How To Apply Liquid Lipstick?

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Some Unknown Facts About Liquid Lipstick

  • Liquid lipstick gives you the feel of lip balm with a glossy and hydrating touch.
  • They are capable to give you a bold color that stays on your lips for a long time.
  • The liquid lipstick usually fills all the curves of your lips giving you a smooth texture.
  • The liquid lipsticks are accompanied with the glowing highlighter for giving the perfect shape to your lips.
  • They are popular for giving you attractive selfies.
  • The liquid lipstick is easy to spread over the lips.
  • They are the best when looking for the best vintage look.
  • Liquid lipstick with matte effect is the best to carry out while making with your partner, as the color wouldn’t get transferred to him.
  • The liquid lipsticks done, turn your face down during hot days, or when the temperature increases.
  • No doubt all the liquid lipsticks are similar, there are special brands that are enticing than others.

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick?

Liquid Lipsticks – An Introduction

Tired of using those old sticks to color your lips! Want to have a change of your lips!

The year 2015 brought a new change for the makeup lovers, which is still moving in the minds of the women. The year gave a new kind of lipstick to the women, which lasted for long periods, and also gave a new and smashing look to the lips. The liquid lipstick got a rapid response to the fashion world, that most of the women were found questioning how to apply liquid lipstick to the search engines.No doubt during the summers, women go for reserving lipsticks that provide them with moisture and gloss, the spring season gave a quick boost to the matte liquid lipstick for that perfect outcome.

The liquid lipstick comes with an exclusive formation, which works similar to the liquid gloss. The formula of liquid lipstick can be either mousse-y, little dingy, or completely dry. Getting that liquid lipstick on your lips would be a challenging task, but it would add some more toughness if the liquid lipstick is used for winters. There are a few precautions you need to watch over while applying the liquid lip color for that classy pout. There are few secrets to be followed while applying the liquid lip color, as if not applied with due care, it may lead to bleeding of your lip skin or even can dry them.

How To Apply Liquid Lipstick?

Yes, just as you need to prepare for some new recipes, your trial exams, and much more, you also need to keep your lips prepared for the application of liquid lipstick. Here are some steps that would help you in getting the best-looking lips with liquid lipstick.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliate Your Lips

Forgiving that smooth base to your lips, it is important to deal with the dried skin or the cracks on the lips. Thus, it is important to exfoliate your lips before you begin with how to apply liquid lipstick without lip liner for giving that flawless look to your lips. You can use a toothbrush or a cotton towel in the process of exfoliation to get that smooth lips for applying lipstick. You can also go through various DIYs for exfoliating your lips in the best and easy way before you apply liquid lipstick.

2. Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturize Your Lips

What if your lips are dry and you apply any kind of lipstick! They would give a dull appearance with cracks in between. This happens when your lips are dry. Hence, while thinking about how to apply liquid lipstick correctly, the first step is to moisturize them using a lip balm. Also, the liquid lip colors stay for a long period on the lips which can also dry them. Hence, it is important to keep your lips moisturized. Also, make sure you select a lip balm that is made on wax grounds like the beeswax lip balm.

3. Use Some Highlighter For Your Lip Line

Highlighter For Your Lip Line

In order to emphasize your lip line, you need to give some time to use the highlighter and decorate your lips. The curved area of the upper lip should give a perfect shape, for which highlighter is an important ingredient. For this, apply a minute portion of highlighter on the cupid’s bow that would help in reflecting the light and would also give your lips a natural look, that adds to the beauty of your lips.

4. Apply Some Concealer Around The Lips

Concealer Around The Lips

While looking for how to apply lipstick like a pro, you must know that the concealer is quite essential. The liquid lipstick may bleed out on some areas of your lips to your skin, especially, when it is sweaty, hot or humid. To avoid such blunders, you can use concealer around the lips or lip line with the help of a makeup sponge. This would not allow your lipstick to bleed and remain within specific boundaries for a perfect lip shape.

5. Go For Lining Of Lips

Go For Lining Of Lips

This is an optional tip. You can either go for it, or leave it. However, it would provide you with that lasting definition your lips would have ever desired. If you are willing to apply the lip liner, this is the best time to go for it. You can apply it completely or merely to the cupid’s bow to standardized look. While lining the lips, start with the cupid’s bow and move the lining towards the center of the lip. Similarly, carry the other side portion. At the end, use some small strokes on the outer side of the remaining lips.

Hence, in this way, you can make prior preparations for getting the smokey look with any of the liquid lipstick. This also helps to a great extent while applying the liquid lipstick.

6. Applying The Liquid Lipstick

Applying The Liquid Lipstick

Are you and your juicy lips ready to begin with the liquid lipstick? Here is how to start with the final procedure for applying the liquid lipstick.

7. Start With Your Lower Lip

Start With Your Lower Lip

The answer for how to apply liquid lipstick correctly is to begin with the lower lip. For this, take the brush of the liquid lipstick, also apply it on the corners of the lower lips on the outer side. Slowly,while applying it, move downwards to the bottom of the lower lip on the edge. Cover up your complete lower lip using the liquid brush. Then fill your lower portion of the lip with some mild swipes of the liquid lipstick.

8. Bring The Lips Together

Applied the liquid lip color to the lower lip properly? Now before you commence with the upper lip, press the lower portion of the lip with the upper portion of the lip. This is done to transform some of the excess color of the lower lip to the upper lip. Keep in mind that this would definitely not cover the upper lip completely, but would surely help in distributing the color equally on the lips.

9. Go For Your Upper Lips

Go For Your Upper Lips

The next step is to move towards the upper lip. Start with edge below the lip, the cupid’s bow on the outer edge and move slowly towards the edges of your upper lip on the outer side. Fill the complete upper lip properly. Again, press the lips little more time to distribute the color evenly for a realistic look. The liquid lipstick doesn’t require a number of strokes of the lipstick, as a single stroke would provide you with complete coverage of the upper lip. You can also add some more color to particular areas to give it smoothness, or provide the lipstick with an extra cover on it for an intense appearance.

10. Blotting Of The Lipstick

Blotting Of The Lipstick

Whether you choose on how to apply liquid lipstick without lip liner or with it, the next step toward that best ever lipstick shade is blotting with the help of a tissue paper. The first application of the lipstick would provide you with a glossy look, however, after using the tissue paper, you would achieve that matte lipstick outlook to make other women jealous. For this, take a tissue paper and place it between your lips. Wrap your lips as you did to make the color equal on both lips. You can also use a cotton cloth or a paper towel to do so.

11. Avoid Over Applying Of Lipstick

Avoid Over Applying Of Lipstick

If you think too much of application of lipstick would give you wonderful results, you are on the wrong track. When people are asked how to put lipstick for long time, the answer from many women is applying it over and over. The fact is that over applying would give your lips drying effect leaving your lips crusty. Hence, instead of reapplying, you can remove the complete lipstick and begin with scratching from the center to the sides. You can also use your finger with the liquid lipstick to complete coloring the tinting areas with full strength.

12. Correction Of Any Mistakes

Correction Of Any Mistakes

Finally, when the liquid lipstick is done, its time now to check over if it requires any kind of side cleaning for the mess. The liquid lipsticks are stubborn and hence, do not come out easily if you make any mistake while applying. The best solution to this is to use any of the cold cream with the help of the cotton swab. Dipping the swab in the cream and using it immediately would give you proper correction.

13. Removal Of The Liquid Lipstick

Done with your event or occasion! It’s time now to remove the liquid lipstick. But, how?It’s too stubborn to be removed, right! This problem of liquid lipstick removal is made easy with the help of the best makeup wipe available in the market. The makeup remover wipes would work effectively in the removal process, followed by rinsing the lipstick color off. Also, after removing the lipstick, it is also important for you to restore the moisture that would have been lost due to the liquid lipstick.

Thus, with a few effective steps, you can get that covet lip look to enhance the beauty of your face. This might take nearly 5-10 minutes, but would surely give you the best possible result if applied in proper order.Also, after application, if the removal is done properly, it wouldn’t damage the tenderness of the lips, leaving your lips in their youth. Make sure you select a proper shade of lipstick according to your skin tone and texture, along with makeup for uplifting your outlook to a new level.

Benefits Of Using Liquid Lipstick Over The Other

Still thinking why you should move for the liquid lipstick? Here are some reasons based on the reviews of the liquid lipstick users that would encourage you to go for liquid lipstick.

  • Liquid lipsticks come in a variety of shades. Whether you are looking for red, pink, orange, or any other color, you would be provided with various shades like the trust tissues, sepia, sugar plum, dusty, blush, paint, sarafine, sorbet, veronica, and many more to select from. This means the chances to match your lip color with your outfits, seasons, etc., increases to a great extent.
  • Just have a look at various trending shows on the television or online, you would observe nearly every woman with the liquid lipstick.
  • The liquid lipsticks mostly come with characteristics like smudge proof, which is the best to carry on dates, where kissing wouldn’t leave a mark. It is also the best when you want to have a long-lasting lipstick color.
  • If you are thinking how to apply liquid lipstick without lip liner, liquid lipstick would be the best option to go with. Yes, you don’t need a liner for applying liquid lipstick anymore now.
  • Are you looking for cheap and appropriate makeup accessories? Liquid lipsticks are the best to pay for. They come with budgeted prices, which can be purchased by women of middle class too.
  • After applying liquid lipstick, you don’t need to carry out any other extra steps for giving your lipstick a matte look. Nearly all the liquid lipsticks dry after application which give a matte look.
  • No doubt they come at a budget-friendly price, they are still branded items, and are reliable too.

So, what are you waiting for! Grab the opportunity for being a diva of your life by applying liquid lipsticks, selecting from a number of shades they serve you with.

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