Feel refreshed and happy; Get the right soap!

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Let’s Know Body Wash Vs. Bar Soap!

Some Unknown Facts

  • Body wash provides you with amazing moisturizing benefits for dry skin.
  • Too much of body wash leaves your body or hands greasy in case you don’t wash out the lather properly.
  • Make sure you rinse off your body well after using body wash and then use cold water to close your body pores.
  • The body wash comes with good nourishing elements that are proven to be the best in skin care.
  • If you want to use the soap or wash for exfoliation, go with a bar that provides you with intense scrubbing.
  • Bar soap provides you with efficient fragrance as compared to the body wash.
Body Wash Vs. Bar Soap; Choose the right one to feel refreshed and happy

Body Wash Vs. Bar Soap

Feel refreshed and happy. When it comes to choosing a bar soap or a body wash, the health of the skin is crucially involved in it, and hence, one needs to be very sensitive while selecting the best for their skin. Just move to a beauty shop, and you would get confused with the variety of brands supplying you with various body wash and bar soap. Just as the clothes differ from person to person, similarly, the skin texture also differs, and hence, the selection must be done properly. When it comes to the bar, it comes with low cost, which makes it a widely selected option. While the body wash is mistaken to be a luxurious skin care product, with a good lather forming feature. However, when it comes to using it, both need to be stored properly as they might breed some bathroom bacteria if proper care is not taken.

Both the body wash and the bar soap have their own pros and cons, which make them equally better for you if selected with proper care. Confused what to go with! The selection of any of them can be done on the basis of what you are looking for while bathing. Here are a few points on Body Wash Vs. Bar Soap that would help you in your bathroom shopping.

1. Looking For A Perfect Cleansing Product! Get A Bar Soap-Feel refreshed and happy

Bar Soap - A Perfect Cleansing Product

When it comes to cleansing your body accurately, the bar soaps win the debate. The bar soaps come with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate along with various other antibacterial ingredients that are quite active in dealing with dirt and oil from the body skin. They also prove to be the best product in the process of daily exfoliation. Thus, bar soaps have the property to give you a clean and oil free skin when used daily for bathing.

2. Want A Product For A Complete Skin Care Solution! Body Wash Is The Best to leave you refreshed and happy.

A Complete Skin Care Solution

Body wash is made with lower pH levels, that makes it the best solution for sensitive skin. The product gives you a great variety of versions for different skin textures, like some have a good quantity of petrolatum, while some come with good moisturizing features. Hence, you can get the best solution for your skin care queries while using body wash.

3. Want To Smell Good After Bathing With A Long-Lasting Fragrance! Go For A Bar Soap to feel refreshed and happy.

Bar Soap For Long-Lasting Fragrance

No doubt body wash comes with a variety of fragrances, but they don’t last more than a few hours. However, when bars are used, they have the ability to provide your body with the fragrance that last long. Some of the bars are made with allergy friendly ingredients, and hence, you also get a choice to select scented or unscented bars according to your needs. Finding the unscented body wash would be a tough task, which can also be harmful to the sensitive skin. Hence, if you are looking for a product with long lasting fragrance, pick up the best bar soap according to your skin and fragrance you love to be surrounded with.

4. Which Product Lasts Long? Bar Soap Or Body Wash!

Bar Soap Vs Body Wash

At this point, the usage and the technique to use it decides whether one should go for body wash or bar soap. There are some bar soaps which, if kept in touch of water start melting quickly. While there is some body wash that need to be used in more than the required quantity to form proper lather. The bar soaps come with a solid texture, so it is likely that they would be used in a controlled way. However, using a wire soap dish helps it to last long. Well, if you want your body, wash to last long, avoid the squeeze bottles and use it in small and required quantity.

5. Are Your Hygiene Conscious! Go For A Perfect Body Wash to feel refreshed and happy.

Perfect Body Wash

Yes, when it comes to hygiene, body wash definitely wins the debate. The bar soaps are touched by nearly all the family members at home, which means more germs get attached to the bars. No doubt the soaps are used to clean your body, but what if the soaps contain germs! Can you trust the hygiene of the soap in such cases? Moreover, the germs get attracted more for development on wet surfaces, that bacteria get a hold over them soon. For people using the bar for hair wash, their hair also gets stuck to the soap which is again not healthy for your skin. Body washes in return give you fewer bacteria as the container remains tight and the liquid also remains protected too.

6. Easy And Quick To Use – The Body Wash Again Wins-Feel refreshed and happy.

Easy And Quick To Use Body Wash

While bathing under the shower, has the soap ever slipped from your hands! The answer would be often, right! Yes, that’s true. The soap slips and all you have to do is bend down frequently to pick it. The soap when falls also gather some germs on it. Thankfully, body wash is safe while using under the shower. You just need to squeeze required amount on the sponge and you are ready to bath and scrub your body. The thick lather makes it easy to clean your body and rinsing easily. Hence, you don’t need to waste your time in looking after the soap while applying to your body.

7. Yes, The Bar Soaps Are Eco-Friendly Too! For a feel refreshed and happy feeling too.

Eco-Friendly Bar Soaps

Did you ever think that the bar soaps and the body wash come with eco-friendly properties too! The body wash packings use more space while filling, as well as use more water when used. This would waste much water. The bar soaps beat the body wash in this dispute. The packing of the soap is made with paper or cardboard that can be recycled again. They also use less water as compared to the body wash products.

8. Want To Save Some Money! Go With Soap Bars- Feel refreshed and happy too.

Go With Soap Bars

The bar soaps come with a cost-effective price as compared to the body wash. The soap bars are available in single packings, packages of 2 or 3 or in bulk. No bottle and pump dispensers are used for which you are charged something extra. The body wash comes with a high price due to its packing. As it is available with a higher amount than the bar soaps, it doesn’t mean that it is a better option than body wash.

9. Traveling For Some Days! Carry A Body Wash For Convenience

Body Wash For Convenience

When it comes to traveling, bar soap is definitely a bad option. You can travel with the wet soap along with you, or you can use a new soap every day. For such situations, a handy pack of body wash is the best you can carry along. Easy and clean to use, you don’t need to pack the stuff wet or sticky to spoil your bag. Hence, if you are thinking to travel for some days, better carry a body wash for a clean journey.

10. Both Come With A Variety Of Packings

Variety Of Packings Of Body Wash And Soap Bar

When it comes to appearance, both the bar and the body wash come with a variety of packings one cannot avoid at a single glance. The bar soaps are available in various cute shapes, designs, markings, colors, fragrance, etc. Open a new bar and decorate your bathroom soap shelf with it. Doesn’t it look alluring! Similarly, you can use various different containers to store your body wash. Even there is some body wash that comes with delicate packings.

Hence, if compared, both body wash and soap bar have their own advantages and disadvantages, and thus, it depends on the user, what he/she selects for having a bath. Let’s have a limelight on the disadvantages of both the products.

Disadvantages of Bar Soap

  • Soap is made with an ingredient called caustic soda. This is the prime disadvantage of using bar soaps. This ingredient is quite powerful that it can damage your skin to a great extent. Caustic soda is efficient enough to remove the paint on a metal surface, so just imagine, what damage would it do to your skin. Let your skin dry after you have your bath, and then scratch it with your nails. Did you observe a white layer on your skin! This is one of the harmful results of using soap with caustic soda.
  • Your skin contains various natural oils. This oil is obtained by the skin from the oil glands in the body, which help in the prevention of skin disorders. When you use soap on a daily basis, it cleans the natural oils in our body and turns your skin dry and itchy too.
  • Just as the skin has natural oils, it also contains a layer of acids that are used to fight against the harmful microorganisms. The soap comes with high pH levels that are active enough to damage the acidic layer, which increases your chances to catch skin diseases.

Disadvantages of Body Wash

  • The body washes are made with gentle petrolatum and lubricants that make the products best for dry and sensitive skin. However, due to the gentleness, they fail to remove the dirt, oil and odor from the body.
  • For people having oily skin, acne, blemishes, etc. body wash is a bad option as they don’t carry acne-fighting features.
  • No doubt body wash comes with amazing moisturizing features; however, it is a bad option for the children and elders also. Their skin is quite delicate, and hence, may lose its charm or natural moisture due to the use of body wash.

Thus, we have seen Body Wash Vs. Bar Soap. Hence, both the body wash and soap bar come with specific benefits. Hence, it is important to check out your skin, its texture, any allergies you carry, skin problems, etc. before choosing any of the options for yourself. In case you are having sensitive skin or visualize some kind of reactions after using the bar soap or body wash, it is recommended to visit a skin specialist for getting the correct product.

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