The Right Order To Apply Makeup!

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Make-up has become the necessity of every female as well as male human. The Glamour world can’t deny the use of make-up every day in their lifestyle. To blend and create the make-up smudge free there are various products available in the market.  You just don’t need to get confused over various products. Just buy the products which best suits your skin type and give your skin natural look. The initial step to being with the makeup is to know the right makeup order and use the best tools available for the make-up.

Makeup Order

Makeup and Makeup order are used to highlight the best features and hide the ones which basically make you feel self-effacing. When your appearance is prettier, you can make a notice of yourself to others. This will ultimately develop the confidence and you become more fruitful and contribute more in terms of any actions and stand a point.

There might be various blogs and articles in this regards but here this article helps you make aware of the right makeup order, make-up types and some questionnaire with the answers.

Makeup Application

The Order of Makeup application needs to be correct and accurate so that it becomes easier for the people to follow an order of makeup routine. The Right order to apply makeup is given below:

1. Cleansing The Face Thoroughly

Cleansing The Face

Always remember, before starting any makeup you need to completely clean the face with a good cleanser or a face wash. This helps to clean the dirt and dust particles from the face allowing it to settle and look supple. And do not forget to wipe off the earlier make-up or night make-up residues from the face.

2. Moisturizing Or Using Sunscreen To Settle Down

Moisturizing The Face

Always moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated for 30 minutes before following the make-up order. You can also use a good quality serum to set for 30 minimum minutes. Before applying the makeup, you should consider the texture of the skin.

3. Face Makeup Order

The face makeup order is given in the following steps:

a. Use A Primer

Use A Primer

Before any makeup, you should add the Primer on the Face. Primer is used to enhance the longevity and impression of the face. You can also apply the primer with the brush or fingers. The Primers helps the makeup stay resilient.

b. Apply Foundation

Apply Foundation

There are various types of foundation in the market but it is applied in one stroke in an even way. Using a foundation as the natural skin tone implies the skin to look more natural.

A Liquid foundation is easier to be applied with the fingers. Even though it is more likely to cause bacteria and create breakouts.

c. Applying Concealer

Applying Concealer

The motive of the concealer is to hide out the uneven skin and the blemishes like dark spots, acne or dark circles. You should always use a brush in the upside down, down the nose, center of the head, and upper lip direction. You should use a shade which matches the skin tone over the red or patchy areas.

d. Setting Powder

Setting Powder

Setting Powder should be applied over the concealer and foundation part.

Use a sponge to apply the powder under the eye area, face and around the neck. The setting powder helps you to get the crease-free make-up to hold the foundation in place.

e. Putting Up A Highlighter

Putting Up A Highlighter

Put a 3 shape on the face (around cheekbones) up to the forehead for the ultimate highlight. Highlighting the areas around cheekbones and around the forehead makes the makeup look natural and provides the illusion. It also helps the face and makeup looks brighter and roused.

f. Do The Contouring

How To Do The Contouring?

Contouring involves adding a powder which is darker than the actual skin. It should be done on the forehead, jawline, hairline, and sides of the nose. Contouring helps the face looks thinner and longer.

g. Spreading The Blush

Spreading The Blush

Apply blush on the cheeks and smile while spreading it. You should apply it with a brush. Always Remember that heaving blushing might be a overdo of the makeup.

h. Eyebrows

Fuller Type Eyebrows

This step is optional and is done with the people who do not have fuller type eyebrows. You should always go in the direction of the growth of the brows which sets the eyebrows completely.

i. Eye Make-Up

Eye Make-Up

Applying the primer over the eyes helps the eyeshadow to stay longer. It helps to keep the eyeshadow long last. Use the tip of the fingers to dab the primer and help it set crease free.

The next step is to apply eye-shadow over the eyelids. Use an eyebrow blending outwards. Use a cream to highlight the eyebrows. Remember; in case of multiple colors of the shadow always blend together.

Apply Eyeliner to create a smoother look. The next step is to finish off with a Waterproof Mascara. Always apply two coats of the Mascara as this will create a less natural look.

j. Applying Lipstick

Applying Lipstick

Use a Lip Balm to smooth the lips. It helps the lip products last longer and look livelier. The next step is to apply a liner (Lip Liner) which matches the color of the Lipstick. Create an outline and fill in the gaps with the Lip color.

Apply the Lip color in the center and towards outwards. You can choose any vibrant colors or bright hues.

k. Give The Look The Final Touch

Give The Look The Final Touch

Always complete the look using a fluffy brush and rectify the mistakes if any. Apply a setting spray which helps stay the makeup longer.

Makeup Checklist

The ultimate Makeup checklist is easier and comes with a sequence of events. The everyday makeup list includes the following things:

1. Concealer

Concealer For Makeup

A concealer should be creamy and used to cover the blemishes.

2. Foundation

Foundation for Makeup

It helps to make the face look appear even and if you do n’t want to carry a foundation then carry a tinted moisturizer.

3. Blush

Blush for a warmer tone

Always look for a warmer tone.

4. Translucent Powder

Translucent Powder For Makeup

It sets the makeup and gives it a shine.

5. Mascara

Mascara to defines your eyes

It defines your eyes and makes the lashes look more volumized.

6. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow to highlight the eyes

Helps to highlight the eyes and the eyebrows.

7. Lipstick

Lipstick For Bold Look

Gloss makes you look more vibrant and bold.

8. Powder And Fluffy Brush

Powder And Fluffy Brush

Use a rounded brush to complete the makeup and blush brush to dab the cheeks.

9. Eyeshadow Brush And Crease Brush

Eyeshadow And Crease Brush

Eyeshadow brush helps cover the eyelids thoroughly whereas a Crease brush is a smaller brush which adds a darker shadow to the edges.

10. Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner Brush

It is a small and flat brush which adds an angle to the eyes.

FAQ’s Related To Makeup And Makeup Order Application

1. Do you contour before or after foundation?

Ans. Contouring is done after the application of the Foundation. The first step is the application of Primer, foundation, concealer, and contouring.

2. Is application of primer before or after a moisturizer?

Ans. Primer is applied after the application of a moisturizer. The first step is to wash the face or cleanse properly. The next step is to apply moisturizer or sunscreen and then application of a Primer.

3. What order to apply makeup?

The order to put on makeup is:

a. Primer

  • Foundation or a BB cream

c. Concealer and contour

  • Blush, bronzer or a highlighter
  • Eyeshadow

f. Mascara and Eyeliner

d. Lipcolor.

  • Setting with the powder

4. How can skin look good without makeup?

Wash the face in the morning, evening and in the night. Moisturize the skin every day and make it look soft and hydrated. Exfoliate with a good face wash. Use a skin toner and sunscreen every day. Also, use an anti-wrinkle cream and never touch your face. Do not squeeze the pimples out of curiosity or do not be desperate to get the flawless skin immediately. The process of skin care is longer and it takes time to get that supple skin.

5. Is it really bad to put a makeup on an acne?

Ans. Some makeup can clog the pores and make the situation worse. It is always good to use a chemical free makeup for your skin. Many times, makeup is good for the skin.

6. What should be the first step to start with the makeup?

Ans. The first step is to start with a primer. And the next step is to apply concealer and then foundation.

7. How do I apply a Primer?

Apply the primer on the center of the face and use gentle and circular motions to blend it in the outwards direction.

8. What should be applied after foundation?

Ans. Always cleans the face with a face wash. Apply toner and then moisturizer. Apply concealer on the darker areas of the face. It helps hide the blemishes away from the skin. Apply foundation which matches the skin tone. And then apply a powder brush or setting powder to get the perfect look.

9. Should we apply foundation of the eyelids?

Ans. You should never use a concealer or a foundation on the eyelids as a base of the eye makeup. It will cause irritation of the eyes or a crease. Apply it with fingers if you want coverage of the eyes.

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