Eyeliner Tutorial : Your Quick Guide to Anything and Everything About Eyeliners!

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When it comes to eyeliners the possibilities are endless! A quintessential eyeliner tutorial to know anything and everything about them is a must for beginners in the makeup world. From felt pens to liquids and from gels to pencils! You name it and it’s already there on the shelf. An eyeliner is one such product that when applied, gives an instant and much-needed definition to the eyes. Eyeliners add that extra oomph factor to any face without much fuss. Just one swipe of black on your lids can get you through the day with ease, comfort and style.

It’s a well-known fact that a woman’s eyes do all the talking. Eye make-up brings in a totally new dimension to a woman’s beauty. Eyeliners make a woman’s eyes look sharp, edgy and magical. Whether coloured or metallic or just the plain and powerful Black, eyeliners add to the sex appeal of any girl.

Eyeliner Tutorial

This tutorial will help you in the best possible way to know how to do eyebrows perfectly at home?

Different Types of Eyeliners

A wide variety of options available today in the market, under endless brands, can make the selection of the right and suitable eyeliner a little bit confusing, challenging, exhaustive and overwhelming. We give you an eyeliner tutorial & gist of the latest happenings of the eyeliner category.

1. Pencil Eyeliners

Pencil eyeliners are easy to use, very manageable and controllable and best for an amateur in makeup. If gone wrong can be corrected easily. They come in a wide variety of colours. All that is needed to be done is to draw a line closest to the lash line. They are available in a wide variety of colours. The best results of this kind of eyeliner can be achieved only when the tip of the pencil is well sharpened for a clear stroke.


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2. Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners are the ones that need the maximum amount of attention to detail of the stroke of the liner on the lid. It demands a steady and a stable hand and a lot of practice. Usually comes in a bottle with a soft and long bristled brush but nowadays some brands have come up with felt pens. You can draw a dotted line on the lid first and then join the dots to draw a defined slick line.


But, the hard work and practice is paid off when you do a cat eye or a winged eye or dramatic Arabic eyes with this eyeliner, as liquid eyeliners work the best for these styles.

3. Gel/Creme Eyeliner

The Gel / Creme eyeliner, frankly speaking, is not made for the woman on the go. Because of having a creamy base it needs a steady hand too and is mostly used by makeup experts and professionals. It takes more amount of time to dry as compared to liquid and pencil eyeliners so it is best for smudging to create smoky eyes. Usually, come in a tiny little pot along with a fine tip or an angled brush for a more precise application. But its strongest point is that it is the most long lasting out of all the types of eyeliners.


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Eyeliner Tutorial : Tricks & Techniques of Eyeliner Application

Whether you are a new born baby in the makeup world or a perfectionist with your power brushes, mastering the art of eyeliner application is one of the most important techniques you must learn. Follow this eyeliner tutorial & Kick start by drawing the basic line straight, slowly move on to cat-eyed and winged liners and then to other advanced eye makeup tricks. When applied in the right way, eyeliners act as an instrument in reshaping your eyes.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners?


  • Choose the right product. It is the most basic criteria for a professional-like look. The consistency of the liquid should be smooth and lump free. It should glide on smoothly on to your Eyelid.
  • Prepare your eyelids. A good base gets half your work done. Prime your eyes with a foundation and primer and dab on some loose powder. This loose powder will help you get rid of the crease stamp if it happens.
  • Get in a comfortable position. Whether you are standing and leaning towards the mirror or resting your elbow on the table and your hand on your cheek. Make a firm grip of the liquid coated brush. Ensure your hand is stable and unshaken.
  • Do not draw a line in the first attempt as it increases your chance of a bumpy and wavy line.
  • Now close your eyes halfway and draw a dotted line as close to your lash line as you can get. You can use dots or dash as per your convenience.
  • Now join the dots/dashes using small and short strokes. Then finally go all the way starting from the inner corner towards the outer.
  • You can give an upward stroke or flick towards the end for a winged eyeliner look.

Voila! You just gave yourself a professional eyeliner look that is dramatic and not at all beginner – like!

Beginner Eyeliner Look

1. Top Lash Line

Close your eyes half way and pull your lid taut to draw a line. For the first application wiggle the brush through your lashes. In the second application, swipe the brush or your felt tip across the lid confidently and achieve a chiseled look in one go. If needed give shape with an angular brush.


2. The Cat-eyed Look

The simple yet powerful way to highlight the shape of your eye is to do the most fashionable style of eyeliners is the cat-eyed look. The cat-eyed look is just an extension of the simple line we draw on the lash line. All the difference is made by taking the flick of the liner in an upward direction towards the corner of the eye. Different designs can be made along with cat eye.


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3. Dual-Toned Eyeliner

A dual-toned eyeliner look can also be created by using a black coloured liner with a sparkly metallic or plain coloured eyeliner i.e. two strokes on the lid and under the lower lash line.


4. The Smokey Eye look

Smokey eyes make a big impact in a subtle way. And actually it is pretty much the other way round of what we think. Yes, it’s easy! All you need to do is get your hands on a smooth eyeliner swipe a stroke across your lid and take a blending brush and give your eyeliner a soft smudge. Blend and smudge your crease and the outer corner of your eyes smoothly, so that no lines are visible. For a deeper look to your eyes, tight line your eyes i.e. colour the inner side of your under your lid.


5. Coloured Bottom Liner

Coloured and metallic eyeliners make a youthful and fun yet subtle statement. They are trendy, super bright and add a burst of freshness to the eyes. You can swipe a colourful liner under your lower lash line and add a colourful stroke on your lid. Ranging from Aubergine, Aqua Marine Blue, Earthy Greens, to Pop Orange and Neon Pinks. Play with a host of colours!


We all have some must-haves in our bag for the on the go parties and surprise outings and maximum women tend to carry eyeliners in their bag. Any makeup kit would be totally incomplete without the King of makeup- The eyeliner. Eyes are the focal point of your face, any person’s attention is first drawn to your eyes. The most expressive feature of your face deserves all the attention, and Eyeliners serve just that purpose.

So Ladies! Go through this eyeliner tutorial & Let your Eyeliners work their Magic! 

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