Alum : Everything About The Uses, Benefits and Side-effects of Alum!

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Some Surprising Facts of Alum

  • Alum is much effective on faces having small pimples or even acne
  • Alum benefits for skincare are many. People having loose or saggy skin can use alum for tightening the skin even at the time of aging
  • It is a quick solution for eliminating the wrinkles from the face
  • Alum is much helpful in removing the darkness under the arms which have arrived due to hair removal creams and turns it white too
  • Adding some alum and salt with your shampoo can do miracles with your dandruff issues
  • Alum was used in ancient times by women to get rid of the unwanted hair
  • Alum is quite effective in removing the lice from the hair
  • Alum can also be used in the form of deodorant as it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties

What is Alum – An Introduction

Alum! Surprised what ingredient is this? What if I tell that it is a common ingredient used for purifying water? Yes, Alum is nothing but what you call Phitkari or Fitkari. One of the traditionally used crystal, the ingredient is easily available in the Indian kitchens as it is among the traditional methods of purifying the water. However, there are many other health, skin and even hair benefits of using Alum which is still hidden beneath the rock.

So, if you are also not aware of what this crystal thing is, you have landed on the right page. Lets today explore every possible detail about Alum or say Phitkari.

What are the Health Benefits of Alum?

From baking to medications, Alum comes with various benefits. It is also popular for eliminating any kind of impurities in the water along with other health and beauty benefits. Be it any minor issues like acne to muscle cramps and many other health issues, Alum is much helpful in solving various problems in an effective and affordable way.

Here are some of the health benefits of using Alum.

1. Alumn is used for Treating Canker Sores

Suffering from canker sores? Surprisingly, alum can help you get rid of it very smoothly. The ingredient comes with properties that help in eliminating the sores from the mouth within a day. All you need to do is take a pinch of alum powder and press it on the canker sore. Rinse your mouth well after a few minutes. No doubt, this solution for canker sores would sting a little, however, it is sure to give you a sore free mouth the following day. You can also make a mixture of alum powder in boiling water, and use the water around 2 or 3 times in a day to rinse your mouth. Make sure you don’t swallow the alum powder in any way.

2. For Reducing Eye Abscess

Alum is the right choice to go with if you are suffering from eye abscess. For treating eye abscess, take some alum powder and rub it on a sandalwood stone along with some water. Rub it properly to make a fine paste. Use the paste on the boil. The paste might sting you initially, however, it would help in breaking the boil on the same day and give you relief from the eye abscess. However, make sure the paste doesn’t enter the eye while applying.

3. Alumn is a Natural Mouthwash

One of the prime reasons for having a foul smell from the mouth is due to some unwanted bacteria. This creates acids and toxins which need proper care to the earliest. And alum is the right ingredient for removing all the unwanted bacteria from the mouth and limiting its growth. Simply take some water, boil it and add alum powder to the water. Allow the water to cool and use it in the form of mouthwash to protect your mouth from bacteria.

4. For Working on Muscle Cramps

Tired of the muscle cramps? Alum is there to help you out. Alum is among the natural healers for muscle cramps when mixed with turmeric. Alum acts as a blood thinner and the turmeric as an antiseptic which works amazingly in reducing muscle cramps. It is among the quick ways of reducing muscle cramps without any side effects.

5. Alum Make the Heels Soft

Cracked heels are nearly observed in 7 among 10 people including men. And alum powder is quite effective in repairing the cracks on the heels. For using alum on cracked heels, take a Kadai or a large pan and heat alum in it. On heating the alum, it turns into a liquid state and foams too. When the water evaporates completely, a flakey mixture would be left behind. When the mixture cools down, powder it and mix it along with coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the cracks.

6. For Bleeding Cuts

Yes, alum comes with particular properties that help in healing the bleeding cuts very well. Spreading alum on the bleeding cuts helps in stopping the blood as well as preventing additional loss. But make sure, if the cut is too deep and bleeding is not stopping, you surely need to see a doctor and simply not rely on alum.

7. A Natural Aftershave

You might be surprised, but alum is among the natural ingredients used in the form of aftershave for centuries. Alum is among the best replacements to the costly creams and gels for aftershave. All you need to do is take a piece of alum and rub it on the wet face for some seconds after shaving. After using alum, you can wash the face or even leave it as it is.

8. Remedy for Athlete’s Foot

The powder of alum is also helpful in the treatment of Athlete’s Foot. For working on Athlete’s Foot, take alum powder around 2 to 3 tbsp and add it to warm water. Keep the feet inside the water and keep soaking till the water is warm. Make sure you soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. After soaking, dry the feet and avoid wearing any synthetic material until the issue is cured. Carry out this process until the foot is cured properly.

9. Purifying the Water

This is the most popular health benefit of using alum. Alum is much effective in cleaning the water that contains mud and other dust particles which can lead to various digestive and immune issues. When alum powder or even alum is added to the water, all the dust and harmful particles would settle down and give you purified water ready to drink. This is much helpful while planning camping trips.

10. Natural Deodorant

This might surprise you, but alum contains the features of a natural deodorant as it contains properties like anti-bacterial and germ-killing. This is much helpful for eliminating the bacteria from the underarms and other body parts. For making the deodorant, take some alum powder and mix it with some myrhh. Use this mixed powder in the form of dusting powder or you can also use the alum block in wet form. However, make sure you use it alternative days and not every day.

11. For Eliminating the Unwanted Hair

This is a fact that women in ancient times used alum for removing unwanted hair from areas like face, upper lips, etc. For using alum to remove unwanted hair, simply take ½ tsp alum powder and 1 tsp rose water. With a ratio of 1:2 of the powder and rose water, mix the ingredients to make a fine paste. Once you have gone through waxing, apply the mixture on the entire face or where you want to remove the hair. Allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes. Clean the face and pat dry. During the 20 minutes, if you feel the mixture is drying, sprinkle some rose water on the face. The mixture can be used on the legs, hands, and other areas. After using the mixture, you can also use coconut oil for moisturizing the skin and make sure you avoid the eyes while using alum.

12. For Tightening the Vagina

This is one of the secret benefits of using alum. Using alum can tighten the walls of the vagina, as it is among the outstanding qualities of alum. However, this ingredient shouldn’t be used for the long term or frequently as it might dry up the tissues of the vagina and damage them too.

13. For the Treatment of Dysentery and Diarrhea

As alum comes with a drying impact, the root of alum can be much helpful in the treatment of diarrhea. For the treatment of diarrhea, simply make some strong tea using the root of alum and drink it. Similarly, alum is also used for the treatment of dysentery. However, make sure you don’t drink more than 20 cups of the alum root tea for both the issues.

Apart from all these, alum is also helpful for reducing the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, eliminating the bad odor from the body, treating pimples, treating lice in the hair, etc. Using the powder of alum along with Multani mitti can be useful in reducing or eliminating face pigmentation. It also reduces itching from the body and keeping the skin smooth and healthy. Hence, combining alum powder with various other ingredients can help in dealing with various health, skin, and hair issues through DIY tips. Alum is also used in the treatment of hematuria due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It also reduces the bad cholesterol levels and increases the good cholesterol levels which is helpful in avoiding various heart issues.

What are the Side effects of Using Alum?

  • There is no scientific evidence if alum is good for women during pregnancy and even breastfeeding. Hence, make sure you talk to the doctor before using it during pregnancy or post-pregnancy.
  • It was mentioned in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology that alum affects the fertility of the sperm and also reduces the total count, particularly in men.
  • When consumed in a larger quantity, alum can be toxic also. Using alum for the treatment of fever can also lead to damage to the liver and its failure too.
  • As alum is toxic, it also increases the chances of having Alzheimer’s disease. However, this is not yet confirmed completely.
  • Increased or prolonged use of alum as deodorants can increase the chances of having breast cancer.
  • No doubt, alum is used for dealing with cuts and burns through razors, it also increases the chances of having Hepatitis A infection as the virus is not killed by the alum stones.

Alum henceforth, can be a great ingredient, but the results depend on how you are using it. It is also added to particular food items in small portions as increased use can be harmful to the liver. So, make sure you consult the doctor before starting with alum powder to reap the proper benefits.

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