Daily Makeup Tips : How To Do Everyday Makeup?

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Incorporating everyday makeup into your daily routine is a normal recourse. It would mean to enhance your natural beauty or to make up for some blemishes. But formulating a makeup protocol when you are just about to start is not as easy as it may sound. You need to be aware of which products are going to suit you and their application needs to the followed in a given order. Even a simple makeup procedure may seem to be a bit time consuming and complicated at the same time. Considering the enormity of the task at bay, it would be better to segregate into small steps.

How To Do Everyday Makeup?

Preparing The Face For Everyday Makeup

You would need to start everyday makeup with a clean face- and the first stage would be to clean the face. A soap, washcloth or water (warm and not too hot) should be gently used to wash the face. If you have a habit of showering in the morning and the scrubbing of the face is over, then this step could be skipped. Listed below are few tips:

1. Clean Face

How To Clean Face?

At the end of the day, your face needs to be clean. The makeup should be removed before you proceed to bed. If you leave it overnight it can cause acne and the pores could be blocked. The opinion of the dermatologists to remove makeup is to use exfoliating wipes.

2. Application Of Moisturizer Or Sunscreen Lotion

Application Of Moisturizer

An integral part of the everyday makeup If you are spending a considerable amount of time in the sun then considers using a sunblock. It is suggested that you incorporate a product which is specifically designed for your face and avoid any greasy residue. Greasy residue makes it virtually impossible to apply any form of makeup. If you are of the opinion that the skin is prone to dryness or itchiness then application of a moisturizer would be a good idea. Most make up products can hide flaky skin, but at the end of the day, it does become evident. But if you need both sunscreen and moisturizer, then consider the application of the latter first.

3. On Your Face Application Of Primer Makeup-

Application Of Primer Makeup

As part of your everyday makeup routine, apply primer makeup. Dab it on your fingertips and then apply. It should be then worked on your hands before application. In case you apply foundation, it would imply the chin, cheeks or the nose. Most of the everyday makeup tutorial points that in case you spot eyelids, you apply it below the eyelids along with the space beneath the eyebrows. The makeup primer (general) is effective in those regions. But gentle primers tailor-made for the eyelids can be found in the market at the same time.

Getting Down To The Basics Of Foundation

1. Choice of Foundation

Choice of Foundation

On a course of your everyday makeup routine, application of foundation is important. There are presented in numerous varieties and each has its pros along with cons associated with it. Though the solid version of it sticks, the liquid ones work out to be the most sought out.

  • The choice related to the right foundation could pose a significant challenge. Ideally, you would want one to go with the natural color of your skin.
  • If you feel that the skin is part of frequent irritations, then opt for the ones that are advertised for gentle skin.
  • The quality versions of foundations work out to be more expensive. So a trial and error process is ruled out. In the quest for the choice of a new foundation, seek the expert opinion of your regular beautician or someone who is at the cosmetic store. As part of their basic makeup tutorial, they are like to provide you with a free makeup session. To compliment your natural skin tone, they are likely to choose a perfect shade. This will help you to figure out on how it looks on the skin. Do not fall under the obligation of buying something if you are not in favor of it.

2. Application Of Foundation

Application Of Foundation

To supplement your everyday makeup even an application can give the skin a smooth appearance and eradicate the flaws of it. The application of foundation is dependent on the one that you have chosen.

  • If a cream or liquid foundation is chosen, a small quantity adjacent to the middle of the face can be applied. You can rely on a sponge brush or your fingertips. Incorporate more as you need them. The foundation should not be massaged on to the skin. The key is to rely on light, striking movements as if you are painting a canvas.
  • The solid versions of the foundations are available in a stick or tube. The stick could be applied directly to the skin and the fingers could be used to apply a product as it could be in the form of a liquid. The application of foundation on the skin in the form of a stick is bound to provide you with better coverage. It is also going to result in the formation of a thick layer as well.
  • No matter whatever may be the choice of your foundation, it needs to be blend with the makeup so that it may look a lot natural. Rely on circular motions (small) with the application of choice replicating the skin to be as seamless as possible.

To problem areas concealer needs to be applied- if you come across uneven areas on an application of foundation, this could be in the form of dark circles under the eyes, then plan to cover them with a concealer. Incorporate a small portion of the areas and then the concealer needs to be the blend and the same technique for the application of foundation needs to be undertaken. This is a vital cog in the wheel in terms of your everyday makeup routine.

  • The choice of the concealer should be undertaken in the same manner as a foundation. It is recommended that you choose a conditioner which is one or two shades lighter. The reason for it is that it will compliment your natural skin tone. Most easy makeup tutorials do not suggest that it has to be exact, but you can trim down the choices.
  • Translucent powder can be brushed- during the course of application of foundation; it should end with a powder. It would mean that the everyday makeup is set, can stay longer and would not taper off. Ideally with the help of a small brush incorporate some translucent powder to the nose, skin or the cheeks.

Adding Colour

1. Application Of Blush Or Bronzer

Application Of Blush Or Bronzer

To enhance the appearance of your skin, both these products are pigmented powders. You can apply both of them as part of your everyday makeup routine on the cheeks, but bronzer could be applied on the nose or the chin as well. Just like with any type of makeup products, there are some points to be exercised in the choice of them. In case of bronzer opt for a neutral shade that is going to be a bit darker with the natural tone of the skin. In case of blush choose one that matches the color of your skin when it is flushed.

2. Application Of Eye Primer

Application Of Eye Primer

If the eye area is not primed, before putting on an eye foundation ensures it is undertaken. Most of the everyday makeup tutorials suggest that a small portion should be applied at the fingertips and then applied to the eye region. The same primer which is normally used for the rest of your body can be applied or you can opt for a special eye primer. In the process of use of eyeliner, go through the package details to find out whether it is safe.

3. The Choice Of Eye Shadow Colours

Choice Of Eye Shadow Colours

As part of your everyday makeup routine, choose a couple of colors. One of them needs to be a trifle darker than the other. Have due consideration on the type of look you are considering. The natural look is important as people will not even take notice of the fact that you have worn an eye makeup. You can also plan for a smoky look, and it is a trend that is catching up big time. In addition to this, you can opt for a colorful look and pick any shade of your choice. But do pick up that compliments the look of your eyes.

4. The Lightest Eye Shadow Needs To The First Applied

Lightest Eye Shadow

It is going to serve as the basic color. It does boil down to the look you are considering, as the base needs to be applied to the eyelid and from there to the eyebrows. Then use an eye brush applicator or a thin makeup brush as part of your everyday makeup process will be a good idea.

5. The Application Of Dark Eye Shadow To The Eyes

Application Of Dark Eye Shadow

The entire eyelid needs to be covered, but you would need to stop at the eye crease. The process should start from the eyelash, brushing up the eyeshadow and then move up to the eye crease. It should blend in well with the base color whereby the same circular motions on the course of your everyday makeup routine should be planned. It should be undertaken in the same manner as you had applied the foundation.

6. The Eyes Should Be Made To Pop Up A Little With Small Eyeliner

Pop Up With Small Eyeliner

With the aid of an eyeliner pencil, on the liquid eyeliner, it needs to be brushed and the liquid needs to be layered over the solid. Brown or black shades can be applied. The process could be part of your everyday makeup routine as well as it begins whereby your eye line is marked. It should start from the outside corner of the eye and gradually proceed towards the nose. On a route of their everyday makeup an action, some women just go on to apply eyeliner on their upper lid. In case if you plan to do with both of the lids, make it a point that the inner ones, does connect to the outer versions of the eyes at the same time.

7. Incorporate The Finishing Touches To The Eyes

Finishing Touches To The Eyes

The eye makeup is an important aspect of your everyday makeup Ideally you would want to concentrate on the eyelashes last. If you curl them then they are going to look much longer as well. Do make it a point that the curler should be incorporated adjacent to the base region. In hindsight for best effects, it needs to be near to the lash line as well. Adding a portion of mascara would not be a bad idea at all. The curler could be skipped and on uncurled lashes, you can spot mascara.

8. Adding A Gloss Or Lip Colour

Lip Colour

Just as with the case of eyes shadows, you would need to choose between natural and artificial everyday makeup colors. The basic versions of it are brown or neutral pink, which is pretty much close to the natural lip color. In addition, you can opt for a plum or red lipstick. The onus is on you to decide which color is right for you as part of your simple makeup It is regardless of the fact that makeup color needs to be added last when all the other makeup has dried.

To conclude, there are millions of makeup products on the market and you are literally spoiled in terms of choices. The key is to understand what to keep and what to discard. It could be very well possible that as part of your everyday makeup products is not used in a proper manner.

The evolution of the internet has eased matters to a considerable extent. You can go through the depth of the internet to find out some of the easiest make up procedures. There are numerous tutorials which might be of considerable help in this regard. They are easy to follow at the same time.

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