Face the Best 10 Foundations For Sensitive Skin!

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Wearing make-up has become a prerequisite today. It’s almost like the second skin of an individual. And rightfully so! In today’s world, it’s extremely important to look confident and makeup has proved to be very important in boosting the confidence level of individuals. Hence, it is very important that you wear amazing makeup and carry it with élan. More often than not, people are not educated very well about makeup.

While makeup can boost the confidence levels of individual, it can go very wrong if you wear the wrong kind of makeup or makeup which doesn’t suit your skin type. Hence, it is extremely important to first understand your skin type and then choose the right kind of products for your skin. It is especially important to choose the right foundation for sensitive skin.

10 Foundation For Sensitive Skin

Importance Of Foundations In Makeup

Foundation is also called the second skin of an individual, and rightly so. It is almost like a skin above your own skin. Let us first try to understand the composition and the properties of the foundation.

Foundation can be basically defined as a makeup which matches the colour of your skin. When it is applied to your face, it helps in creating an even colour which matches your complexion and helps in covering any kinds of flaw that you might have.

Benefits Of Using A Foundation

There are not one but many benefits of using a foundation.  Let us discuss them in brief.

  • A foundation helps your skin to age less and age slowly as it serves as a protective covering to the skin.
  • Foundation serves as a protective barrier: Sometimes, products like moisturizer, BB cream, CC Cream do not serve the purpose really well. Hence, foundation becomes the best option for the protection of your skin.
  • Protection against sun damage: Foundations, these days comes with SPF, which in turn protects the skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Foundations compliment your skin type: There are various kinds of foundations available in the market which are specially designed to suit various skin types and various complexions. This compliments your face and helps it look radiant and flawless.
  • The foundation helps in concealing any scar, blemishes and pigmentation that you might have: Though foundations do not entirely create a smooth base for other makeup products to glide on, ut does even tone your skin for the smooth application of makeup.

Different Kinds Of Foundations Available

Since there are so many skin types, there is the equal number of variants of foundations available in the market. Let us have a look at the different kinds of foundations available in the market.

  • Liquid-based foundation: This kind of foundation is best suited for dry skin as the water content of this foundation is high and it gives a good amount of hydration to the dry skin.
  • Cream-based foundation: This foundation is best for people who have moderately dry to the moderately sensitive skin.
  • Sheer foundation: This foundation is best suited for people who do not want a very high coverage. This provides a natural coverage
  • Powder foundation: This foundation is best suited for people with oily skin. This foundation helps in neutralizing the oil level of the skin.
  • Matte foundation: This foundation is also best suited for people with oily skin.

Top Foundation For Sensitive Skin

It is very important to choose the right kind of makeup that suits the skin type of an individual and more so, for people with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are quite prone to skin problems like allergy, breakouts, rashes, etc. Hence, it becomes all the more important for people with such skin type to be extremely careful about the makeup products that they want to apply to their skin.

With so many brands of makeup flooding the market, consumers have a lot of options to choose from. Not only are there so many brands, the price points of these brands are also quite varied.

Let us have a look at the top 10 foundations for people with sensitive skin.

1. Tarte Clay Skin

One of the very important ingredients of this foundation is the Amazonian clay which helps in balancing the skin. This is the reason this foundation is quite suitable for sensitive skin. Apart from this, it is quite long worn and is medium to high coverage. This means that you need to apply it once and need not worry about it for the entire day. Also, it is a vegan product. So, it is free from a lot of elements like paraben, talc, etc. This makes it an environmental friendly foundation as well.

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

The best part about this foundation is that it has hyaluronic acid which helps in keeping the skin hydrated and at the same time, masks imperfection which is the basic function of a foundation. In addition to this, it is oil free so it doesn’t clog the pores of the facial skin.

3. RMS Un Cover Up

The distinct feature of this foundation which sets it apart from the others is that it is extremely lightweight and moisturizes the skin really well. The reason behind this is the presence of ingredients like jojoba oils, coconut oils, and other organic oils. Hence, it provides the hydration and nutrition needed for sensitive skin.

4. Lorac Natural Performance

While foundations are basically meant for hiding the imperfections and the flaws of the skin, many companies are trying to make it chemical free and good for the skin. This particular foundation is rich in three botanical elements which makes it amazing for people with sensitive skin to use. It is quite light and the gives the skin a relaxing effect on using it.

5. Mac Next To Nothing Face Colour

MAC is one makeup brand that makeup artists across the globe rave about. This particular foundation is sheer coverage and is extremely soothing to the skin because of the ingredients present in it. It hydrates the skin, hides the blemishes and helps in reducing the pores of the skin.

6. Kat Von D Lock

This foundation is extremely high coverage and is filled with pigmentation. It has a water-based formula and thus is quite hydrating to the skin. This is quite beneficial for people with sensitive skin and the skin is always moisturized.

7. Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Cover Foundation Spf 25

Giorgio Armani is probably one of the most expensive foundations available, and it is totally worth spending each penny on it. Another high coverage foundation, it is made up of extremely skin-friendly ingredients making it extremely wearable for people with sensitive skin.

8. Bare Minerals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

It is probably the best loose powder foundation available in the market. The best part about this foundation is that it is made up of 5 mineral ingredients. It also has SPF 15 protection so this makes it quite protective of the skin.

9. Cover Fx Total Cover Cream Foundation for sensitive skin

The texture of this foundation which is creamy is rich in antioxidants which makes it a favourite with top makeup artists across the globe. This foundation is not just rich in antioxidant but also is free from ingredients such as talc, paraben, fragrance, etc. This makes this foundationless irritable and more wearable. It doesn’t cause irritation in the skin as most drugstore brands do. Hence, it is quite beneficial for people with sensitive skin.

10. Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation

The reason why people are literally mad about this foundation is that it helps cover the largest of pores of your skin and removes the uneven texture of your skin for a smooth application of other makeup products.

This foundation is oil free in nature and hence, can cover pores and helps even out the texture of your skin. Another added advantage of this foundation is that it is available in a wide variety of colours, is dermatologically tested and is a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin.

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