Eyeshadow – Get Your Best Eye Look with Simple Steps to Follow!

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Some Interesting Facts About Eyeshadow

  • Eyeshadows were firstly used by the Egyptians around 12000 years ago.
  • They are available in forms like mousse, flabby sticks and creams.
  • The application of eyeshadow is mostly suggested if you are looking for the heavy colour eye with a smoky impact.
  • For giving your eyes some white impact or brightness, eyeshadows are given a shimmering impact in the corners of the eyes in the inner portion.
  • During the ancient times, the eyeshadow was known as fucus, which was made from precious stones like malachite stones and marine stones.
  • Women in Japan used to make eyeshadow using ingredients like crushed floral petals, rice flour, and bird droppings.
  • The eyeshadows also have a metallic ingredient in it popularly known as Micah for a shimmering look.
  • The life of an eyeshadow powder is as long as two years.

Eyeshadow Step by Step Guide

How does Eyeshadow Help in Enhancing the Eye Makeup for Different Occasions?

Eyeshadow tutorial is one of the most searched tutorials for getting the best makeup for various occasions. Women generally go for foundation and then move towards the eyes, which generally leads to blunders sometimes. The fact is that the professionals mostly go for the eye makeup first before heading towards other steps for getting that perfect look.

Do you know, the shape of the eye also has an important role while applying the eyeshadows?

Yes, it’s true. The shape of the eyes should also be considered while looking for the best eyeshadow to make your outlook more appealing. Different faces come with different eye shapes, and when makeup is added to it, it gives a unique look.

This is also the prime reason why one should look for tutorials to learn how to apply eyeshadow. The tutorials give you the perfect way of application along with colour selection and other important techniques.

Eyeshadow Step by Step Guide for Different Eye Shapes

Whether you are moving to any evening parties, day picnics, or even for da routine wear, there are different eyeshadow tutorials for beginners to obtain the best look. The faces come with different eye shapes which have their own technique of eyeshadow application.

Here is popular eyeshadow step by step guide that would help your eyes in getting a dignified look.

1. Eyeshadow for Round Eyes

Eyeshadow for Round Eyes

For the women with round eyes, the eyeshadows are generally given a darker corner on the inner side. The eye shape gives you an opportunity to choose from small cat eye style or straight lines to highlight the brow bones. For getting that desired eye look, here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Start with the inner corners by applying eyeliner moving towards the outer side.
  • End out with straight or curvy eye lines.
  • The next step is highlighting the brow bone by applying eyeshadow in the light portion on the inner side of the eyes catching the corners.
  • After the highlighting part, go for some eyeshadow with a medium portion on the lid above to give your eyes a proper contrast.
  • The final step would be applying some heavy or dark shade for some creasing impact.
  • Blend the eyeshadow beginning from the outer side to the middle portion of the eyes.

2. Eyeshadow for Almond Shaped Eyes

Eyeshadow for Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes have been the widely searched eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes. They come with a proper shape that gives a balanced look to the eyeshadow. Women with this eye shape can go for a variety of looks according to the dress they select. Here are some easy steps to go with.

  • Begin with eyeshadow from the corners of the eyes in the inner portion.
  • Head towards the outer corners ending with curvy lines for a cat-like look or straight for the normal look.
  • Highlight the brow bones with light eyeshadow texture in the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Apply medium texture of eyeshadow colour on the eyelids.
  • Finally, apply a darker texture of the eyeshadow on the outer and medium portion of the eyes to give a glossy impact.

3. Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes

Confused on how to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyes? The hooded shape gives your eyes a small appearance, and hence, you need a different texture for the eyes to give them a wide look. Women with hooded eyes should also focus primarily on the round portion of the eyes giving it proper highlighting. Follow the steps below for a smashing eye look.

  • For hooded eyes, begin with the inner corners by applying a light shade of the eyeshadow to the eyes.
  • Apply a medium shade on the hooded or curvy lid of the eyes.
  • Go for a darker shade to design your curvy eye portion for a complete makeup.
  • For a finishing touch, extend the eyeliner to the outer corners giving it a continuous stroke or curvy stroke.

4. Eyeshadow for Mono-Lid Shaped Eyes

Eyeshadow for Mono-Lid Shaped Eyes

Looking for something different for mono-lid eye shape! The mono-lid eyeshadow tutorial is widely looked for by the women in Asian countries. The small eyes when given a perfect eyeshadow get a bigger look for brighter facial look. Here are some quick steps to get the eyeshadow.

  • For the mono-lid eyes, start the eyeshadow by highlighting the corners on the inner side of the eyes.
  • Extend the eyeshadow to the centre of the eyelid giving it a slightly darker look.
  • For creasing the begin from the outer sides stretching to the inner corners giving the eyes a medium eyeshadow texture.
  • Make sure you form an illusion while creasing on the round portion of the eyes.
  • Take a dark shade of the eyeshadow and focus on the round portion giving it light smoky impact, avoiding the lid centre part.
  • Go for a thin layer of the eyeliner from the inner corners giving the eyeliner a thicker texture while moving to the outer corners.

5.  Eyeshadow for Prominent Shaped Eyes

Eyeshadow for Prominent Shaped Eyes

Having prominent and brown eyes? This eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes would surely give your prominent eyes a beautiful look. Also known as protruding eyes, they are famous for getting that sensual look when given proper eyeshadow. However, applying eyeshadow to such eyes can be slightly tricky. Simply follow the steps below to make the tricky task simple.

  • For the prominent eyes, nude eyeshadow is the best way to give your eyes that wanted the look.
  • Apply the nude shadow to the complete lid for giving a drowning impact with redness forming shadows.
  • Use a matte over the shadow for giving a shimmering look.
  • Apply dark or medium eyeliner on the bottom eyelashes giving a balanced look.
  • You can also replace the eyeliner with the eye pencil or waterline
  • If thinking to apply falsies or mascara, make sure you don’t over apply it.

6. Eyeshadow for Close-Set Eyes

Eyeshadow for Close-Set Eyes

Close-set eyeshadow tutorial comes with the quick application as it gives the eyes the required shine and brightness. The main focus for this kind of eyes while applying the eyeshadow is the brow bone along with the inner lid. Here are the quick steps to getting this eyeshadow done.

  • For close-set eyes, start the eyeshadow makeup with highlights on the brow bone portion.
  • Also, make sure you cover the inner lid of the eyes and the round part of the eyes while highlighting.
  • Use medium colour shade and stretch out on the outer corners giving a bright and wide look.
  • Take a dark shade or colour for the outside portion of the eyes.
  • Crease the outer portion of the eyes for giving it a contrast look.
  • Begin with the eyeliner on the middle side of the lid further extending it to the outer side forming a straight line.

Henceforth, how to apply eyeshadow also depends on the shape of the eyes for giving your eyes that smashing look. Apart from this, the eyeshadow texture also depends on the colour of the eyes. Women having eyes in brown should go for eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes which comes with any colour base that looks the best in the sun. While for those having eyes in green should select either purple or burgundy based eyeshades. While beauties in blue eyes can select any of the colour shades in brown.

How do the Professionals Design the Eyes the Best Eyeshadow?

Search for a single eyeshadow tutorial and you would be confused with various available online. However, there are certain tips that would help you in getting that professionally designed eyeshadow. Let’s go through some of the tips that would help you in getting that gorgeous looking eyes.

  • Always check the eye shape before beginning with the eyeshadow tutorial for beginners.
  • Go through the lingo for determining the part of the eyes that need to be considered while applying the eyeshadow.
  • Select the correct brushes for giving your eyes that perfect stroke from variously available brushes like blending brushes, precision brushes, angled liner brushes, smudge brushes, etc.
  • Give your eyeshadows an accurate selection of eyeshadows from loose eyeshadows, cream-based eyeshadows, and pressed eyeshadows.
  • Take care while priming the eyeshadows, or use the translucent ones that help in dusting to light shades.
  • For the dark and shining outlook, use a white liner initially before applying eyeshadow.
  • Check out the eyeshadows for bifurcating among the palette and other eyeshadows for designing the crease, lid, outer corner, and the under brow.
  • Know the proper use of eyeshadows like quintets, quads, trios and duos.

So, what are you looking for! Get the best eyeshadow tutorial and begin the journey to make your eyes more attractive and lively.

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