Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial Step By Step!

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Eyes illustrate the beauty! And beauty catches the eye! Well, EYES have the more significant way to express and to impress. In the Glamour world, each and everyone loves to wear makeup and do complete justice to their skin. But we have in store for you the natural eye makeup tutorial to look natural.

A natural eye makeup can be pretty and embellishing. Even if you have already tried to set the natural eye makeup before it looks more subtle and submerged than before! The initial step is that you need to moisturize the skin and the eyes properly. Then apply concealer to the blemishes and around the eyes. In the next step, you need to apply foundation all over the face. Foundation and Concealer help hide blemishes, dark circles, pimples, red spots etc. It creates an even look and even color. Do remember that you choose a foundation which matches your skin texture and the skin color.

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

We all want our skin to glow with that natural eye makeup. Always use products which doesn’t do the caking on the skin and make the skin breathe.

Here are some tips and complete procedure to get that best natural eye makeup and achieve it so-on the point.

Best Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Natural Eye makeup step by step method-

1. Apply Liner With A Brown, Black Or Gray Liquid Liner Or Kohl

Like we have Lip Liners before applying Lipsticks or Lip Gloss, similarly, we have Liners for the prominence of the eyes and lashes. This step gives you the freedom to provide prominence to the eyes and create a shape you want. It completely depends on the texture of the liner and the priority as to how you want to apply. Whether you want to remain smudged or you want it to clearly define it.

Apply the liner on the lash line so that it looks like a natural lash line. This is often called as tight-lining. Make a dotted line with the kohl and then join the dotted lines from outer to inwards. Always make sure that the liner’s tip is sharp so as to keep it free from getting disintegrated. If you are in hurry, you can skip this step and try it out for some Smokey eyes or apply mascara will also do.

2. Applying Mascara

The Mascara completely transforms the eyes and makes it look subtle. Always apply the mascara from the roots and wriggle the mascara to the tips. This way it voluminizes the lashes and makes your eyes look bright and youthful.

Once you apply one coat of mascara then you need to wait for 10 seconds and let it settle. If you desire for a second coat then apply it after 10- 15 seconds so that it doesn’t get lumpish. You can use a curler to curl the lashes before applying mascara. You can hold the mascara in a horizontal position to make it look thicker or in a vertical direction for a natural look. Don’t pump the mascara frequently to get the natural eye makeup.

3. Applying Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow helps the eyes look deep and it gives dimension to the eyes. It highlights the eyes and eye color. You should always ensure good quality products as well as brushes. They last long and ensure proper application.

If you want that the eyeshadow remains longer then you should apply a primer before applying the color to the eyes. Similarly, if you want vibrant eyeliner then you should apply for white eyeliner. Always use a darker shade (for the bottom side), just above (use a medium shade), at the top (use a lighter shade) and always blend them well.

4. How To Shape The Eyebrow And The Tips?

Eyebrows are always not given the importance and are underrated. Many times, well-shaped eyebrows are the game changer. They can frame up the eyes and the beauty quotient. Many people don’t really have the dark and properly shaped brows. But you don’t have to worry now as this will surely help you out!

Always match the eyebrow shade with the hair color. Always make the look of the brows natural that defines the eyes.

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

Natural eye makeup for brown eyes step by step Procedure-

1. Select The Colors

While choosing the colors always keep in mind that you choose colors that always look natural and similar to earth tones. If your lashes and brows are brown or black then always apply black liner or mascara that suits the best for you.

If the hairs are red then give it a try for auburn or brown. If the hairs are blonde then taupe mascara will suit more. You can experiment with the brown eyeliners anytime. Always pick an eyeshadow which matches the skin tone or closer to it.

Do you wear glasses? Here are useful makeup tips for you!

2. Avoid Using The Glitter And The Shimmer

Gold colors and metallic colors go very well with the brown eyes but can wreck the illusion of natural eye makeup. And if really want to try for the metallic colors then, first match the matte colors with the skin. Try using skin shades for natural makeup for brown eyes.

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial For Green Eyes

For the green eyes, it is incredibly enchanting that they can use some best shades. You can always pop using various techniques and colors to get that natural and simple look. The five best colors for green-eyed gal are Gold, Wine, Shimmering Taupe, Purple, and Smokey Grey. To get that natural Eye makeup for green eyes all you need is a simple technique which we will check out below:

  • Using a flat brush, use a peachy eyeshadow on the eyelids.
  • Also, add white eyeshadow to the upper line (lash line) and blend it completely.
  • 3. To form the V, and crease free makeup, apply a brown eyeshadow.
  • Curl the lashes and then apply mascara(two coats).
  • This natural makeup for green eyes is perfect for the day and helps keep the eye makeup minimal.

Some Basic Tips For Eye Makeup

  • Always remember, whatever the color of your eyes is, apply an eye primer to make the eyeshadow last longer and prevent the shading or fallout.
  • Neutral browns are best for a daytime supple look.
  • Do opt for brown or black eyeliner for regular or daily makeup.
  • Go and try some trendy look which goes best with your eyes (green, black, blue or green).
  • Clean and wash the eyes before and after the makeup. Use a good eye makeup remover to wipe off the makeup. Apply under eye cream, aloe-Vera gel to make the eyes look refreshed.
  • There are various other makeups for eyes like Smokey eyes, Bright eyes, hooded eyes, everyday makeup, and eye makeup to start up with (beginners).

FAQ (Questions And Answers Related To Natural Eye Makeup)

1. What are the steps for eye makeup for beginners?

Ans. The natural eye-makeup for beginners goes in the following flow:

Applying Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow.

2. How to remove eye makeup?

Ans. Always use good quality products for application and removal of makeup. Do not use face-wash, shampoo or any other product for removing eye makeup. You can use coconut oil or baby shampoo for removing eye makeup. Wipe your eyes for removing the remove before washing it with water. Use a cotton ball too softly dab and remove the makeup.

3. How to hide the puffiness around the eyes?

Ans. Use a concealer before applying the eye makeup. Also use a night cream, Aloe Vera gel, use ice and drink plenty of water to get rid of the under eye bags. Take a good night’s sleep to get that fresh and vibrant eyes naturally.

4. How is eyeliner made or what is the content?

Ans. Eyeliner contains thickeners such as natural gums, clays, and waxes. It helps to stick to the lids. It includes iron oxides to get that black or brown shade, ultramarine to get that blue, titanium oxide for getting the white, and chromium for the green.

5. How to use an eyeshadow for brown eyes?

Ans. The first step is to use Primer on the eyes. Add brown eyeshadow to the crease lash line. Blend the line and make sure it is crease free. Apply gold shimmer or a glitter on the eyelids. Apply a jet black liner.

6. How can I make my eyes look bigger?

Ans. There are always ways through which you can make your eyes look bigger. Always define your brows. Add dimension to the crease and shimmer to the inner side (corner) of the eye. Also, use light and neutral colors on the eyelids. Apply two coat of mascara to the lower lashes as well as to the upper lashes. Curl the eyelashes using an eyelash curler. In this way, your eyes will look more prominent and larger.

7. How do I make my eyes smokey?

Always use a light base that matches your skin tone. For example white, ivory, cream, tan etc. Apply using a brush or a sponge tip applicator for the entire eyelid for the entire eyes( upper line(lash) to the eyebrows).

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