How To Make Lipstick Matte to Get the Wonderful Look?

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Some Secret Facts About Lipstick And Matte

  • In ancient times, lipsticks were allowed during lunch, but were banned during dinners.
  • Lipstick matte is widely used to bring out the boldest side of the color.
  • The mattes now come with lip balm that helps in keeping your lips moisturized.
  • The rich color of the lipstick from matte gives your lips a plush look similar to that of a pillow.
  • Compared to other lipstick shades, mattes give your lips that perfect touch for taking a selfie.
  • The mattes are popular for long lasting effect.
  • Nearly 80 percent of the American women wear bold lipsticks.
  • If a woman wears lipstick on a daily basis, she would eat nearly 4 pounds of total lipstick in her lifetime.
  • During the 1700s, if a bride used lipstick rouge, the groom could annul his wedding.

How To Make Lipstick Matte

Lipstick Matte – An Introduction

What is matte lipstick? This question might have baffled many women who are simple and avoid being in trend with the latest makeup styles. Lets check out what it actually is.

Lipsticks hold an important role when it comes to women. It is widely applied not only for important functions, events, offices but also for on a daily basis. When a survey was conducted, 9 out of 10 women wore lip lines to give their lips that perfect shape and their outlook an appealing appearance. With different shades, it has won the hearts of the women. However, with the changes in the makeup trends, even the lipsticks have been given new additions to make it more shining, long lasting and classy. For this, lipstick matte was introduced to the trendy women. The question, how to make lipstick matte has been viral on the search engine with bundles of replies for getting the best results.

Lipstick matte gives that satin finishing with any of your lip color no matter whether they are dark, ordinary or bright. It gives a glossy effect to the lips that gives a playful outlook. The matte lipstick rules the lip color world that is found in nearly every private collection.

Tips On How To Make Lipstick Matte

There are various ways of changing your lipstick to matte. However, before starting the process, it is necessary to exfoliate your lips and also keep them moisturized. This would give your lips a smooth layered look for a constant application look.

Here are some DIY matte lipstick tricks that would give you that wonderful matte look.

1. Lipstick Matte Using A Transformer

Yes, now you can change any of the lipstick by simply using the lipstick mattifying product, the insta-matte lipstick transformer. With no doubt, the product gives excellent results to the makeup users. All you need to do is use the transformer after using the lipstick. Apply the lipstick to the lips and tap some matte transformer on the lipstick. This would give you instant results with glossy and dark lipstick. Remember, using the lip transformer with any kind of glosses or lip balms. There are results that it gives an adverse effect on the lips and the color also.

2. Use The Mattifying Primer

This technique of converting glossy lipstick to matte is a real surprise. The mattifying primer gives instant result on your lips for that wow look. The primer comes with ingredient dimethicone that helps to give your lips a lens blur effect, similar to the lips. However, before trying this mattifying primer, it is necessary to check twice by applying a lighter shade. While applying the mattifying primer for the first time, mixing two lipsticks may lead to irritation or piling.

3. Lipstick Matte Using Blotting Papers

If you are looking for an easiest way to apply matte liquid lipstick, go with the blotting paper DIY.  In this technique, the tissue paper is replaced with blotting paper. The blotting papers have the tendency to absorb the shine and excess oil when lipstick is applied. Hence, when used on lipstick, the paper drags out all the excess oil on the lipstick and gives you a glossy lip look, which can be named as the semi-matte lipstick.

4. Tissue And Translucent Powder

This technique of lipstick matte is popular in matte lipstick tutorial. It gives you that perfect matte looks by merely using translucent powder and tissue papers. This idea works on any kind of lipstick shade and type also.All you need to do is apply the lipstick and use a tissue paper with separate plies. Place a single plie on your mouth, and use a small brush by dipping it in the translucent powder by tapping it on your mouth. The powder should also go over the tissue. The tissue here plays the role of a filter, making sure that the powder sticks to the lips and carries away the complete shine of the lipstick. The tissue paper is also used so that you don’t apply thicker layer of the powder on the lips. This process also gives an equalizing effect on the lipstick similar to the foundation, for a long-lasting effect.

5. Lipstick Matte From Eyeshadow

Are you using an actual dark lipstick shade! Than using the translucent powder and the tissue paper wouldn’t give you that desired effect you want. For such dark shades, you can go with using matte eyeshadow of the similar color of the lipstick. For this, avoid over-application and a single ply use of tissue paper as a filter. You can directly apply the eyeshadow over the lipstick and get that desired matte look. Use a flat and small brush instead of tissue paper and use it over the lipstick to make it dry and glossy.

This were some of the available products that help in getting the best lipstick matte look. With simple changes and using the powder, you can get that matte look for long lasting dark and bold lips. The steps can be used with any kind of lipstick, that can be given a matte touch simply using concealer, regular powder or translucent powder for the finishing touch.

Facts You Need To Know Before Going For Lipstick Matte

A tribute to the retro fashion style, liquid matte lipstick has been the main cast for every occasion. It is widely opted even by the brides to give their look a mysterious touch that would last for long period, which is quite essential for the bride’s makeup.

Are you also thinking to try lipstick matte for your lips! Here are some precautions that would help you get that matte look properly.

1. Go With A Matching Liner

While selecting a bold color for your lips, you would wish it doesn’t bleed from the sides of the lip line. For such problem, the best solution is to go with a matching liner. Select a shade that would match with your lips thoroughly. Avoid going with the dual tone lip color look, that was in trend in the 90s. Going with a liner as the base or the coat of your lipstick would be a better choice. Selecting the reverse liner also works for getting the outline on your lips done. This would also avoid the lipstick to move out of the boundary line, that is, the liner. If experimenting liquid to matte lipstick for the first time, this technique would work for you surely.

2. Avoid Over Applying

There is a myth among the new appliers that applying lip color over and over gives you the bold color. The truth is that over applying would lead to bleeding on the outer side of the lip line. This would also help your lipstick to stay for a longer time period, especially from the outside of your lips. Some also keep on applying covers on top. Removing and re-applying, again and again, would also be a bad option to go with. Just go for a mirror to avoid any kind of smearing.

3. The Lips Need To Be Moisturized

While learning matte lipstick tutorial, make sure your lips are moisturized properly. Hence, make sure your lips are not dehydrated or flaked while going for lipstick matte. For moisturizing, you can use a moisture stick, balm, etc. to keep your lips fresh. The dry lips would give you a dull look for your lips, so keep on moisturizing them in the morning and night. Also, make a point not to moisturize the lips while you wear the lipstick as they might bleed.

4. Give Your Lipstick A Pop Look

While applying glossy lipstick to matte, make your lipstick color impressive. This would make your lipstick pop up. Going with a lip color that is neutral in shade, or matches to your skin tone would actually give you a pale appearance. Going with red, tangerine or pink shade would be perfect for matte lip wear giving you a vintage look or autumn look.

The lipstick matte is quite an easy way to get that complete look. The matte look wouldn’t dry your lips and give you that glossy wear. It gives a fresh and lively look, that would be there till the end no doubt whatever function you attend, or whatever dress you go with.

So, want to have that bold and evergreen look! Go for your favorite shade to make the world go crazy.

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