Amazing Top 10 Long-lasting Easy Summer Makeup Ideas

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Summer does not suit makeup well. Most of the products we usually have cannot stand really high temperatures and tend to melt or appear uneven. However, summer is no excuse to not look your best. So, here we have 10 Easy Summer Makeup Ideas & tips on how to choose makeup products in summer.

10 Easy Summer Makeup Ideas

Easy Summer Makeup Ideas

1. Use Summer Primer

While you may be averse to putting on an extra layer of makeup in the hot days of summer, this protective coating closes your pores that reduce sweating. So you have less chance of ruining your makeup. Primers with SPF also act as sunblock, which is an essential in summer makeup.

Summer Primer

2. Apply Dense Foundation

Pick a foundation that is waterproof and also has dense pigmentation. This helps to conceal blemishes without slathering on layers of foundation. The foundation should be creamy, not watery and has a long-lasting formula.

How to apply dense foundation

3. Make Sure it Blends Well

If you sweat a lot in some parts of your faces (‘T zone’ is the most common perpetrator), makeup in this part can look sparse while the rest of the face looks okay. So, it is essential that you blend your makeup well so that there is no visible line.

4. Apply Light Coat

Always use light makeup for summer because gravity will not be forgiving otherwise. As sweat loosens the makeup layers from your skin, they will tend to slide due to their own weight if you have used multiple layers of makeup. So apply a single, light coat. Silicone based formula are light and also withstands humidity well.

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5. Cream-based Shadows

If you use powder shadows, you will have a bad time in summer because sweat and powder make for an unpleasant cakey appearance. So it’s time to switch to creaseless cream based shadows that will stand the test of time.

Cream Based Shadow

6. Keep Setting Spray Handy

A makeup setting spray is the best thing to have in your bag if you can’t carry all your products with you. It sets the makeup and unlike makeup setting powder, it works well with oily skin too.

Setting Spray

7. Waterproof Mascara

While the cardinal rule of summer is waterproof, we cannot stress more on waterproof mascara.

Waterproof Mascara

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8. Try Liquid Liner

A pencil is easier to apply, but this summer, brave your fear of liquid liner because it will not smudge like pencil or kohl and keeps your eyes bold and penetrating all day long. Make sure your summer eye makeup has a waterproof formula too.

Liquid Liner

9. Color Gloss Your Lips

Your lips look chapped when you are dehydrated which is understandable in hot days of summer. So tint your lips with color gloss rather than lipstick. There are plenty of good chapsticks available, but select one with high wax content or otherwise it will be sticky and runny in the sun.

How to apply color gloss

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10. Oil Absorbing Sheet

This is a great tool to have in your bag, especially if you have an oily T-zone problem. These oil blotting sheets soak up excess oil and just a dab to prevent smudging.

Oil absorbing sheet

No doubt, with these ‘Summer Makeup Ideas’, you are bound to look fresh and chic from dawn to dusk. So, what are you waiting for? Try them today and share your experience with us.

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