How to Clean a Mattress to Remove Dust and Dirt?

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“How to clean a mattress?” – Are you also looking for some quick and expert tips for this question? If yes, this is the right page you have landed to.

Some Golden Rules to Look after Your Mattress

  • Make sure you air your bed every day at least two times a day. Once while making the bed while sleeping and second after sleep in the morning.
  • Develop a habit of washing the bedding approximately every week. If having small children at home, wash them twice a week for proper cleaning.
  • Use a washing machine that’s friendly to the soft mattresses and would keep them protected from any damage.
  • Vacuum the mattress almost daily so that you can clear the dust particles, dead skin cells, pet hair, or any other harmful things on the mattress.
  • Check out if you need to turn the mattress for those having a foam layer on the top, the sprung mattress, etc.
  • When you find any kind of stains or spills on the mattress, make a quick move in cleaning it to avoid any permanent stains and that unpleasant smell from it.

Keeping the mattress is much essential for the physical and mental health of the user. A dirty mattress can be the home to several bed bugs, dust mites, and several more critters. But this is not the only thing you would find on the beds. Blood, urine, and most importantly the sweat would also be mixed giving your mattress mildew and molds that would hinder your comfortable sleep.

Some people think changing the sheets or rotating them on a regular basis would be a great way to clean the mattresses. However, that’s not true. The dirty mattresses can be harmful if you are suffering from any kind of allergies. For proper cleaning, there are some particular cleaning tips to be looked after. But wait a minute! Cleaning the mattress isn’t an easy task.

So, today let’s learn about some simple and effective ways of cleaning the mattresses for a clean and healthy sleep.

How to Clean Your Mattress Easily?

Some Common Signs Your Mattress Requires Cleaning

Check out if your mattress is suffering from any of the following conditions –

  • The mattress needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you haven’t carried out the cleaning for months, your mattress surely needs cleaning.
  • Are you suffering from any kind of skin allergies? This can be because of the dust and the mites on the bed or mattress. Having such allergies would make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping keeping you awake late nights.
  • Are bites keeping you away from comfortable sleep? Signs like unusual bites, waste spots of insects, blood stains that are microscopic, bugs, etc. are the signs of the bugs. For this, carry out bed bug infestations on a regular basis.
  • Is your mattress smelling filthy? The dust on the mattress, sweaty molds, bodily fluids, etc. are the reasons behind it. This kind of odors are the signs that your mattress requires cleaning.
  • The stains on the mattress are the most visible signs that your mattress needs some cleaning. This means you need to look for the best way to clean a mattress quickly.

So, are you facing any of the above situations? If yes, it is the right time to look for a mattress cleaner and clean and protect your mattress.

How to Clean a Mattress?

Watch this useful video for the quick demonstration of how to clean a mattress –

Here are some expert tips of cleaning the mattress and protecting it from mites, dust, and other harmful particles by using DIY mattress cleaner.

1. Stripping of the Bed

Stripping the bed is the primary step while looking for cleaning the mattress. Remove the mattress, pillowcases, and even the bed sheets and wash them in the machine. If possible, allow some hot water inside the machine to effectively remove the dust mites. Along with washing the mattresses and other bedding items, allow them to dry properly too. Again, before throwing them in the machine, look at the cleaning labels for proper cleaning.

2. Carry on the Vacuuming of the Mattress

Vacuuming the mattress is the best way to clean a mattress. With the help of a vacuum machine clean the mattress from all the sides in both inner side and outer side too. While vacuuming the mattress, keep proper attention to the break and seams where not only the dirt but the pests have made their homes.

3. Spot-Cleaning : The third phase

Spots and stains are the most irritating things that would disturb you. It is thus important for you to clean the stains on the spot. Thinking how to get stains out of mattress? The quick spot-cleaning process of the mattress depends on the type of mattress you are having.

  • For the coil spring mattresses, clean the mattress using a mattress cleaner or which is based on enzymes. You can also use a solution made with the dish soap and water for removing the stains gently.
  • For the foam-based mattresses, cleaning the mattress with the enzyme-based cleaner is appropriate. Simply apply the cleaner on the stains and allow it to dry properly before using it.

Hence, in this way, cleaning the stains on the mattress on the spot would be helpful in getting effective results.

4. Getting Rid of the Odors

Is your mattress stinking? It’s the right time you should look for some cleaning tips. The best and mostly adopted trick of eliminating the odor from the mattress is to place the mattress out in the sun and give it some natural warmth along with fresh air. But for those looking for a DIY mattress cleaner, baking soda is the best option. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the upper layer of the mattress and allow it to rest for hours, if possible, overnight. After some hours, vacuum the mattress properly. You can also use white vinegar for cleaning the mattress.

Suffering from Stink Bugs? Learn how to get rid of stink bugs using home remedies.

5. Covering the Mattress for Protection

No doubt, after carrying out all these steps for effective cleaning of the mattress, it is equally important to protect the mattress too. For this, use a mattress protector for covering the mattress properly. This would help you keep the mattress safe from dirt, spills, bedbugs, and other harmful unpleasantries. This also makes future cleaning of the mattress easier.

Henceforth, these are some of the effective tips for how to clean a mattress. This not only keeps the mattress clean but also helps you get rid of the dust mites, stains, and various allergens effectively. Giving your mattress proper natural air and warmth would also keep your mattress well maintained and would also reduce the hassles of cleaning it every now and then.

Tips to Keep Your Mattress Clean for a Long Time

No doubt, there are various answers to how to get stains out of mattress, you can also look for some quick tips that would help you keep the mattress fresh and clean for a longer time.

  • For protecting the mattress safe from dust mites, dirt and bacteria use a mattress protector for protecting it from stains and dust.
  • While going to bed, you surely need to eliminate the sweat, dead skin and dirt your body carries. This would make your mattress dirty. So, make sure you shower properly before going to bed for sound sleep and maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Remove the bed sheets and wash them properly on a regular basis to clean it from allergens and dust.
  • Maintain the bedroom temperature to moderate for cutting the sweat and other perspiration which would damage your mattresses.
  • Avoid eating while sitting on the mattress or bed. The left-over food crumbs, residue and outright would invite the ants, cockroaches and other insects leading to spreading of bacteria on the bed and mattress.
  • Look for chemical-free mattress cleaner options to protect your mattress from chemicals and properly maintain the smooth texture it comes with.

A clean and hygienic mattress and bed is one of the safest ways of having a sound sleep at night. Making a small change in your routine would provide you with a healthy mattress for a longer period. So, what changes are you planning to make in your routine?

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