52 Cleaning Hacks You Will Love to Learn!

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Housewives have a tough time at home. Cleaning the house, toilets, garage, yard and kitchen and dusting furniture, cupboards, tapestry, carpets takes the juice out of them. Feels like an eternal and thankless job? Well, there are some cleaning hacks which you can try. You will really love to learn them. You will get to know some cleaning tips and tricks that can set things right with less effort. You may even enjoy some of them.

Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Amazing Cleaning Tips And Tricks To Help With Household Chores

There are so many items in the kitchen cabinet, countertop, and bathroom which can be used to make some hassle-free cleaning hacks. Let’s learn some cleaning hacks that can help you to keep your house clean without much hassle.

1. Walk around in Swiffer socks

This can easily be one of the easiest and lazy cleaning tips and tricks. Put on the Swiffer socks that you use with the sweepers. These are fine and cozy socks and you will feel good wearing these. What’s next? Just walk around your house lazily while the socks will sweep the dirt on the floor.

2. Use sponge to clear difficult areas

Feeling difficulty in cleaning bottles, flower vases, glasses etc? Take the help of your kitchen sponge. This can be one of the best cleaning hacks in your home. Take a piece of sponge, cut it into two and put them in the hands of a tong. Now catch hold of the bottle in one hand and put one hand of the tong inside and the other outside. Just move the tong around and the bottle will be cleaned without any additional effort.

3. Clean your sofa with Baking soda

If dirt has settled on the couch for a long time then it becomes difficult to remove it. However, little baking soda can help you free the couch of dirt in an effortless way. Sprinkle some baking soda on the couch and rub the powder with a brush until it settles inside the pores. Let it stay there for at least half an hour. Now, turn on the vacuum cleaner and suck in all the dirt.

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4. Use lint roller for difficult to clean items

Cleaning items like lampshade, shelves etc is tricky. You can make it easy with the help of a lint roller. Roll the lint roller over the sides and just adsorb the dirt on its surface.

5. Clean chopping board with salt and lemon

Salt and lemon together make an awesome cleaning duo. The chopping board is one item that just refuses to stay clean. Don’t get pissed off with the spotty and unclean chopping board. Rather cleanse it with a combination of salt and drops of lemon. The spots will fade away quickly.

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6. There is a smart hack to clean the blender

Some warm water and a pinch of dish washer can clean it without any hassle whatsoever. Put the water and dishwasher combo into the blender and turn it on. Let it operate for few seconds and turn off. Throw away the frothy water and rinse the blender with warm water.

7. Vinegar and backing soda make a classic combo

For obstinate marks like those in the oven you can use the powerful combo of vinegar and baking soda. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix one or two drops of vinegar into it. Blend the two well, make a paste and clean the oven with the paste. Marks will be gone.

8. Use a razor for pain marks

Paint marks on fabric! Use a razor. Such marks don’t go away until you do something drastic. Using the razor finely pick out paint marks from the fabric.

9. Got a smelly refrigerator

One of the most interesting and easy cleaning tips and tricks for a smelly fridge uses the kitchen sponge. Wet the sponge, dip it in baking soda, just put it inside the fridge and close the door. The odor will literally vanish after some time.

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10. Furniture polish helps make dull surfaces shiny

Got a dull surface in hour house? Take the furniture polish canister and spray some of it on the surface. A easy and hassle free idea; isn’t it?.

11. Prevention is better than cure

Cleaning a toaster may be difficult. So the best way is to prevent it from getting dirty. So when you use it, spread a foil over it. Nevertheless, if cleaning is necessary, just use some baking powder.

12. Cleaning crumbs of food can be tricky

One of the best homecleaning tips for wiping food crumbs off the floor is to use tapes. Cut out some portions of tape and just place them over the crumbs. The crumbs will just get stuck to the tape.

13. Clean the coffeemaker with ease

Mix one part of water with one part of vinegar in a pot and stir well. Next pour the mixture into the coffeemaker and brew it for some time. Throw out the froth and rinse the utility in running water. Rinse once or twice more to do away with the smell of vinegar.

14. Baseboard cleaning

The baseboard in your room is a difficult to clean area. It takes a lot of effort to clean this area. There is no alternative to scrubbing it. But one of the great cleaning ideas for the baseboard is to scrub it with a sponge. Dip a sponge into detergent-mixed water and scrub the baseboard with it. Use a wet rag afterwards to wipe the remaining soap of the baseboard.

15. Cleaning of air vents

It is difficult to clean air vents. One of the most intriguing house cleaning hacks is to clean the vents with a rag dipped in detergent. Wrap the rag around a butter knife and clean the vents with ease.

16. Tricky window blinds cleaning

This can be one of the laziest cleaning ideas for your home. Mix some vinegar in water with equal parts of both. Now put a cotton sock in your hand, dip the hand in the vinegar solution and lazily run your hand over individual slats, one at a time.

17. Hard water spots are difficult to clean

Cleaning the kitchen faucet with Vinegar can be one of the best kitchen cleaning hacks. Kitchen faucets may have hard-to-remove hard water spots. Just rub the spots with vinegar and wash off with water.

18. Clean the gas burners

Gas burners become greasy over time. You have to take them out and put inside a sealed bag. Now pour some ammonia into the bag and seal the bag again. Leave it overnight and the grease will be gone by morning.

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19. Removing ice from freezer can be smooth

You can melt the thin obstinate sheet of ice in the freezer with alcohol. Boil some water and pour some alcohol on it. Now dip a piece of thick cloth in it and grab the ice sheet with it. The sheet will come off in chunks after some time.Any excess water can be soaked up with a sponge.

20. Want brighter laundry! Use some vinegar

Just use a pinch of vinegar during the washing cycle. It will prevent your clothes from losing the brightness.

21. Chocolate stain on fabric! Use hot water and vinegar

If there is a chocolate stain on your child’s dress, first scrape off the excess chocolate. Now soak it in normal water, treat it well with some vinegar and then wash it in hot water. The hot water should be safe for the fabric.

22. Use alcohol on stainless steel appliances

For stainless steel appliances, using alcohol can be one of the best kitchen cleaning tips and tricks. Dip a soft cloth in alcohol and run it all over the appliance. The sparkle will be back.

23. Water rings on wooden furniture

Removing water rings from wooden furniture can be one of the most interesting house cleaning hacks. Apply some petroleum jelly on the water mark and let it sit overnight. Gently wipe off the jelly in the morning. The marks might be gone by then.

24. Nail polish mark on fabric

This can be one of the most tricky and difficult cleaning ideas. Place the stained face down on clean paper towels. Now apply generous quantity of nail polish remover on the backside. The paper towel will absorb the dripping liquid; so replace it frequently. Do this until the stain fades or goes away.

25. Remove ink stain on fabric with alcohol

One of the most obstinate fabric stains are the ink stains. Take some alcohol on a piece of sponge and press it around the stained area. Now face the stained face down on a paper towel and apply the alcohol-moist sponge directly over the back of the stain. Replace the paper towel again and again as it absorbs the dripping liquid. Do this few times until the stain becomes lighter. Now rinse the fabric in water.

26. How to clean the bath tub easily

Make a solution of Vinegar in warm water and spray the surface of the bath tub with it generously. Let it stand for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Now wipe it off with a piece of microfiber cloth. Rinse with clean water and wipe again to wife off the remaining vinegar.

27. Sea salt for the iron

To remove stains from the iron heat it up to the highest degree. Now take a piece of thick cloth or a towel and spread generous quantity of sea salt over it. After this just run the iron over the towel. Do this for a few minutes. The dirt or stain will get stuck to the salt and the iron surface will become clean.

28. Hairs on carpet

Pets end up with hairs on carpet. With a vacuum cleaner you can easily remove the obstinate hairs.

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29. Remove greasy stains on fabric with chalk

Take a piece of chalk, rub it well over the stained surfaceand wash the fabric with soap and water. Rinse in normal water.

30. Toothbrush for your computer keyboard

Dip your old toothbrush in water, remove excess water and use it to reach nooks and corners of the keyboard as well as the keys themselves. For deeper areas use a can of compressed air to blow away dirt.

31. The unhygienic kitchen sponge

Kitchen sponge is used to clean dirty and greasy surfaces and that makes it very dirty and unhygienic. Make a solution of one cup hot water, half a cup of vinegar and 3 tablespoon of salt. Submerge the sponge in this solution overnight. In the morning squeeze it several times and wash in running water to remove traces of the solution.

32. Clean the shower easily

The bathroom shower is full of soap scum. To remove it make a solution of dish wash in vinegar and water. Dip your old toothbrush into the solution and scrub the shower with it.

33. Cleaning obstinate toilet stains

The set of siphon jets just beneath the rim of the toilet is the most difficult area to clean. You can use a duct tape to clean this inaccessible area.

34. Hard water marks in toilet

To remove hard water marks in toilet use a brush dipped in vinegar. Scrub the surface with the brush with dripping vinegar. This will remove many of the hard water marks with minimum effort.

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35. Cleaning your computer monitor and TV screen

Vinegar is a universal cleaner that you can use to cleanse your computer and TV screen. Wipe the utilities with a microfiber cloth dipped in vinegar. Gently wipe the screens with another piece of cloth dipped in plain water.

36. Toothpaste can be a good cleaner

Yes, you can clean your sneakers with the toothpaste. Take some toothpaste on your old toothbrush and scrub the sneakers with it.

37. Cleaning the cabinet doors and shelves can be tricky

Cleaning the cabinet doors and shelves can be tricky. You can wipe the surfaces with cloth dipped in a vinegar and water solution.

38. Deodorise the carpetwith baking powder

Sprinkle some deodorize on the carpet, rub it with a brush and vacuum clean it. The odor will be gone.

39. Cleaning the chimney grater

Cleaning the kitchen grater with potato can be one of the most interesting kitchen cleaning hacks. Just grate chunks of potato on the grader. It will do the job.

40. Coffee stain on cloths

To remove coffee stains from garments you can use slight amount of vinegar in water. Brush the backside of the stain with a brush dipped in vinegar.

41. Cleaning the baking dishes

Take some steel wool, dip it in dish soap and scrub the dirty baking dishes with it.

42. Cleaning the Coffee grinder machine

To clean the coffee grinder use some white rice. Grind some raw white rice and the abrasive nature of rice will polish the machine easily.

43. Cleaning glitter is easy

Take some playing dough from your child’s toy store and just roll it on the glitter on the floor or other surfaces. The glitters will stick to the dough.

44. Cleaning the garage floor

Garage floors are always stained and oil is the main culprit. Pour some Coca Cola on the stains and scrub it with a strong brush.

45. Cleaning the engagement ring

You can clean your engagement ring with toothpaste. Take some toothpaste in your old toothbrush and scrub the ring.

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46. Got a burnt pan? Use baking soda and vinegar

A solution of vinegar and water can clean a burnt pan. Fill the pan with the solution and bring it to boil. Take the pan off the flame and add some baking soda to it. The solution will easily dissolve the grease and unseat the flakes. Pour the content out and rinse the pan in running water.

47. Remove broken glass from the floor

To remove broken glass pieces from the floor use a crumb of bread. Press it on the glass pieces gently and it will pick up the pieces.

48. Cleaning your hairbrush

Shampoo is a great cleaner for your hairbrush. Take a solution of shampoo in water and repeatedly deep the brush in it and stir. The dirt will slowly dissolve.

49. Clean microwave dishes

Pour some dishwash solution into the microwave dishes and put them inside the oven. Take them out after few seconds and wipe out the dishwash.

50. Remove lipstick stain with hairspray

Lipstick stain on fabric can be removedwith hairspray. Apply the spray on the stain and rub the place with a piece of damp cloth. Wash after the stain is gone.

51. Grapefruit for bathtub spots

Rub the spots in a bathtub with a cut grapefruit. A little bit of salt on it will make it easier.

52. Stocking for dirty candles

For dirty candles use your stockings. Gently rub them with your old stockings.

The above mentioned wonderful cleaning tips and tricks are extremely useful in every household and makes every day living very simple. So next time you are in a tricky situation and seeking domestic help, these cleaning hacks will help you.

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