How to Apply Mascara Perfectly : 8 Foolproof Mascara Application Techniques!

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How to get a pair of fluttery and thick set of eyelashes? How to apply mascara perfectly? Which Mascara works for my eyes? How to apply Mascara the clump freeway? Which eye makeup techniques to use? Do these queries cross your mind? We are here to your rescue!

A well-defined set of peepers is every girl’s secret desire. We all have mastered the art of sweeping jealous onlookers off the floor, with makeup techniques those perfectly designed winged or cat eyeliner eyes. But very often how to apply mascara for beginners is not given the needed attention and thus, the understated and subtle Mascara goes unnoticed.

Mascara is the magic wand that, when swiped across your eyelashes volumizes, curls, and elongates them, giving your eyes a refreshing look. Mascara has the power to take the eye makeup up a notch and gives you the desired power look for your eyes.

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

How to apply eye makeup is a big challenge and in specific How to apply mascara for beginners is a feat in itself! We give you a complete trick package on application techniques for Mascara as to how can you achieve a deep set of eyes without ruining your skin under the lash line. So, Let’s begin the “How to apply Mascara” session!

What is Mascara?

It’s a dark liquid with a special brush that functions to elongate, thicken, volumize and add depth to eyes.

How to Apply Mascara?

The current fashion trends lay special emphasis on the crucial role of mascara as one of the most called for makeup product without which any eye makeup would be incomplete. Too much of it is a risk and too little doesn’t work. Wearing the correct quantity in the apt way is of paramount importance.

Before learning the application techniques for Mascara and how to apply mascara properly, it is extremely important to pick the right and the best mascara for your eyelashes. Making the right choice of Mascara is crucial as it has a direct impact on your overall look. No matter how good your eye makeup might be if you pick the wrong mascara for you lashes the “good looks” ball goes right out of your court.

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Pick the Right and The Best Mascara For Your Eyelashes

1. Formula

What are you looking for? Volume? Curling? Lengthening? The makeup counter at your supermarket is flooded with a plethora of options. Take your pick wisely. If you wish for longer fuller lashes go for the ones that lengthen your lashes and if you want pair of fluttery and full lashes opt for a volumizing formula.

2. Waterproof

If you are out of your home working all day commuting amidst dust and sweat, then waterproof mascara is your best friend. Yes! It is harder to remove the best waterproof mascara but no matter how much you cry on your wedding day, it won’t leave you looking like a racoon! Remember to avoid irritants around your eyes.


3. Color

Black is the best seller amongst mascaras but for those of you who have very light colored hair and skin, may find black as a little overpowering. Although black gives you a more volumised and thick set of lashes, you can pick a brown too!

Now that you have clearly figured out your requirements and you have your hands on the most suitable mascara for your eyes, we share with you some extremely useful application techniques for mascara tips and tricks that come in handy whenever you wear Mascara.


Application Techniques For Mascara

  • Give your mascara brush a little bend, so as to make it easier for you to handle and swipe it across your lashes with the least amount of effort. Now- a- days a lot of brands offer a number of brushes that are already twisted or bent to give you a chance for an angular application thereby lengthening the lashes and elongating them.
  • Getting your under eye smudged because of shaky application? Get your spoon to work! Turn the curved side facing out, and now apply mascara to your lower lash line normally and free of the fear of any of the product getting smeared on your lower eye. The spoon becomes your saviour of all the mess!
  • Baby powder is not for babies alone, it is for your lashes too! Apply one coat of mascara, when it dries up half way, dust a small amount of baby powder in between your lashes and on them and then apply the second coat of Mascara on your eyelashes. The powder will act as a layer in between the two coats of mascara and will help the mascara in holding on to the lashes for a longer period of time. And with this mascara tip, you have fuller and thicker lashes in less than a minute!


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  • Tips for Mascara are many so if you are not blessed naturally with a thick pair of eyelashes, do not worry! It is pretty easy to fake it! Whenever you apply mascara apply and coat both the sides of the lashes. Alternate your position by looking up and looking down while you keep your mascara-coated brush static. This will give you thorough application on your eyelashes completely covering them with the mascara.
  • Cotton swabs come to rescue! If you have accidently smudged or left a mark of mascara on your eyelid after you have done your shadow makeup or you have mascara on your under eye area, take a cotton swab and spin it on the mark until it is gone.

Cotton-swabs-for mascara

  • Apply a coat of primer and dust some loose translucent powder under your eyes before mascara application and place a tissue paper. This mascara application technique gives guaranteed results. In the case of accidental application if you leave a mascara mark it becomes very easy to remove it. After application remove the tissue and dust off the excess loose powder.
  • Use your other hand to slightly stretch your eyelid in the upward direction, giving the mascara coated wand access to the base of your eyelashes and ensuring the complete application. Your query on how to apply mascara perfectly just got answered. If you are using your right hand for application use your left hand to stretch the eyelid upwards and wiggle your brush thoroughly while working your way upwards from the base of the lashes. This wiggling of the brush will give you thicker and fuller lashes instantly and this is one mascara tip that always works.


  • The eyelash curler is your power tool! Keep the curler in front of your hair dryer on the lowest setting. Let it become lukewarm and then use this heated curler to give that wave like curl and shape to your eyelashes. For effective results hold the lashes in the curler and then apply the mascara at the same time.


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These application techniques for mascara are super clever and foolproof ways of making your mascara work every time.

So folks! It’s time to get your best mascara out of your makeup box and give those usual eyelashes a totally revamped and modified look. Time to give your eyelashes that everlasting makeover, and leave the town green with envy!

Let the mascara magic begin!

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