An Easy Guide on How to Bleach Hair at Home?

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Some common mistakes carried out while bleaching the hair at home

  • Bleaching might seem to be easy, but it requires a long list of ingredients which is many times neglected by people.
  • Different brands come with different processes of bleaching. Hence, it is important to go through the instructions of the products they are using properly. This can result in stupid accidents which are widely observed.
  • A strand test is something that is important to check for any kind of chemical reaction or other side effects on the skin. This is widely avoided by the users. Carrying the test would avoid any such accident.
  • The strand test not only helps in detecting any possibility of allergies but also helps in determining the result it would bring to your hair. When the test is ignored, it can lead to hilarious results on your hair which is many times observed.
  • Do you carry out the bleaching task all on your own? This is surely another mistake carried out by many. Doing the bleaching task alone would leave some spots or particular areas uncovered which leads to embarrassment. Look for some help for perfect bleaching.
  • There is a myth that the longer you leave the bleach on the hair; the more effective and long term result you get. And hence, people don’t pay attention to the time period mentioned in the instructions. This can damage the hair from the follicles and even burn the scalp.

How to bleach hair at home step by step guide

Is “how to bleach hair” your most searched line on the internet? Don’t worry, you are not the only one doing so.

Be it a celebrity or a simple girl looking for a new look, bleaching the hair seems to be the desire of nearly everyone for improvising their stylish appearance. Bleaching comes with no resemblance to the rich or famous people. It is a process that provides people with a trendy look with blonde hair. There are many who look for some transformation regarding their hair. And for the people who love to experiment new looks, bleaching is something that is sure to be carried out.

So, are you also looking to bleach your hair? Why spend a good amount to the salons when you can simply bleach your hair at home! No doubt, learning how to bleach your hair can be a little complicated and lengthy process, but knowing the basic rules of bleaching would help you get that blonde look at your home itself.

Today, let’s learn how to bleach hair at home with some quick and effective steps.

What are the preparations you need to carry before bleaching the hair?

Yes, before beginning with the process of bleaching the hair, you need to work on particular things regarding your hair and the accessories required for the hair for better results. So, let’s learn about the initial phase to how to bleach hair at home.

1. Hair Preparations

Bleaching the hair is basically the process which pigments your hair through hair shaft breaking. The oxidizing process naturally pigments the hair color which is quite harmful to the hair. It damages the hair and its natural health. Hence, if the hair is in a dry state, it is advisable to wait for approximately a month or till your hair gets healthy for bleaching. For preparing the hair, here is what you need to do.

Take a break from styling

Are you quite regular for styling your hair with different flairs? For bleaching the hair, you need to stop yourself from styling. Keep your hair safe from harmful and chemical-based shampoos, conditioners or other hair products which include alcohol and sulfate. This would help in locking the natural moisture of the hair.

Go for Virgin hair

If you are looking how to bleach hair, the first thing you need to look after is to avoid any kind of processing of the hair for a minimum of 3 months. If your hair is already colored, wait till the color completely shades off. For bleaching, the untreated hair would be the best for obtaining the best results. Working on the processed hair increases the chances of damage too.

Condition your hair

No doubt, you need to protect the hair from harmful shampoos and other hair products, but it is also important to maintain the level of conditioning and moisture in the hair. Hence, around 2 weeks before bleaching, make sure you begin to condition your hair. Go for homemade hair masks for conditioning with ingredients like olive oils, coconut oil, bananas, eggs, avocados, etc. Also, make sure you wash your hair after applying oil to it.

If you are looking for a simple way to nourish your hair before bleaching, using coconut oil every time before washing the hair is a good and natural way that is helpful to a great extent.

2. Look for the best bleaching accessories

Along with the hair, it is also important to work on the various accessories required for the bleaching process. Here is what you need to look after.

Bleaching Powder

Thinking how to bleach hair at home? Firstly, let’s check out the bleaching powder you need to invest in. There are various brands selling bleaching powder. Look for the best-branded powder that would remain mild for your skin and hair too. Again, using the bleaching powder in purple or blue would help in reducing the brassiness of the color.

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Check on the developer

Developer, also known as peroxide liquid is a product that helps in activating the bleach which helps in giving your hair a light color. The developer comes with different shades or volumes to select from which helps in detecting the strength of the developer. So, check out the different shades and select the best according to the color of your hair.

Apart from all these, there are some things you need to keep handy while preparing to bleach the hair. The list includes:

  • Sectioning clips
  • Brush for tinting
  • Latex or plastic gloves
  • Glass or plastic bowl for mixing the bleaching powder
  • Plastic bag or shower cap to cover the hair
  • Mild shampoo for balancing
  • Conditioner containing protein
  • Toner

So, are you ready with all these things? Here is the process for bleaching the hair with a parlor like the blonde look.

How to bleach hair at home?

Before starting with the bleaching process, make sure you avoid washing the hair for around 2 to 3 days for obtaining amazing results. Look for a place in your house with maximum ventilation and proper lighting facilities to place the table and mirror. This would help in covering the hair properly.

When all this is ready, here is the process you need to follow.

  1. Look for some old clothes from your wardrobe and wear them to avoid damages to the new or regular clothes.
  2. Put on the gloves for protecting your skin or hands from the bleaching patches.
  3. Using a comb and some sectioning clips, divide the hair into different sections. This would be helpful in properly crowning the hair and covering the backside first very clearly as they are difficult to reach.
  4. Take a plastic or glass bowl, brush, bleaching powder and the developer. Mix the powder and the developer properly using the brush.
  5. The ratio of the powder and the developer is 1:2. Mix the ingredients for getting consistent and lump-free mixture.
  6. Now apply the mixture to the sectioned parts by opening the clips one by one.
  7. For improved results, begin the application of the mixture from the tips to the mid and then to the upper portion to provide the roots with a light shading without any damage. Again, make sure you cover the hair after applying the mixture using a plastic bag or a shower cap.
  8. When the bottom section is well covered, unclip the upper section and cover it using the bleaching mixture. Cover the entire head using some plastic bag or shower cap.
  9. Thinking how long to leave bleach on hair? Generally, the bleaching powder and developer comes with all the necessary instructions along with the time you need to wait for. But the stylists mostly ask you to let the magic of the mixture work for around 30 to 45 minutes only.
  10. After 30 to 45 minutes, rinse out the bleaching mixture from the hair properly. You can also use a mild balancing shampoo and conditioner for maintaining the pH levels of the hair and protecting its natural moisture too.
    Allow your hair to dry properly. You can also use a hairdryer for properly setting the hair to curls.

There you go! Your hair is ready with a new style for a different appearance. However, make sure you don’t leave the bleaching mixture on the head for more than 45 minutes. This can be harmful to the hair and the scalp as well. There are some people who are willing to avoid the warm tones. For them, replacing the bleach with the toner would bring out the best results. If going with the toner, make sure you also add a toning shampoo to the process to eliminate the warm tones.

Tips to look after your hair after bleaching

While searching for how to bleach hair, it is equally important to learn about the care your hair needs after bleaching. For post bleaching care, make sure you work on hydrating the hair properly. Once you have used the bleaching products or even the toner, it is advisable to go for a hydrating mask immediately to keep your hair hydrated naturally. Going for a hair treatment or looking for a homemade mask on a weekly basis would help in protecting the hair from any knots or brittleness. Apply oil to the hair, especially the ends to keep them smooth and well-conditioned. Conditioning the hair with mild conditioners or home-made conditioning packs is also advisable.

Again, the after bleaching care would also include touch-ups for the growing hair. So, make sure you have stocked the drawer with some bleaching ingredients for quick touch-ups when required. This will help in temporary covering the roots during emergencies. Try to give your hair some natural care and avoid the heating products or tools for locking the moisture in the hair.
So, when are you planning to bleach your hair for a blonde and bold look? Write to us about your experiences.

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