For beautiful tender skin choose the safest of cosmetics!

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In the mad world of marketing and gimmicks, it is quite usual to get swayed by attractively packaged and fragranced cosmetics. Moreover, you are more or less intimidated by the long list of ingredients on the bottle of product you are using. Result? Unfortunately, most of the times, you get cheated by the sweet smell and looks of these products. Here in this article, I will tell you about how to choose safe cosmetics for your beautiful tender skin.

So, what should be your take? Your skin is tender and deserves nothing but the best and safe cosmetics. On an average, every woman uses 12 personal care and beauty products in a day. The majority of their ingredients are either not tested or not approved. Enough to run an alarm!

So, your sun protection, anti-ageing, acne removing, skin glowing, and naturally nourishing cosmetics may not be exactly the same. It’s high time now that you start being more discerning about what you are buying. It will take some time. Maybe, at the end of this post, you’ll have some handy tips to apply for cosmetic shopping.

For beautiful tender skin

How to Choose Safe Cosmetics for Your beautiful tender Skin?

Before you buy any beauty or personal care products, it’s better to be inquisitive. Gather some knowledge about what to look out is these products including harmful ingredients and safe cosmetics brands.

There are some other points to remember that include –

1. Ask Questions About the Cosmetics for your beautiful tender skin.

Enquire about the product deeply for any query. You should ask questions about the active ingredients of any particular product. It will establish the credibility of the company. Here you must know that ingredients in a product are listed in ascending order as per their relevance in its composition. Check that out to find active ingredients in any bottle, pump, or tube.

2. Avoid Fragrances, Completely for beautiful tender skin.

If you are still judging cosmetics by their smell, you are at high risk of allowing harmful toxins in your body. Studies have proven that artificial fragrances are loaded with chemicals causing allergies on skin. Even if you are buying natural products, follow this suite. Products labeled with ‘Parfum’ or ‘Fragrance’ should not make entry to your shopping list.

3. Refrain From These Constituents for beautiful tender skin.

Understanding cosmetics is not rocket science. You can, at least, learn how to choose right products. Start by avoiding certain ingredients in any cosmetic you buy.

  • Paraben: Mostly found in deodorants. It may lead to Breast Cancer.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Deadliest of them all.
  • Talc : Causes Ovarian Cancer
  • Toluene : Mostly found in Fragrances. Causes kidney damage, liver failure, and anemia.
  • Phthalates : Found in hair sprays, soaps, shampoos, nail paints, and perfumes. Causes damage to hormones and reproductive system.
  • Diethanolamine : Found in many cosmetics and foaming products. Causes skin and eye irritations.
  • Methylisothiazolinone : Mostly found in shampoos. Causes damage to nervous system.

4. How to Choose Safe Sunscreen for beautiful tender skin?

Despite tall claims by most of the manufacturers, sunscreens products contain the high percentage of toxins in them. To choose the safe sunscreen, it is better to avoid powdered or spray products. Also, look out for ingredients like Oxybenzone that causes serious threats to your skin and body.

5. Pay Heed to Packaging as Well

The best cosmetics brands package their products safely for your good. Cosmetics with airless tubes and one-way valve pumps are the best as they restrain bacterial growth. Wide mouth bottles are most prone to contamination taking place in them. So, next time you buy cosmetics, check the packages on these norms as well.

6. Buy Natural Products Carefully

Regulations in regard of cosmetics are quite loose in most of the countries. Companies take undue advantage of this fact and label their products as ‘Natural’ even if they are remotely so. While buying any such touted natural or organic product, check out the ingredients to ascertain their chemical composition. It should contain 95% natural or organic ingredients to pass the test.

Last but not the least; explore your beauty from deep inside. Cut your cosmetic requirements and use lesser products to save your tender skin from their deadly toxins. We are not asking you to throw away all that you have in store. Just be careful for next time. It will save you from many diseases and avoidable harms.

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