How To Take Care Of Psoriasis Prone Skin and Still Look Beautiful?

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It is quite a shocking revelation that one in every hundred women deal with the condition of dry, scaly and patchy skin and suffer from active symptoms of psoriasis. It is an auto-immune condition which causes redness on the surface which is not only uncomfortable but also embarrassing. With no definitive cure, the question arises how to take care of psoriasis prone skin and still look beautiful. One simple solution for psoriasis skin care under control is taking care of your body with hydrating skincare routine and few lifestyle changes.

While doctors usually prescribe creams for reducing the red patches on the skin, these creams don’t help in a long term to recover the underlying problem. Psoriasis cause skin cells to continuously multiply at a very faster rate. This results in the higher amount of cells to reach the outer surface of the skin and dies off early, leaving behind little raised and plaque covered white scales.

Researches have shown that improving the immunity and treating psoriasis with natural and gentle ingredients can put it on ease. In this article, we will discuss how to take care of Psoriasis prone skin and still look beautiful.

Psoriasis Skin Care

Psoriasis Skin Care

1. Follow The Simple Diet

To see the improvement in your psoriasis prone skin, clean up your diet and increase the nutrient intake. The best food for easing symptoms are probiotic food, high fiber food, seafood with omega fatty acids, food containing zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and green vegetables.

2. Natural Supplements & Herbs For Psoriasis Skin Care

You can also go for natural remedies in the form of fish oil for lower inflammation, milk thistle to improve the lowering of reactions and increase the digestion power by removing the bad bacteria, Vitamin B12 to help reduce the effect of stress.

3. Get More Sunshine Daily Basis

It is recommended that you try to get minimum 20minutes of sunshine every day for almost 3 to 4 weeks. It can improve symptoms by increasing the Vitamin D level in the body. Always wear minimum SPF 30 and try to soak ups when it’s not the strongest.

4. Reduce The Stress Level

If your body is undergoing physical and emotional stress, psoriasis can become worse. If you practice the relaxation techniques to reduce the stress level, you will notice the great improvement. Stress relieving exercise such as yoga, meditation, spending your time outdoor, can keep the inflammation away and make your skin look smooth and beautiful.

5. Moisturise More For Psoriasis Skin Care

Leaving your psoriasis skin dry is a sin because the symptoms get worse. The solution is using natural essential oils to moisture the skin. The oils can ease the symptoms such as scaling, pain and redness. Keep your skin well moisturised by using thick oils, creams such as coconut oil, Shea butter and homemade butter lotion. Immediately moisturise after the bath to support the healing.

6. Use Products With Tar

The only time honored solution for the treatment of skin with psoriasis is using Tar products. One of the easiest ways is to use the products containing some amount of tar for skin and scalp treatment. With the continuous use, you will see the improvement in the texture of skin.

7. Use Skin Care Products with BHA and AHA Ingredients

The body lotions and creams containing AHA and BHA help in reduction of psoriasis lesions and scales. The ingredient helps in binding the water for extra hydration.

8. Avoid Fragrance

Most of the perfumes and soaps contains dye and different chemicals that can irritate the skin and inflame the condition. Avoid these products whenever you can or go for the ones that are labeled as sensitive skin.

9. Stop Smoking

Avoid smoking as it can increase the side effects and make your condition more severe.

10. Warm Bath

Luke warm water with essential oil or milk in it can give away the itchiness and provide relief to your skin. Moisturise immediately after the bath for retaining the moisture in the skin.

How to Take Care Psoriasis?

1. Makeup and Psoriasis Skin Care

Being affected by psoriasis can definitely affect your self-esteem. If you are a female with patchy and red plaques on your face, you may be feeling more conscious. But it does not mean you cannot enhance your features with makeup, fortunately, right makeup products can help you get your confidence back.

Though applying regular makeup products may end up drying your skin a little, few tips on getting your makeup and other beauty products like moisturizers and cleansers should be followed.

Let’s get more information on that.

a. Shop Carefully-

While buying beauty care products for your psoriasis prone skin, consider looking out for stores specializing in special products for such skin.

We suggest you try bands like Sephora which is an international chain with its locations in major cities of the country. These specialty brands carry a number of special product lines with knowledgeable people to help you in the search. They understand the needs of our skin and help you find suitable foundation and mascara to match the tone and also something that moisturises your skin.

There are a number of brands out there offering beauty products for the extra-sensitive skin. Take a look, test few, and find the best ones that work for you.

b. Look Closer to Ingredients-

  • Look for the main ingredients of the beauty products. You will be amazed to know that whatever work for normal, the dry and oily skin may not work great for psoriasis. Therefore, go for the moisturiser with ingredients such as lipids, ceramides, and AHA that retain moisture and help your skin keep the layers well hydrated which is not only beneficial clinically but also cosmetically for people suffering from psoriasis.
  • The dermatologist will tell you to avoid products with alcohol and other drying agents. Cosmetics which are labeled as sweat resistant can work better for you because they do not get absorbed into the skin. Buy products within built sun protection.

c. Focus On Features-

  • Foundation creates the blank canvas and you can enhance your eyes and lips against it.
  • Experiment with mascara, eye shadows and lipsticks to highlight your best features.
  • Primer creates a lot of difference. Dermatologists and beauty experts agree that primer helps in covering psoriasis skin and helps in smoothening of blotchiness and unevenness on your face.
  • The moisturiser gets absorbed and give your skin softer feel. However, primer forms the outer layer and create an even layer of canvas for your overall makeup.

d. Remove It Right-

  • When you select to make up removers, use the mild formulas and oil based for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid using scrubs and abrasives as they can irritate the skin. You are more confident when you know you are looking at your best, so do not let psoriasis keep you from hiding that pretty and fresh new look.

2. Stress And Psoriasis Skin Care

One of the key factor in understanding the nature of psoriasis is our lifestyle. Stress is one of the major factors that can trigger psoriasis. To keep it in check, you must exercise and work out to release the energy. Avoid drinking alcohol as it makes psoriasis worse because alcohol can interfere with the treatment and cause the side-effects when it is combined with the medication during psoriasis treatment.

a. Meditation-

Meditation is considered to be a great way to slow down the pacing thoughts and a bring clarity in our minds to relieve anxiety. You can try for yourself by sitting on the floor with closed eyes and breath softly. Focus on the breathing to improve the mental condition and relieving stress.

b. Exercise-

The increase in the production of endorphins improves energy and mood. It also helps in decreasing anxiety and sleep disorders. The study has shown that women who exercise on regular basis are likely to have the more stress-free mind and healthy body than less active ones. So, if you have not been active for a while, get up and resume your exercise.

c. Massage-

Massage is another great method to reduce intense stress levels. It has also shown improvement in chronic pain, which is often related to psoriatic arthritis. You can opt for the professional massage or get your muscles and joined massaged by your friend or partner. Avoid using oils that can irritate your skin condition

d. Yoga-

Yoga is a big time stress buster. Reducing the stress level can help relieve the itch and the pain of plaques. All you need is to devote 20-25 minutes a day to yoga, which involves stretching, breathing and strengthening movements. You can take the class to learn the basics then practice at home where you can be at your comfort level.

3. Natural Remedies For Psoriasis Skin Care

Here are few herbal remedies to take care of psoriasis condition.

a. Aleo Vera-

Apply aloe vera gel directly from the plant for three to four times in a day. It helps in reduction of scaling and redness associated with the skin condition.

b. Epsom Salt-

Add Epsom/ dead sea salt to warm water and soak the affected skin for 15 minutes can help removing scales and also the itching. Apply moisturiser to the skin as soon as you come out of the tub. With continuous application, you will see the improvement.

c. Tea Tree Oil-

The oil has antiseptic properties. When applied to the skin, it helps in relieving the scalp psoriasis and reduce the patchiness.

d. Turmeric-

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The active component Curcumin has fine ability to alter the gene expression. Due to these properties, turmeric is known for minimising flares caused by psoriasis. You can take turmeric containing supplements or add liberally to your food like curries. It is recommended that 1.5 gms to 3 gas of turmeric are safe for daily use.

e. Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple Cider is anciently used as a disinfectant and can help relieve the itchy scalp. You can get the bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar at any grocery shop and you can apply it several times in a week.

Before starting herbal therapy on your psoriasis skin always consult your doctor because there are few herbs which can cause the reaction to your skin.

4.  Psoriasis Skin Care Routine

We discussed everything from natural remedies to make up to improve psoriasis but here is one of the easiest natural treatment that all of us tend to ignore: Water. Drinking water helps you keep hydrated from within and also prevents your skin from getting dry. Your body continues to need to replenish the water percentage. Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily. For healthy skin, it is important to keep your skin moisturised and well hydrated as much as you can. Some of the basic psoriasis treatments to be included on daily basis:

  • Cleanse your skin just once to avoid drying up.
  • Keep moisturising your skin from time to time
  • Avoid using loofah because rubbing can worsen the symptoms
  • Use soft cloth or just your hand to lather the soap or cleanser
  • Do not use toners on face if you have psoriasis on the face because they can get aggravated
  • During winters, switch to thick creams from lighters lotions because of more requirements of hydrating skin during winters
  • For scalp, we recommend using shampoos containing salicylic acid or steroid shampoo post getting prescription from the dermatologist.
  • Use humidifier to keep your skin moist especially during the winters.

5. Follow What Works Good for Psoriasis Skin Care

Finally, when you are done experimenting with what improves your skin and psoriasis condition, you can simply follow it on the continuous basis. To understand the underlying cause for psoriasis and work with your skin care specialist and find the correct treatment for yourself. Stick to the prescriptions given by doctors and try to follow what Psoriasis Skin Care tips works for you.

The process of improvement can be long and tiring but Psoriasis is a tough condition and tests your patience with time. It is important to feel confident and be positive about the way you feel about yourself because that is also another way to avoid stress and still look beautiful.

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