Top 20 Best Eyeliner Brand 2020 – Liquid, Gel & Pencil Eyeliners!

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Things To Consider While Purchasing An Eyeliner

  • The prime step to consider while purchasing an eyeliner is to know the color you are looking for as well as for the occasion you are willing to wear it.
  • Not only the color, the thickness of the eyeliner is also considered while purchasing an eyeliner.
  • Know whether your hands remain steady or shiver while applying eyeliner, as this would also help you get in touch with your required eyeliner.
  • Try to get a waterproof eyeliner that wouldn’t smudge on applying or flake giving you long-lasting look.
  • Check whether the store or department allows you to check the eyeliner before purchasing it. If yes, check some samples before getting one for yourself.
  • The type of brush you select is also vital while you select an eyeliner.

Top 20 Eyeliner Brand 2018

Top 20 Eyeliner Brand 2018

Eyeliner is one of the makeup ingredients that the women need to have while getting ready. The magical makeup ingredient comes with the capability to change the shape and outlook of your eyes when applied. Whether you go for basic eye pencils, liquid eyeliners or with gel eyeliners, they hold an important role in giving you that killer look from day to night. As the eyeliners are used on a regular basis, its demand has also increased. Due to this, there are a number of best eyeliner brand available in the market to select from.

Here are the top 20 eyeliner brand that ruled in 2018.

1. L’oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner

This eyeliner by L’Oréal has proved to be quite helpful for me. I was just a beginner in using kohl or any eyeliner which gave blunders to my eye makeup. I then came across this best pencil eyeliner which helped me to a great extent for getting that perfectly straight line. I use it on the upper and the lower eyelids and don’t even have to face any kind of pain while applying it. But sometimes, when applied with too much of darkness, it would slightly smudge when gets in the touch of water. So, if you are going to cry after using it, make sure you apply it less. Again, when it comes to eyes with contact lenses, this eyeliner is a big NO as it gathers in the eye corner giving you a blur vision.

2. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

The product comes with a number of benefits like long-lasting, dark black strokes, waterproof, and what not. However, if you are looking for that magical bridal look, this might not give you desired results. The product is useful for day-to-day use, offices, parties, etc. but it also requires a touch up when gets in touch with water as it may lose some darkness. Also, make sure you go for Made in USA product rather than Made in China one to avoid fake eyeliner. With a perfect brush and gel, this provides you with a proper eyeliner in just one stroke.

3. Almay Intense Brown Liquid Eyeliner

Almay is a popular brand for giving out best liquid eyeliner in brown topaz color. The eyeliner is popular for giving out a dashing color, perfect application, smudge-free features, and much more which gives the user a good level of comfort while using it. The eyeliner gives a natural look at the eyes highlighting your eyelids with that mild yet embossing makeup. However, the user needs to pay attention while using it for the very first stroke as the eye makeup might smudge a little. It is advisable to use less quantity for the first time and allow it to dry before you open your eyes.

4. L.A. Girl Cosmetics Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil 354 Dark Brown

This is the best waterproof eyeliner that is adorable for the colour shades it comes with. The pencils are generally not only smudge-free but also come with a comparative price. And the good news is that this eyeliner wouldn’t shatter down even after you have a shower or visit the pool. This is a recommended product for those who are tired of using the same eyeliner every time. The best part of the eyeliner is that it gives a perfect match to all kind of complexions. The only thing that would trouble you while using this eyeliner is how to remove it, which can be made slightly easy by using cotton or tissue rubbing on it.

5. Royal Care Cosmetics Purple Rain Proof Eyeliner

Are you looking for something that can help you out in a monsoon? Royal Care Cosmetics has given out the best gel eyeliner in purple that has stolen the hearts of many. The product is mineral and alcohol-free, which give a smooth texture and is also safe for those wearing contact lenses. This is one of the eyeliners that are safe to use for the women having oily skin. With a smooth application and equalize length application, the eyeliner has proved to be a bulletproof eyeliner. No doubt sometimes it happens that the point of the eyeliner when gets old spreads out which would make the eyeliner quite thick and spread. So, if your eyeliner is getting old, make sure you apply with due care to avoid panda eyes.

6. Mirenesse Cosmetics Forbidden Ink Eyeliner

Women who want to get relief from that panda eye makeup mostly are suggested to go with the Mirenesse Cosmetics Forbidden Ink Eyeliner. The product is also the best eyeliner for the waterline, which gives a bold look to the eyes on the application that is long lasting. Moreover, it is also easy to remove the eyeliner without causing and mess while cleaning. The product is made from organic wax along with Raspberry oil which is an antioxidant. Hence, if you are allergic to any of this ingredient, or any kind of oils, this eyeliner is a big NO for you. The eyeliner would remain at its best for the first 24 hours, however, if you are looking for the next 24 hours, you would surely need to give it a touchup as it would get lighter. Also, to remove this eyeliner, you would require a branded face wash, after which you would be able to use some cotton to remove it.

7. Prestige Liquid Eyeliner Envy 0.1 Ounce

For women who are looking for an eyeliner that is not too dark, bright or light, Prestige liquid eyeliner would definitely suit your choice. The brush it comes with is also perfect that gives a line with medium thickness and desired one in a single stroke. The strong eyeliner is also available in a number of selective colours to get from. To remove this eyeliner is also an easy task, as you would only require some cleaning wipes for the same. The only problem with this eyeliner is that it might smudge during summers, so keep with you some tissues if you are applying it on hot days.

8. DollyWink Super Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

This bold and dark black eyeliner is mostly recommendable to the women that come with shivering hands and find using liquid eyeliner difficult.It comes with a perfect brush of the eyeliner that gives a clean line with required thickness and darkness from the beginning to the end. With zero messy effects, it is loved by women having thin eyelids for an original appearance. The color also comes with required pigmentation which makes the eyeliner flow with ease from the liner. No doubt the eyeliner is waterproof, there are still chances that it would smudge if you move in hot temperature.

9. Shouhengda Double Head Seal Eyeliner

Looking for an eyeliner with a professional touch? The Shouhengdahas given out the best liquid eyeliner with dual heads. It comes with a thick and thin brush that allows you with perfect lines over the eyelid and at the corners also. The eyeliner dries out quickly which is an important feature it is like purchasing. The party-themed eyeliner is also easy to remove without any messy eyes, best for women with sensitive eyes. The product is also used for stamping purpose for the beginners giving both thin and thick lines. However, the life of the eyeliner is merely for 10 hours after application.

10. Palladio Liquid Eyeliner, Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a new shade for those looking for something snugly. The is among the best waterproof eyeliner that is carried out in summers to prevent the eyes from getting messy. The main benefit of using this eyeliner is the well-sharpened tip that makes the application of the eyeliner easier with that perfect thick and dark appearance. However, if you come with oily skin, make sure you don’t select this eyeliner as it would melt every hour and you might need to keep yourself busy with tissues. Not advisable for the freshers thinking to begin with liquid eyeliner with shaking hands.

11. Shiseido Integrated Snipe Gel Liner BR620

This eyeliner in gel gives the best brown shade. One of the important features of the eyeliner is that it comes with gel cream which gives a smooth line and outlook also. The eyeliner is also available in black color and is long lasting. The gel liner also dries out quickly which makes it the prime choice for quick application results. Nevertheless, when it comes to long-lasting feature, the eyeliner might disappoint you as it would surely get disturbed when it comes in contact with water. This product is also not advisable for the young women wearing lenses as it might irritate them.

12. Styli-Style Liquid Metals Eyeliner 521 Gold

Since its launch, this has become a popular eyeliner for women while looking for a charming look in functions and other similar occasions. The bright yellow color it gives out with a shining effect is capable to grab anyone’s heart with that winged eye application, especially, for the slight fair tone. Another plus point of the eyeliner is that it can be easily combined with other shades to give an awesome look.The only problem is that the eyeliner would smudge when used in summers. Also, if you are a starter of using liquid eyeliners, avoid this product.

13. Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel 003 Liner

For women who want that dark color with a metallic highlight over it, this is the best pencil eyeliner that comes in gel form. The pencils don’t crease, clump, or even smudge during or after application. The eyeliner is widely suggested for the oily skin women as this saves them from that Panda eye effect, especially, during summers. However, this eyeliner is not made for applying inside the eyes. It can be used on the outer side of the eyelids both up and down, or for giving curvy ends without allowing it to enter the eyes, leading to irritation, or other sight issues.

14. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner Black

Just give it a try, and you would definitely love it the first time you use it. With a dark color, the kohl when applied on the waterline brings out the actual shine of the eyes. It is best carried out by the women with small eyes. It comes with a creamy and waterproof texture which is the best for the sensible skin tone or sensible eyes. It is used for instant looks, but it doesn’t also come with that bridal dark color for your eyes. They leave a rough black effect, with a greying touch to the eyeline color. The eyeliner is also difficult to remove, and requires smooth purified removing tissues.

15. Wet N Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner 864 Plum

This eyeliner is the best for the teens who love experimenting with new shades.This plum color, liquid eyeliner is designed for you. It gives the wearer green eyes with a vibrant look when applied with the tiniest brush end that is sharp enough to give you required thickness. The color, thickness, boldness, etc. it gives you lasts for alonger period, and is also easy to remove with aquick-drying option. The eyeliner is rare to find, which makes it expensive too. It comes with a range of colors, but there are some that are not smudge proof like purple, blue, etc. So, make your choice wisely, or simply go with black.

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16. Tarte Eye Opening Clay Eyeliner

This is the ultimate eyeliner for the pencil lovers. One among the best eyeliner for waterline, this pencil liner is designed for the women with sensitive skin. With slight robust color touch, it gives a clay like smooth look to the eyes for a gaudy and metallic look. With zero chemicals, it has been a boon for nearly all the skin tones and sensitive skin too. But the product is hard to find not only in the stores, but on online stores that has affected its popularity. It provides the eyes with nourishment, but it may also damage the eyes when used by women allergic to specific eyeliners including clay.

17. Voronaji 114 Mehron Cream Makeup Pro Pencil

Mehron has remained the choice of women who are looking for a safe product for daily usage. It is best used for getting that long curled corners of the eyes with the best waterproof eyeliner in pencil. The product is also suggestable to the beginners for getting a straight or desired line eyeliner on the upper eyelids without stretching the eyes. The eyeliner also comes with a smudge-free appearance.  Though the eyeliner is soft, it still doesn’t give required results in single stroke, and you need to keep on rubbing it for getting that equalize look.

18. Covergirl Line Exact Liquid Eyeliner Smoke

This eyeliner gives out that lavishing smokey look while moving out of the house! Get this eyeliner and you are done with a single stroke. The gorgeous color it comes with and the proper finishing it gives a professional look to the eyes. The eyeliner is given a well-shaped point which gives an equal line to the eyelids. With all these positive effects, it also comes with a negative point that the eyeliner is not smudge free and hence, you might require wet wipes every time you enter hot areas or in sun and also if you are having oily and sweaty skin tone.

19. Laura Geller New York Line-E-Define Blackberry

This is among the best eyeliners that have to give a great defeat to the dark black liners. Available in blackberry shade, it gives a different look to the users. It comes with dual ends that are given brushes with different thickness. The liner gives you dual benefits as it gives thickness for over the eyelids and thin curves at the end for finishing. The shade is no doubt great, but the eyeliner may give you a panda eye with too much of messy effects when you try to get rid of it. The sharpness of the eyeliner may also get damaged which would give you thicker and unmanaged lines. So, if you are going with this product, prepare on how to remove it and also keep it safely.

20. Alexis Vogel Long Lasting Duo Eyeliner and Highlighter

This product by Alexis Vogel was a superhit product which gave the women dual benefits. The eyeliner not only is used for a long-lasting eyeliner purpose, but it is also a highlighter which adds to its benefits. They are also considered as the touch-up makeup kits for last moment preparation during parties. The main reason behind its less usage is the texture it gives which is not smooth and gets blotchy too. The eyeliner would easily get washed off or even wiped off without water when the eyes would be rubbed, giving you dark surrounded eyes which are difficult to clean.

The demand for eyeliners would never ever decrease. This would give the companies a good competitive market to bring something new every year. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite eyeliner brand now and gift your eyes some dedicated moments.

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