How to Find the Perfect Face Moisturiser?

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Facial moisturiser is an essential component for your daily skin care regime. We are not alone to say that. Even dermatologists around the world recommend using moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated for long. Though, finding perfect face moisturiser can be quite overwhelming at times, especially, when you are spoilt for choice. Numerous brands competing with varied price tags and varieties like lotions, creams, ointment, etc. all give you tough time choosing the right one.

Why Do You Need Facial Moisturiser?

When you daily cleanse your face, it strips your skin of hydration along with bacteria and dirt. Water under your skin keeps it soft and gentle. The condition worsens for dry skin that fails to retain its elasticity and become vulnerable to premature ageing. Here, facial moisturiser comes as a saviour for your skin. It locks the natural moisture of your skin. At the same time, it also pulls out the moisture from inside layers to the topmost layer of skin.

Face Moisturiser

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Two types of ingredients are included in facial moisturisers to block the moisture inside and to bring it on the top layer. These ingredients include mineral oil, petrolatum, dimethicone, and lanolin for the former while proteins, vitamins, urea, and glycerin for the latter. But knowing this jargon may also not be enough for choosing the best face moisturiser. It is a trial and error kind of process that may be confusing most of the times.

How to Find the Perfect Face Moisturiser?

By choosing right kind of face moisturiser, you can save lots of bucks spent on skin care treatments and avoid any undesired breakout on your face. Here are some simple guidelines that you can follow to get glowing and hydrated skin forever –

1. Start from Knowing Your Skin Type

You must understand your skin type to choose the best moisturiser for the face. You must know whether your skin dries up during the day, it has uneven or patchy tone, it gets oily, etc. Just understand the basics of four major skin categories, viz, oily skin & dry skin, firm or wrinkled, sensitive or not, and pigmented or not pigmented. Most of the brands have their facial moisturisers labeled according to different skin types for your ease.

2. Look Out for Ingredients of Face Moisturiser and Not Price

Always remember that you are prone to be fooled in skin care industry if you pay more attention to price tags. The products that are priced high may not be promising enough for you. And remember, there are no strict regulations on these products. So, do not get swayed by the marketing gimmicks of companies.

For the better choice, sort them according to ingredients. Avoid fragrances in the list of ingredients, if you have sensitive skin. The first five active ingredients hold the key. Prefer glycerin to be on top in this list to protect your face from allergic reactions. Also, these combinations may be available at reasonable prices at generic stores. So, the price has no play here.

3. Prefer the Face Cream with Sunscreen

For healthy, younger looking, and glowing skin, you need to protect it from harsh UV rays of the sun. So prefer sunscreen content in your facial moisturizer. At least, choose SPF 30 or above for this purpose. There are many brands offering this combination at reasonable prices at the supermarkets near you.

4. Consider the Climate

Yes, weather also has its say in the selection of facial moisturizer. You tend to lighten up your skin care baggage in summers and do vice versa in winters. It is because, in the hot season, thick layers of moisturisers may lead to skin issues including breakouts. You need to pick non oil based or non greasy moisturiser for such weather. It is exactly the opposite for winters when the skin gets excessively dried up. You need to apply a thick moisturiser to prevent damage caused by dry winds.

5. Go for Prescribed Moisturiser for Sensitive or Dry Skin

If you have very sensitive or very dry skin, consult a dermatologist for choosing right face moisturiser Prescribed facial moisturisers contain AHA lactic acid to smoothen the skin. They may also include Barrier creams that lock the moisture for long on your skin.

So, now you know how to choose the right moisturizer for your face. But this is not enough. Always apply it on the damp skin for better results.

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