How to Do Eyebrows Perfectly at Home?

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Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame your eyes and define your face. But it is not necessary to rush to a beauty parlour to keep them in shape. Rather you can learn how to do eyebrows at home and master this trick with the little practice. You can shape your tweezed eyebrows quite easily with makeup. Believe it or not, you can get the best natural shape for your brows using some handy makeup tools.

How to Do Eyebrows at Home?

To do your eyebrows at home, follow these steps and you will certainly shape them like a pro. Here, we’ll start with steps for plucking eyebrows precisely.

How to Do Eyebrows Perfectly

Let’s have a look at the step by step procedure on how to do eyebrows at home.

1. Start Plucking Eyebrows after Determining the Starting and Ending Point

Plucking Eyebrows

Finding the perfect shape is important to know exactly how to pluck eyebrows. To find the starting point of your eyebrows, take a tweezer or any brush will do. Now hold it vertically so that it touches the outer edge of your nose at the bottom. Use any eyebrow pencil to mark this point with a vertical line.

It’s time now to find the ending point of your eyebrows. To do this, place the same tool at an angle on your cheek from the bottom of the nose to the outer rim of your eyes. Again, mark the point where your brows meet the tweezer or brush.

Next you should pluck the tiny hair beyond these points that you have marked.

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2. Determine the Thickness of Your Eyebrows

Once you have plucked the extra hair on the sides, find the stray hair on the bottom part of the brow. To do this, draw a line on the bottom side of the eyebrow in tandem with the natural shape of your eyebrows on the top side. Pluck all the hair that falls below this line.

3. Finally, Give a Perfect Shape to the Arch of Your Eyebrows

Give a Perfect Shape to Your Eyebrows

To learn completely how to pluck your eyebrows, you must know how to shape their arch. In this regard, remember that the arch of your eyebrows should be slightly higher on the outer edge of the iris and rest on the brow bone. Mark this particular point with an eyebrow pencil and remove all the hair below this point. After shaping the arch, give perfect shape to the tail as well. This way you will learn how to do eyebrows perfectly.

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There are some handy eyebrow-plucking tips that will help you better. These tips for plucking eyebrows are:

  • To see and pluck each hair neatly, use a magnifying glass of approx 5X
  • Never let your eyebrows reach the temple area. They should fall in line with the length of your eyes only.
  • Don’t try hasty tweezing of your eyebrows. This may ruin their looks completely. Instead, work slowly with one hair at a time.
  • Avoid too much thinning of your eyebrows. Make slight variations while plucking them.

Eyebrows Threading Tips

These tips for plucking eyebrows are of great help. But for completing this tutorial, you need some eyebrow threading tips as well. So, here they are:

For threading eyebrows, you need to determine the desired shape of your eyebrows and start with gathering the tools like:

  • Cotton thread roll
  • Pencil to mark the shape
  • Brow brush
  • Scissors
  • Baby powder

Once you have them all, start eyebrow threading with these simple steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a well-lit room. Taking the pencil, draw the line to join the starting point, ending point and arch of your eyebrows. This determines the shape of your eyebrows.
  • Take the cotton thread and tie a knot to secure it and cut the excess thread hanging from the sides.
  • Dab a little baby powder on your eyebrows to lessen the pain. Now, hold the knotted side of thread in one hand and keeping this hand firm, wind the other hand holding the other side of the thread. Winding it multiple times will form a portion in the middle of the thread that will be used for threading eyebrows.

Baby powder for your eyebrows

  • Place the winged portion of the thread on the hair that you want to remove. Now, keep the fingers of one hand closed and open those of the other hand. While doing this, the thread touching hair will work on removing them. Repeat the same process with other hand and you will find your hands working like a pair of scissors to thread the eyebrows perfectly.
  • After this pulling is complete, use a brow brush to see if you want to trim on your eyebrows. If yes, trim them. Next, clean up the lines and powder.

How To Use Eyebrow Brush

The threading of eyebrows is complete. If it hurts, use an ice cube or aloe vera gel to relieve the pain.

After taking all this pain and hard work, you would love to see your eyebrows in perfect shape and colour, right? So, take some time for learning how to do eyebrows with makeup. It is quite simpler.

  • Firstly, brush your eyebrows with a spooler or eyebrow brush to know the points where they actually need to be filled up.
  • Use the colour that matches flawlessly with your brows to fill all the areas with sparse hair with very light strokes for the natural effect.

How To Fill Your Brow

  • Use the pressed powder in a matching colour to define the shape of your eyebrows evenly.
  • Blend all the colours with a spool brush.
  • Use some coloured gel in the matching shade to set the eyebrows in place.
  • If you want, dab some translucent powder to trace the outer edges of your eyebrows.

Translucent Powder For Eyebrows

These are the easy tips that will teach you how to do eyebrows. Once learnt, they will definitely help to accentuate your eyes perfectly even without any extra makeup.

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