How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Household Items?

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All women love a flawless and glowing skin. For this many of you girls sacrifice eating your favorite things, go to the gym daily, and keep drinking water even when you are not thirsty but still many of you keep wondering that why you are not able to achieve the perfect skin like models. Did it ever strike to your mind that the makeup brush you have been using can be the reason? Yes, most of the women are neither aware of the fact that unclean brushes have a potential amount of impurities that can keep you from having a healthy skin, and nor are they aware of how to clean makeup brushes.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes?

Why Is It Important To Know How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly?

1. To Maintain Hygiene

To know how to clean your makeup brushes is essential even if you apply makeup once in a blue moon. Many ladies think that their skin is clean but it has various things on it like oil, sweat, bacteria, dead skin, etc. When the makeup brush touches your skin, it accumulates all these things and if it is not cleaned time to time, it can become a major reason for skin infections, acne, pimples, etc.

2. To Save Your Money

The makeup brushes need to be cleaned regularly, to even maintain their life. Any makeup brush will not last for the expected time or do the job well as it should, if not cleaned regularly. When the makeup sticks to the brush and dries, it can start breaking the bristles or the hair of the brush. This will prevent you from using and applying the makeup properly, and eventually, you will have to buy a new one. Since the good quality makeup brushes come with a high price tag, you really do not want to spend on them every month.

3. To Apply The Makeup Properly

The makeup brushes have been designed with a purpose of letting you apply the makeup with a perfection. Now if you have not cleaned your makeup brush in a while, the gunk on it will make it almost impossible to get the fine lines, and no lady would want to go even in her backyard with a makeup that has not been done properly.

Sometimes it is also possible that the makeup powder that you used the last time, mixes with the new one and ends up giving you a totally different shade than what you were expecting.

So whether you are doing personal makeup at home or you are a professional makeup artist, it is important, that you know how to clean makeup brushes.

Important Things You Must Know About How To Clean A Makeup Brush?

If you believe that rinsing your brush with water will be enough to keep them clean, you are wrong. The makeup products stick to the hair of the brush and do not come off easily. They also hold the dirty bacteria and sweat along and thus become the reason for all the skin problems.

The cleaning of the makeup brushes should be done with proper products and also on regular basis. The brushes that you use for cosmetics in liquid form (concealer, foundation, etc.), should be cleaned on daily basis. The brushes that you have used for powder based products, may not need to be cleaned on daily basis but once in a week is a must.

Now a makeup brush can also be cleaned using the chemical based cleaners, but that is again unhealthy for your skin. Fortunately, there are various household items that can be perfect for you to clean the makeup brushes. Keep reading this post to know some of the best ways to clean the makeup brushes with the things you can very easily find at your home itself.

1. How To Clean Makeup Brushes Using Castile Soap?

You can use the castile soap to easily clean your brushes. You will need few basic things like warm water, toilet paper, a clean and dry small towel, and a flat surface that is clean and can be used to dry the brushes later.

To get the best cleaning, wash each brush separately. The water should not be very warm. The right temperature would be the same as you need for washing your hair. While washing the makeup brush, be gentle as the bristles are soft and can break if not handled with care.

Dip the bristles of the makeup brush in warm water and make sure that it has absorbed the water. After this, you will need the castile soap. Take few drops of it on your palm and roll the bristles of the makeup brush in it. Roll the brush both clockwise and anticlockwise and then rinse it. It will clean the brush completely, but if you think it is not yet clean, make sure to follow the steps again. To figure if your makeup brush is totally clean, rinse it with tap water and if it has been cleaned properly, the water running through the bristles will be clear.

Now keep the brush on the towel and let it dry naturally with the air. If you want the brush to dry fast, you can even use a hairdryer, but do not forget to switch to the low, cool setting. Do the same with all your makeup brushes and use them only after they are completely dry.

2. Replace The Castile Soap With The Bar Soap

In case you do not have castile soap, you can also use the bar soap that you use for the daily purpose. To clean your brush rinse it water and after that just take the bar and massage it with the brush. The soap will clean the bristles from head to toe. To remove the soap, use warm water, but make sure that it is not extremely hot or the bristles may get damaged. Just the way you would dry the brushes when washing with castile soap, do it with the bar soap too.

One thing that you must remember while washing your makeup brush is that the barrel should not be allowed to get wet. This makes the barrel loose and as it holds the bristles, the bristles start falling.

3. How To Clean Makeup Brushes Using Liquid Dish Soap?

You can also use the liquid dish soap and a sponge to clean your makeup brushes. This is a convenient way that will help you keep your brushes clean, and also allow you to maintain their life. You just need to apply the liquid dish wash to the sponge and let it soak. Use enough liquid to let the sponge have a soapy surface. Take the makeup brush you want to clean and rub it on the sponge. Be gentle but make sure that the bristles are rubbing properly against the sponge. Later rinse the brush and let it dry naturally.

4. How To Clean Makeup Brushes Using Liquid Dish Soap And Apple Cider Vinegar?

Now you know how important it is to clean your makeup brushes and in case you have not cleaned them for a long a time or since the time you bought them, use this method to remove the overgrown dirt and bacteria.

Take warm water in a cup and add liquid dish wash (half tablespoon) plus apple cider vinegar (one tablespoon). Now soak all your brushes into the solution and let them be there for a while. The apple cider vinegar will remove the hard to remove gunk without damaging the soft bristles. After you see that the gunk has become soft, use cold water to rinse the brushes. let them dry naturally after they are totally clean.

5. How To Clean Makeup Brushes With Coconut Oil?

We have known the various benefits of the coconut oil for our skin and hair, but did you know that it can also be used to clean the bacteria and dirt from your makeup brushes even? The coconut oil is anti-bacterial and thus when you use it to clean your makeup brushes, you make them more safe to be used on the skin.

To use the coconut oil, you will need liquid hand wash and liquid dish wash. Mix a tablespoon of each in a glass of water, and this will give you a fine thick lather. The solution should be thick like a paste.  Soak all your brushes in this solution and rotate each brush in order to make sure that every single bristle gets treated with the coconut oil. Later you will need warm water to rinse the brushes. Warm water will remove the greasy coconut oil and dirt, but leave behind the antibacterial qualities. Make sure that the water is not very warm or you may damage the bristles of your makeup brush.

Questions That You May Have Regarding How To Clean Makeup Brushes DIY Techniques

1. How much time does it take to clean the brushes completely?

If you have been regularly cleaning your brushes then it will hardly take a couple of minutes to clean the makeup brush thoroughly. In case you have neglected them for a while, it might take time, but you can be sure that it will not be more than an hour. The drying time depends on the environmental conditions of the place where you are drying them.

2. Does cleaning brushes damage the bristles?

Cleaning the makeup brushes does not damage the bristles but enhance the life more. It depends completely on how carefully you wash your brushes. If you are rough while washing them, they will definitely lose the bristles. And another fact is that, if you are not cleaning the brushes regularly, then also the makeup brush can be damaged.

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