your loved ones. These social connections are proven to increase and magnify your desire for living. A strong desire to live and good health habits will actually help you to live in a more healthy manner. So take this point home, and regardless of your busy schedules, give some quality time to your friends and family that will help you to live longer and healthier.

3. Exercise Everyday

Exercise is one of the main good health habits that will help you to stay healthy. What happens when you exercise? The sweat is released that will wash down the toxins of your body. The movement of your muscles when you are exercising will promote the growth of muscles. Exercise is just like the lubricants and oil to your car. Your car will definitely run without the lubricant and oils but these oils and lubricants will definitely make your car run better and smooth. Same thing applies to your body too. Your body can do without exercise as well, but exercising will smoothen the activities of your body.

Studies have revealed that the exercises can improve your mental health, bones, muscle mass etc. Nothing to worry for those who are not gym rats! You really don’t have to do vigorous gym exercises see! A morning walk in the neighborhood and a couple of exercises will do the magic. But what matters the most is the consistency with which you are doing these things. You need to be really consistent when you are doing exercises for the results to pay off!

4. Smile Please

This might sound a tad bit mundane to many but trust me there are many people who seldom smile. Smiling is definitely a healthy habit. Don’t believe me? Believe the studies that say that people who smile and laugh a lot are more likely to lead a healthier and happier life. It takes less muscles and less efforts from your side to smile but for you to frown it takes thrice the number of muscles you need in order to smile.

Laughing and smiling are the best medicines for many health issues. Isn’t it funny how most of us forget to laugh or smile in a day? “A day when you haven’t smiled is a day wasted”, says Charlie Chaplin. Substantiating this statement are the many studies and researches that were conducted by a New York University that showed that people who laugh and be merry are the ones who turn out to be very successful in their lives and lead a happy and contended life. Want to stay longer? Smile please! Simple as that!

5. Remember to Floss Everyday

Studies have revealed that flossing everyday can keep your arteries healthy. By flossing everyday, you can reduce the disease causing bacteria in your mouth. Especially for those who have very sensitive gums, flossing is a must. When you wake up from your nights sleep, there are hundreds of bacteria in your mouth. Not just in your mouth, but also in between your teeth. The tiny gap between your teeth is sufficient for the bacterial infections to spread. Thus, don’t just brush your teeth everyday, but also floss every morning. Studies have shown that by flossing everyday the risk of fat deposit in the arteries is reduced which will lessen the chances of heart attack and other heart-related diseases.

6. Eat a Fiber Rich Cereal Diet for Breakfast

Start adding some rich fibers into your diet for breakfast. Whole grains have fiber content in abundance and adding these whole grains to your diet will help you in maintaining the blood sugar levels at required levels. By adding more fiber content you are also easing the process of excretion in your bodies. The undesired cholesterol that is present on the outer lining of food pipe and stomach too are kept at bay by adding fibrous content to your diet.

Some foods that are rich in fiber that can be consumed in your breakfast.

  • An oatmeal
  • Beans
  • Drumsticks
  • Wheat

My Quick Tip –

If you have kids too at home and it is quite difficult to convince the kids to eat beans or drumsticks early in the morning, then you can definitely consider oatmeal. To make it more yummy and delicious, consider adding some top ups like the roasted almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc. which will make it yummy for the kids. In fact for you too! You can also add your favorite flavor of jam to it which will make a pleasurable experience to eat and you wouldn’t even be conscious that you’re eating a fibrous diet that is supposed to be health conscious.

7. Try Not to be Very Neurotic

Being neurotic is nothing but being exposed to a lot of stress for the entire day. Taking too much stress not only lessens your enthusiasm for the day but also lessens your life span. Shocked? Even I was when I read about it! It is a proven fact that the people who take a lot of stress in their lives will experience premature death. Whereas on the other hand, the people who take less stress, live happily and most of all, live longer!

Stress can be due to any reason under the sun like running deadlines, financial emergencies, family issues, breakups, exam blues, career dramas and what not! But regardless of the cause of the stress, the effect remains the same! You will turn into aa neurotic and slowly you might also go into depression. Now, my intention of telling all of these to you is not to scare you but to tell you how important it is to not take too much stress.

Consider These Quick Tips Which Will Help You to Reduce Your Stress Levels

You can Practice Yoga and Meditation –

Yoga and meditation are the easiest and fastest way to get rid of stress that too in a very short period of time.

Do What You Enjoy Doing –

If you are crazy about dancing or singing or playing guitar or just chatting with your friend, do it! Just do it! Whenever you feel stressed out, do something that you are passionate about. Your stress will naturally fade away!

Communicate With Your Friends or Family –

One of the biggest reasons why stress is not relieved today is that most of us choose to be alone when we are stressed. We are supposed to be doing it the other way round. We need to communicate more with our friends or families when we are stressed out. Studies have shown that your stress levels are bound to decrease when you are having conversations with your loved ones. So, next time you feel stressed out, you know what to do!

8. Say Bye to Food Supplements and Embrace Whole Foods

We can notice many people who believe in taking food supplements like the vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, carotene supplements, beta carotene etc. Yes! We cannot deny that these supplements are too good and a must for some health conditions. But replacing your whole foods by these supplements is a big NO. You are doing it all wrong if you are only taking these supplements and avoiding the consumption of whole food.

A tomato alone contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. So by consuming a tomato alone, you are actually eating all of these supplements. The best part is that you don’t have to spend tons of money and also needn’t be worried about the side effects. With excessive supplements, com the excessive side affects! So be choosy with food supplements and consider eating whole foods for your overall health care and good health habits.

9. Oil Your Head Often

The grandmothers oiling the hairs every weekend might be a matter of bygone years for many of us. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the benefits of regular oil massage to our heads. Most of us today are so busy and involved in our work life that we almost forget to oil our heads. On Monday mornings, we just rinse our heads with heavy shampoos and rush towards the office. Oiling your head has many advantages. Take a look at some good health habits.

Prevents Hair Fall –

By oiling your hair regularly, the chances of your hair fall will reduce dramatically. You have to be patient enough and you will see that oiling will do the magic for your hair.

Relieves Stress –

Yes! Heard me right! By oiling and massaging your scalp, your stress levels are decreased to a great extent.

Moisturizes Your Hair and Hydrates Your Scalp –

Hydration is very important for both your skin and your scalp. By oiling your head regularly, you are hydrating your scalp. It also moisturizes your hair. It also adds a natural shine to your hair.

The benefits of these good health habits are just a few to mention! The list is way too long of good health habits. Thus, inculcate this habit of oiling your head often, say, once a week or once in a fortnight and you will notice the difference all by yourself.

10. Early to Bed and Early to Rise

This one is a famous phrase that all of us are probably listening from our kindergarten right? But how many of us are actually following this? Well, a late night movie or a late night novel reading sessions or even late night studies are okay once in a while. Once in a while! Not always! If you have the habit of sleeping late night and waking up late, then let me tell you, no matter how rich and nutritious your food is, you are spoiling the impact and effect of all those by sleeping late and waking up late.  This one is definitely not a myth! Most of the successful business entrepreneurs and CEOs including Bill gates, SatyaNadella, etc. start their day in the early morning around 5:30 AM or 6:00 AM. Not convinced? Read the summary of benefits these good health habits here.

  • By sleeping early, you are making sure that there is enough time for your body to conduct the process of repairing your cells.
  • A lot of stress can be reduced by just having a sound sleep. And what makes your sleep sound? Not just the number of hours but also the time when you’re sleeping.
  • Waking up early in the morning will add extra energy to your day and keeps you peppy all day. Want to be all energetic all day long? Wake up early! Simple as that!

That’s just a small comprehensive list, to be frank. It has more to it.  One of the good health habits you can take home is this one! And if you already are following this, then “Cheerio!Keep going! Keep up the good job!”

These were the top 10 good health habits that you really need to adopt if you want to stay healthier and live longer. When you are ready to do everything that takes to improve your diet regime and add more nutritious elements to your food, then how much efforts does it take to follow these simple health tips. After all, at the end of the day, all of us want to stay healthy and happy right? So time to follow these right away!

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